Living in sync with your cycle has tons of mental, physical and emotional benefits, like overcoming mind-dumbing cramps, unpredictable periods, low mojo, acne and infertility to name a few.

One big part of the equation is optimizing detoxification in the body.

Whether you’re dealing with infertility, PMS, spotting, endometriosis, PCOS, fibroids, hormonal acne or the like, supporting the body’s natural detoxification functions at the right time of the cycle becomes paramount. Turns out, it’s not enough to just blast your body with glutathione (or any other detox supplement, even though we like a lot of them) and expect to see stellar results. (Trust us! We’ve tried!)

Here’s the thing:

The systems in our bodies almost never do something all the time (with some notable exceptions, of course). The body functions in ebbs and flows, action and rest, creating and destroying.

That’s why when we begin to live in sync with our menstrual cycles, there are certain times that it physiologically makes sense to support functions, such as detoxification. When we ignore these natural cycles that occur within our very intelligent female bodies, we’re essentially working against ourselves and placing more stress on our often-already-overworked systems.

For this reason, we advocate supporting natural detox functions in the 3rd (Plateau) and 4th (Pause) phases of the menstrual cycle. This is also known as the “luteal phase”, or the time between ovulation and when we get our period.

This is when our bodies are naturally primed to metabolize, process and remove hormones that we no longer need (Yes, this still applies even if you struggle with low hormones!).

When you think about our bodies also having to deal with a constant barrage of hormone-mimicking substances from our food, water, beauty products and cleaning products, it makes sense that failing to optimize the function of our detoxification organs can lead to MAJOR symptoms.

Yup, we’re talking infertility, PMS, spotting, endometriosis, PCOS, fibroids, hormonal acne, horrible cramps, mood swings, and fatigue again!

For a more detailed discussion of why supporting your natural detoxification system is important for healthier periods (and for healthy hormones, fertility, pain relief and vitality in general), check out this article.

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