Healthy Hormones Group Program with Megan Rand and Alex Golden

Next group starts SPRING 2019! 

We are open for enrollment! The earlier you join the earlier you will have access to your lab kits, will be first in line to get your customized protocol and can get started with your healthy hormones journey!

Hormone Help for Busy Women. 

That’s right! We are talking to YOU.

  • Do you feel like something is just not right with your health but all of your regular blood work shows that you are “in range”?
  • Have you been telling yourself that the vague but annoying symptoms you are experiencing are “normal” or you must “just be getting older”?
  • Does your gut tell you that you could have much more energy, less inflammation and more balanced moods?
  • Have you already made a lot of upgrades to your foods (hello, whole foods!) and products but feel stuck with where to go next?

Maybe you’ve been dealing with…

Severe fatigue?

Weight loss resistance (it just won’t budge!)?

Adult acne that won’t improve?

Cramps that knock you out for days?

You don't have to Suffer

We’ve experienced all of these things!

And we know how overwhelming and difficult it can feel to deal with all these problems alone. You don’t have to go at it alone anymore!

We created this 12-week group online program to help you understand what the next best steps are for you in your health journey. In just three months, we will help you discover underlying imbalances in these three key areas of your health:




In the program, we will run functional lab work and then develop a customized protocol just for you. Say goodbye to the unknown and hello to a clear roadmap to better health!

Graduates of the Healthy Hormones Group Program have seen drastic improvements in their energy levels, normalized their weight, regained fantastic looking skin, and with their newfound health, are now off sharing their passions in the world! This is exactly what we want for you!

What does this program offer?

We put together the exact program that WE wished we had when we were struggling to balance our own hormones.  In this transformational program, you will find the energy and drive that you deserve. We can’t wait to show you the way using the same techniques we used in our own health journeys.


Megan Blacksmith, Functional Nutrition Practitioner and Alex Golden, MD

During this program you will have access to the expertise, opinions and guidance of TWO different coaches.  We (Alex and Megan) align perfectly in our overall holistic strategy to rebuilding life-long health, but we also complement each other by having different areas of expertise and interest.  Our past group members really appreciated getting two different perspectives from both an MD (Alex) and an FDN Practitioner (Megan).

By linking how you feel day-to-day to the results of your lab work, we are able to design a customized protocol that takes your unique deficiencies, difficulties and worst symptoms into account. When you combine that with the comprehensive lifestyle and dietary recommendations we cover during this program, the results will be life-changing!


To begin the program, we will run the DUTCH lab test for hormone and adrenal function and a Neurogistics Neurotransmitter panel for brain function. The kits are mailed to you and can be completed in the comfort of your home.  We have two detailed videos that will be provided to you during the program about how to read your own labs and what all the markers mean so that you can test your levels on your own in the future to track progress.

Often, running functional lab tests is the first time that our clients see something on paper that finally lines up with the way that they feel.

This is incredibly powerful in taking charge of your health.

(Note: Clients living in NY, MD, RI and outside of the U.S.: Contact us about state/country specific lab details!)

Week 1 – Accountability and commitment: Let’s kick off the program on the right foot! During week 1, we’ll dig into the deeper reasons why you are doing this program and create a supportive environment for you.  Every other week, we will release a new video which will include a lifestyle and food goal that you can start implementing, along with tips for how to do so.

Week 2 – Caffeine half-lives and bedtime rituals: In week 2, we’ll dive into all things caffeine related! We’ll talk about your caffeine routine, how caffeine half-lives are impacting your adrenal health as well as your sleep patterns and we’ll give you several effective tips we’ve learned along the way that you can implement into your own bedtime routine for better sleep.

Week 2 Bonus Symptom Spotlight: Sleep Solutions

Week 3 – Understanding your adrenals: During week 3, we’ll explain how adrenal health is related to the rest of your body. We will cover adrenal physiology, HPA/HPO axis and related hormones such as insulin and the different stages of adrenal dysfunction

Week 4 – Bone broth benefits for adrenal health and recipes: Bone broth is one of our favorite superfoods, so in week 4 we’ll dive into how it can benefit you and our favorite ways to make and drink it.

Week 4 Bonus Symptom Spotlight: PMS & PCOS

Week 5 – All about food & drink: During week 5, we’ll explain the optimal times to eat and drink for hormonal health, blood sugar regulation and more!

Week 6 – Eating out: Learn how to finally enjoy going out to restaurants and being a guest at someone’s house without derailing your health efforts

Week 6 Bonus Symptom Spotlight: Constipation

Week 7 – Weight loss and teas for adrenal health: Adrenal and hormonal imbalances can be big contributors to weight fluctuations, so in week 7 we will dive into why that is and how working on adrenal health can get you back to your ideal weight. We’ll also be sharing with you our all time favorite teas and tea blends to add to your daily adrenal health protocol.

Week 8 – Liver: In week 8, we’ll talk about the reasons you should eat liver for hormonal health and will give you many of our favorite recipes that won’t make you gag (we promise!)

Week 8 Bonus Symptom Spotlight: Hot flashes

Week 9 – Cleaning up your environment:  We’ll cover everything from the water you drink, to your skin care routine, to the cleaning products you use and more! Your environment plays a big role in your hormonal health, too.

Week 10 – Stress management, meditation & detoxing: Learn how to clear your mind and home of clutter. This is just as important as cleaning up your diet and we have a lot of tips we can’t wait to share with you (along with a bonus guide!)

Week 10 Bonus Symptom Spotlight: Stress Management

Week 11 – Digging deeper: During week 11, we’ll cover thyroid health, liver health, digestion, brain health, energy robbers and self- tests for other potential infections (such as H. pylori or parasites). We want you to become health investigators, too!

Week 12 – Next steps: To wrap up the program, we’ll discuss our recommended steps for how you can continue from here, including some of our favorite tips and resources.

Week 12 Bonus Symptom Spotlight: Acne

BONUS: You will also have access to all Q&A recordings from previous Healthy Hormones programs. Chances are someone else has asked a question that has been nagging you for awhile now, so we want to make that all available to you!

You will receive a customized protocol after signing the program agreement*, completing the lab tests and filling out two detailed spreadsheet about your current health state, including the signs and symptoms you’re experiencing as well as any supplements or medications you’re currently taking. Past members of the Healthy Hormone program express how, just by getting their protocol, they experienced a boost of energy and motivation to be able to tackle the harder lifestyle changes that we suggest throughout the program.

*All monthly payments must be received prior.

The Facebook group is one of the programs biggest assets in the program! This is a great place to ask questions and share break-throughs or challenges with each other. As with all our group programs, the support, momentum, and ideas and that come out of a group are priceless.

Note: If you don’t have Facebook, don’t worry! See the Q&A Sessions tab to the right where you can also gain support, momentum and new ideas.

Interested in further customizing your plan? Not sure which suggestions in our guides are best for you to start with?  Confused about your protocol?  Wanting more information on a topic that we didn’t cover in the videos?

We will be hosting two special Q&A sessions during the program to answer your questions. We will collect your questions in advance in the Facebook group and/or via email and discuss them live during the Q&A calls. We’ll then send you the recordings of the calls afterwards so that you can reference them at anytime if you can’t attend the live calls. All other questions that you have during the program can be addressed in the Facebook group!

BONUS 1: Resource Guide

We know that it can be a pain to try and track down what the best products are for your health.  You want the best water filter for your health and the health of your family but you are also busy and don’t want to read lots of blogs and have to decide on your own which one is the best. We’ve got you covered! We compiled all of our favorite resources into one easy handout that you will receive as part of the program.

BONUS 2: Fatigue Fix Guide 

Do you need help with falling asleep? Staying asleep? Are you sleepy mid-afternoon? Although the program will cover what’s in this guide step-by-step, our quick guide to fatigue can be a helpful resource for you if you’re looking to dive into specific areas that you’re struggling with. It can also serve as a guide for you long after the program.

BONUS 3: Detox Skin Care Guide

Our 26-page guide reveals the key steps to having fabulous skin from the inside out. We believe that your skin is an outward manifestation of what is going on inside of your body.

 Topics in this guide include:

  • Gut Health & Elimination Diets
  • Detox-Gut Skin Connection
  • External Detox Tools
  • Internal Detox Tools
  • What happens when you detox too fast

BONUS 1: Resource Guide

We know that it can be a pain to try and track down what the best products are for your health.  We get it, you want the best water filter for your health and the health of your family but you are busy and don’t want to read lots of blogs about which one is the best.  We have compiled all of our favorite resources at this time onto one easy handout.

BONUS 2: Fatigue Fix Guide

Do you need help with falling asleep? Staying asleep? Are you sleepy mid-afternoon? Although we’ll be going through what is covered in this guide step-by-step in the program, use this quick guide to fatigue as a resource on different areas that you struggle with.

BONUS 3: Detox Skin Care Guide

Our 26 Page Guide reveals the steps to having fabulous skin from the inside out. We believe that your skin is an outward manifestation of what is going on inside of your body.

Topics Include: Gut Health & Elimination Diets, Detox-Gut Skin Connection, External Detox tools, Internal Detox tools and what happens when you detox too fast.

Success Stories

Graduates of the Healthy Hormones Group Program routinely experience:

Weight loss

Better energy throughout the day

A more restful sleep

Improved digestion and regular bowel movements

Less acne and more even skin tone

Less anxiety and depression

Normalization of painful or irregular periods

Decreased swelling and bloat

...and much more. We can't wait to hear what you'll experience!

What Our Healthy Hormone Program Graduates Are Saying

The Healthy Hormone Group gave my health and lifestyle a 360 makeover to the happiest, most energetic and in control I have ever felt since my teenage years.

As someone who has struggled for many years with stress, hormone issues, and nutrition, the group format provided me comfort, education and the confidence to make the big changes I needed.

After joining the Healthy Hormones Group, I saw small changes in my skin, digestion, and energy but wanted to take a deeper look into my health.

Megan & Alex provided tangible evidence through functional diagnostic testing to examine the internal and external symptoms I was experiencing.

Now 8 weeks into the program, I have made a drastic and consistent recovery from chronic adrenal fatigue, and gluten sensitivity.

With help from these ladies I have all the tools to continue improving and maintaining my health for life. ” Kelsey

“I have learned a ton and made progress in several areas as a member of the Healthy Hormones group program. I finally have some energy back and am so grateful!  

I first participated in the seasonal detox which I believe set me up for success for the Healthy Hormones group program.

I had been on a health journey for a long time, researching, upgrading and seeing practitioners but the functional lab work was the missing piece for me.  I had never found anyone to do that kind of detailed testing and to explain what my results meant.

Because of my progress with my hormone and neurotransmitter protocol, I am finally seeing my thyroid numbers come into a normal range!

Thank you for offering such quick responses in the Facebook group as well as answering our questions on the group calls. I am excited to move on to my gut healing journey!” Aimee

Are you ready to take control of your health, energy and weight?

You have the will-power. We have the tools for you to succeed. Together, we're going to do some incredible work!
Alex Golden and Megan Rand

Confused about what health advice is right for you?

One expert says to eat kale daily, but another says not to touch that stuff!!  It’s confusing and we understand! We’ve been there. It’s confusing because there is no “right way”.  That’s because what works for me might not work for you.

Instead, we will guide you on a journey to finding the tools that do and do not work for you. Together, we’ll develop a customized plan to optimal health!

Health Nerd Alert

We first met and bonded over our shared love of holistic, integrative and comprehensive medicine. Our belief is that, in order to fully heal your body, you have to commit to a lifestyle approach to health.

Both of us struggled for a really, really (really!) long time with our own personal hormonal and adrenal problems, so we know what this feels like on a first-hand basis. We know that it can feel incredibly difficult to take steps towards better health if you’re not sure where to start or what to do next! It’s for this reason that we’re devoted to making it easier, faster and less stressful for others. 

We can’t wait to share our knowledge with you…and see all the amazing results to follow!

Feel free to contact us with questions!

Are you a pregnant or nursing mama? Want to join our program without the lab work or customized protocol?

We know how important community and support can be during this time in your life.
For a discounted price of $499 you can join our program, be in the community, implement weekly upgrades and get all the benefits of the program!!  The only difference is that you will not run lab work or get a customized protocol.  Testing your hormones is a waste of money in our opinion when  you are pregnant or with a baby under 6 months old, because those hormones are going to keep changing!  We also don’t suggest adding a bunch of new supplement at this point in someone’s life.  This offer allows you to follow the rest of the program at a time in your life where optimal nutrition, stress management, reasonable exercise and optimizing sleep (as much as possible!) can make a HUGE impact on you and your baby.
Register for Healthy Hormones Group Program NOW!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to run lab work?
You are not required to run lab work in order to join the program, but we do feel like it is one of the reasons that our program is unique and our members saw drastic improvements. In our opinion this is the biggest key to success, so we would hate for you to miss out on that aspect of the program! Often when our clients see their functional lab work, it is the first time their results really represent the way they feel.  It is empowering to have the numbers and know where you stand and then have the tools that you need to change them.
Are lab fees and supplement costs included?
No. Lab fees and supplement are not included in the program cost.  Currently the DUTCH hormone panel is $250 and the neurotransmitter panel is $239. Supplement costs vary depending on your lab results. Some insurance companies will help with the cost of the testing.
I’m struggling with fatigue, weight loss resistance, acne, mood imbalances and other signs of hormonal imbalance. Is this detox program good for me?
Yes, yes, yes! Hormonal issues are our jam. And we have a very specific way of addressing this super important topic. We start addressing hormonal imbalances by first optimizing liver and detox function through this Love Your Liver Seasonal Detoxes, following up with hormonal and neurotransmitter balancing protocol through our Healthy Hormones Group Program, and then addressing gut health next with our HealthyU Membership Community. We’ve seen MAJOR success with this approach, even for ourselves!
My husband thinks we can't afford this...what can I do?
We have lots to say on this! Because we’ve both dealt with this problem. It helps to think about this problem in 2 ways: from a practical standpoint and from a contextual one. In a practical way, discussing with your significant other places where you can cut back (less eating out, fewer Starbucks runs, canceling unneeded subscriptions) and how to make more income (babysitting, trading services in your community) can all go a long way in helping offset costs.  But more importantly, talking about the context of spending this amount of money can go a long way.  Think about all of the money you’ve spend on supplements that didn’t work, doctors visits/labs that didn’t help, and books you’ve started to read but never finished.  If you’re anything like us, you’ve probably spent THOUSANDS of dollars with the trial-and-error approach. It’s time to approach the problem systematically and with a plan!  Also we have created a more affordable monthly payment plan with 7 payments of $140!! (All payments must be made before you receive your customized protocol so we suggest that you start making the payment 5-7 months in advance)
I keep falling off the wagon with my food and lifestyle will this be different?
We hear this problem a lot! When you’re struggling on your own, it can be shockingly simple to go from diet to diet, idea to idea without sticking to something in the long term. Not only is that frustrating, but it can make you feel really bad about yourself! By joining a group program, it takes a lot of the guesswork out of the equation (especially because you’ll be getting lab work that shows you exactly what’s going on) but it also comes down to the importance of accountability. By participating in a Facebook group where you are always being held accountable and engaged in your actions, it increases your chances of sticking to your goals…and reaping the benefits as a result!
Is Facebook required to join?
Facebook is not required to join. BUT we do feel that the Facebook group is an amazing resource and that having a group to lean on, relate to and share with can be really instrumental in the hormone balancing process.  One of the most common comments we hear about the group is “I was just so relieved to know that I am not alone. Other people have the same complaints and are on the same journey”. We’ve even had a couple people create a new account or borrow a friend’s account in order to get all those benefits.
Can I do this if I’m nursing or pregnant?
We have a discounted option for pregnant or nursing mamas. Since we do not suggest the supplements be used while pregnant or nursing, this version of the program does not include testing or a customized protocol. You can join the group for support, work on lifestyle and food upgrades and learn more about healthy hormones!
I am in perimenopause or menopause, is this program right for me?
Our program is focused on women ages 25-45 who need help balancing hormones. Although this program could greatly benefit a woman in perimenopause or menopause, since the process of health building is similar for everyone, we feel that you would be best supported in a group of women in the same stage of life.  Our good friend and fellow FDN practioner Maria Claps is offering a Healthy Hormone program just for YOU!  Maria’s passion is helping women in their changing years to have great health and vitality and to rock their mission at all ages and hormonal stages. You can find out the details of her program here.
Do I have to eat a certain way during this program?
The answer is “yes”, but not likely in the way that you’re necessarily expecting.

We don’t ask anyone to begin eating a “vegan” or “paleo” or “mediterranean” diet.  In general, while we understand the benefits of looking at food choices within a particular structure, what we’re really after here is to begin to fuel our bodies with the most nutrient-packed foods possible in order to provide our cellular and large-scale organ systems the building blocks necessary to make them run optimally.

Not only do we believe this makes sense from a scientific standpoint but it also makes making food choices much more straightforward.   You won’t need to count calories, weigh your food, or never eat another treat ever again…you’ll just need to focus on the food that nourishes you the best of all. Without a doubt, there are many nuances that we’ll address in the program, from identifying food sensitivities to balancing your macronutrients for optimizing hormonal health, to learning to choose superfoods that double your adrenal healing efforts.   But the foundation throughout all this remains pretty stable: provide your body with good food and you’ll be amazed at how well it takes care of the rest.

Of course, we ask you to make a concerted effort throughout the 12 weeks (and hopefully for your lifetime after) to drop inflammatory, traditionally unhealthy foods like donuts, soda, doritos, and Sour Patch Kids (Alex’s personal downfall in college).  This allows your body to heal in ways that it’s not able to when there’s a constant influx of these foods…but let’s face it, no one needs us to tell them that these foods just really aren’t good for you. Since making food changes can be really difficult, we’ve broken down each and every step into smaller, bite-sized (a little food pun for ya!) steps throughout all 12 weeks.  We’ve also gone out of our way to make these food  changes fun, satisfying, and delicious…so we hope each week will make you excited to try out some new nutrient-dense foods.  (Sneak peek: a program that asks you to add salt to your food, top your meals with some delicious and healthy fats, and incorporate hormonally-tailored quantities of wholesome carbs? We personally don’t think that sounds too shabby or deprived!)

Is this program for females only?
Yes. Girls rule. Boys drool. kiss
How long will it take me to recover from having adrenal fatigue?
This is pretty much the number one question we get asked about adrenal fatigue and it’s a one of the least satisfying to answer.  Truth be told, it’s virtually impossible to estimate the time it will take someone to recover their hormonal health because it is based on what concurrent disease states they have, the severity of their hormonal imbalances, and their dedication to changing their diet, lifestyle, and mental states.

In general, we’re personally found that dealing with adrenal fatigue ALONE through trial and error can take upward of a year or two.  Through testing and customized planning, we believe—and see routinely in our group—that process can be shortened considerably.

Can I still join if I have digestion problems?
Yes absolutely. But it’s a little tricky! Here’s the catch-22: it’s hard to fix your gut unless you’ve worked on your hormones & adrenals…but you can’t completely heal your adrenals until the gut issues have been resolved. Arg! That’s not helpful. Stay with us though!

We choose to do to do things in a way that sets us up for success as much as possible.  So we always deal with the hormonal aspects of things first. While things don’t fully improve until the gut has also been healed, trying to heal the gut while the adrenals are completely overloaded and dysfunctional lead to much worse outcomes and failed treatments, in our experience. Many of our graduates find that they already see drastic improvements in how they feel on a daily basis just after implementing a hormone balancing protocol…and all that hard work that they put into their hormones helps them address gut issues faster and in a more permanent way down the road.

We have a special membership program that includes gut lab work and access to one-on-one sessions that is only available to graduates of the Healthy Hormones Group Program so that you can assured you’re taken care of when you finish!

What results should I expect?
This is one of those “you get what you put in” kind of programs.  All results will stem from YOU and your desire to change your life and your health.  Since everyone comes to us in a very different place with their health and we are all amazingly different and complex beings, we unfortunately cannot guarantee any results.  But you can expect is that you will feel empowered to take your health into your own hands. We will support you in figuring out the next step is on your journey.

We’ll share the tools to fall back on when life gets crazy. You will know how to read your own lab hormone and neurotransmitter lab results so that you can check in periodically on your progress.  You might not be where you want to be at the end of the 3 months but we hope that you will understand how to be your own health detective and will be on your way in the direction you want to be going.

What is your refund policy?
Refunds will be considered on a case-by-case basis within 30 days of purchase and before you receive your customized protocol. Refunds will be considered for Action Takers only, meaning that you watched the videos, participated in the Facebook group and attended the live calls and still did not feel that the program was a good fit.
What if I live in NY, MD, RI or outside of the US?
Neurogistics (neurotransmitter test) is not permitted to send test kits or receive samples to or from consumers in the states of New York, and Maryland due to regulations in these states. If you have an alternate address or location in a nearby state that you can receive, perform and return the kit than you can still preform this test.

Precision Analytical’s Dutch Test Kits (hormone test) is not permitted to receive samples from consumers in the states of New York, Maryland, and Rhode Island. If you have an alternate location in a nearby state that you can perform and return the kit than you can still preform this test.

Even though we would love to work with clients all over the world, we have had trouble in the past with lab work and supplements when working with clients outside of the U.S. You are welcome to join the program but must understand that the lab work and supplement part of the program might not be available to you. Please be aware that although the labs might offer kits to your country, you may still have a problem with the kit being retained at customs. In this case the lost cost of shipping or the lab fee is your responsibility. Purchasing supplements sometimes might also be difficult depending on your location and your country’s regulations on shipping.

Don't Be Shy

If we didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop us a line anytime.