Syncing with your Cycle

Why Living in Sync With Your Cycles Can Drastically Improve Your Hormonal and Pelvic Health

Modern life pushes us to abandon our wild feminine side and work through our periods as if no changes are taking place, forcing us to wear tampons and take Midol to make sure they don’t slow us down. We’ve been taught at a young age to hide our period from the outside world, leading us to be out of touch with our natural cycle. But that ebb and flow is there to renew and strengthen us. When we work with the natural cycle of our bodies, we allow ourselves to heal and recover on a level that’s otherwise hard to achieve. The problem is, most health programs and protocols, even alternative medicine, have lost connection with the female body.

If a stack of partially-read health books, an herbal supplement graveyard and a drained bank account sounds all too familiar in trying to heal yourself, there’s a better way to get your energetic and vital self back.

Living in sync with your cycle is all about reconnecting with who you are as an intuitive, life-giving, powerful woman in the world. That means saying goodbye to:

  • being everything to everyone.
  • running yourself into the ground day in and day out.
  • feelings of inadequacy, failure and weakness as a woman in this world.

You will connect with your true self as you honor your natural cycle, and as you connect with that wild feminine flow, a new sense of purpose and power will naturally make its way into your life.

You will make a bigger impact in your career, in your family and in everything that matters most. And as the positive changes take place, you will step into a new way of being.


Learn the 4 phases of your cycle

Learning how to live within each of these phases is the key to showing up more powerfully in the world and resolving a host of medical problems that plague the vast majority of women.

We’re told that problems like PMS are “normal” and that being on birth control, which only covers up the symptoms, is the only way to deal with them. There’s a better way to live.

Working with the 4 phases of the menstrual cycle can be grouped into 2 overarching goals:

  • Optimizing natural detoxification functions for a healthy metabolism and to properly process and remove hormones and hormone-mimicking substances.
  • Optimizing inflammatory cascades in the body, which impact the severity of symptoms of common pelvic complaints, interface with the health of the gut (and therefore our skin and mental health), regulate blood sugar control and help balance the entire endocrine system.

Common Health Problems That Syncing with Your Cycle Can Help With

When we adopt a new way of living with (instead of against) our menstrual cycle and natural physical and mental flows, we can begin to positively impact a host of conditions, including:

  • Chronic fatigue

While these female-specific conditions are sadly way too common, they should in no way make you think that they are “normal”!

“This all sounds good,” we hear you say, “but how can one approach help with all of these things?”

Great question!

What we advocate – and practice as two women who have dealt with infertility, endometriosis, PMS and a whole bunch of other female unpleasantries – is living and functioning in a way that supports the body’s natural tendency to rebalance.

No woman will sync with her menstrual cycle in the same way as any other woman!

What we provide is the APPROACH to finding out WHAT YOUR BODY NEEDS and teach you how to give yourself that.

If you’re sick and tired of feeling beat up by your hormones each month(ugh, totally been there!) but are new to this approach, you may want to check out our Starter Guide:

Click here to get our free Wild Feminine Cycle Guide

(This guide was created to put everything you need to get started with living in sync with your menstrual cycle all in one place! Oh, and it's FREE!)


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