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When we do our free 20 minute consultations for our Healthy Hormones Group Program, there are a few phrases that we hear from our ladies ALL. THE. TIME.

Doing Everything Right and Still Can’t Lose Weight

One of those phrases we hear all the time is this:

“I’m eating right, exercising like I never have before, and this weight around my belly won’t budge! I’m SO frustrated.”

And who wouldn’t be??

Back when we were both recovering from our respective eating disorders, we gained stress-induced stubborn belly fat. And then it seemed to stick around…well, forever.

Both of us even took us marathon running to try to burn off that belly fat. And guess what? It didn’t budge.

Weight loss resistance is a multi-organ system problem.  Because of this, we can’t just out-exercise that belly fat or take that 1 supplement that’ll magically fix everything for you.

BUT, the good news is that multi-organ system problems have a lot of possible solutions. That’s because there are often many, many options for positively impacting the systems that matter the most.  

Skipping the Guessing and Going Right to Addressing the Real Problem

Of course, we ultimately and most fervently believe in getting to the root cause of dysfunction in the body. That’s why we use the DUTCH (dried urine test for comprehensive hormone panel) test and neurotransmitter testing to help our ladies who are struggling with stubborn belly fat.

Doing the functional testing allows us to pinpoint the CAUSE of the initial problem and provide support to that organ system.

What happens to the rest of the problems (the effects) when you address the cause?

They get resolved because the root cause problem is no longer causing that ongoing imbalance.

This is why we talk about not “spot treating” symptoms…why mess around with the small potatoes when you can get to the real meat of the problem?

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3 Steps You Can Start Right Now

The “problem”–if you will–of digging down to the root cause of weight loss resistance is that it does take some time to get tested, get a protocol, and start implementing.

Since we’re all programmed for immediacy, we wanted to leave you with a couple steps you can take RIGHT NOW if you’re dealing with that stubborn belly fat.

And long story short: we both have lost that stubborn weight and have never looked back. We want this for you as well!

Step #1: Sloooooow Doooooown

Most often, we see women hanging on to excess weight because of their body in the constant state of “fight or flight.”

When we live in a chronic state of sympathetic overdrive, the central nervous system tells the endocrine system that “expendable” activities such as making babies, having a fulfilling sex life, and maintaining good skin and hair are not worth doing in the face of SURVIVAL.

We need to teach our bodies to get into the “rest and digest” (and get pregnant and lose weight and everything else) parasympathetic mode more often.

This means that we need to get MORE CLEAR on the things that grace our to-do lists. Be selective with what you take on and be very clear about which activities are worth your precious time and energy.

We recommend having the foresight to set ONE non-negotiable thing you need to do each day (you will feel more productive if you get it done!) and 2 other less important, but crucial things that will move the needle forward for you in your life.

That’s 3 things! That’s it.

And if your to-do list is a mile long, ask yourself why. After several decades of doing, we find the real power in the art of being.

Step #2: Add in More Carbs

Besides constantly feeling frazzled, women most often come to us eating waaaay too low carb for what their body requires at this hormonally-sensitive time.

That’s because most women are told about the awesome results MEN (and older women) often get with low-carb diets. The reality is that this recommendation doesn’t always serve the female physiology–especially women of childbearing age!–well at all.

This is because there is a fine connection between blood sugar regulation, hormone health, inflammation, and and the ability to lose weight. Throw off any one of these factors, especially in the setting of any hormone symptoms already, and you’re going to be one sad lady!

We generally aim to eat about 150 grams of carbs a day. That usually amounts to some form of complex carbs at each meal and snack throughout the day.

Most importantly, failing to eat adequate carbs before bed is a really common reason women with hormonal imbalances tend to wake up around 1-3 am! So if you’re going to skip carbs at any meal, make it breakfast.

Step #3: Support Your Liver

Speaking of waking up at 1-3 am: stubborn belly fat is almost always a cortisol and hormone METABOLISM problem. That’s why we’ve chosen to use the DUTCH test for hormones…it tells us all of the different pathways your body takes to break down all the important hormones in the body.

In order for hormone metabolism and elimination to happen smoothly–which allows the body to let go of excess weight–the liver often needs a little support.

Eight ounces of warm lemon water is our first and favorite way to kick the liver into high gear first thing in the morning. (Try to make it Berkey water and some organic lemons!)

Dry skin brushing, contrast showers (alternating 10-20 seconds of hot and cold water at the end of a shower, liquid chlorophyll, and cranberry concentrate are some of our favorite easy ways to help out the liver as well.

If you’re new to providing your body detoxing support, only implement one tool at a time and go very slow with any new elixirs!

This Versus Starvation

Many women are nervous to add in more carbs and go the functional route because they’re scared they’ll gain even MORE weight.

First of all, we’ve never actually seen someone do this real deep root work and not lose the weight over time. It’ll undoubtedly happen at some point, but we haven’t yet!

The alternative question to ask yourself is this: can you afford to keep starving yourself and hating your body?

From having done this ourselves, we’re willing to bet you’ve tried that merry-go-round and haven’t been astounded with the results you’ve gotten there.

It’s time to try something new. Start implementing these 3 big steps and see how things shift for you!

And if you’re truly ready to lose the stubborn weight and get your hands dirty, make sure to check out our Healthy Hormones Group Program that kicks off February 19th, 2019.