Welcome to your 4 Phase Cycle Detox!

Megan and Alex here, and we are so happy to have you join us!! We have seen the amazing benefits of working WITH our cycles that we want to share this with you!! Let’s use each phase of the cycle to optimize health, relationships and moods instead of working against it. We believe that you have a superpower and we want it to shine through! 

An elimination plan is the first step to really getting to the ROOT of any health issue and to optimize energy! We will time this with the ideal phase of your cycle for success. PLEASE download all of your guides below, join our FB  community and start gathering your detox tools and supplies.  Preparation is the key to success!!!

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Extra Notes About Your Cycle (Read Main Guide First!)


All of our favorite detox tools and brands for items that you may not have purchased before!

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I’m known for creating comprehensive individualized protocols based off functional lab work and for teaching women how to take control of their health through simple, straightforward, and actionable steps. 


I’m known for my integrative MD approach to health through both functional and conventional medicine and for teaching women the tools they need to be their own health advocates. 

Together, we’re known for helping women find their way back to a vibrant, energetic, and balanced way of living so that they can create the life they truly love!