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Alex’s Mantra Madness: I Surrender - Zesty Ginger
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“I surrender to the highest good of all.  I am open to receiving the very best this world has to offer through acceptance.”

I never in a million years would have thought that I’d be coming up with my own mantras before this year.

I had heard a lot of really great ones out there…but I never felt very connected to any of them.

The more I worked with my life coach, Cameron, however, the more I’ve started to lean into the idea of mentally rehearsing certain life lessons as a way to reprogram my busy mind.

The idea behind mantras, in my opinion, lies in the fact that our brains are incredibly dynamic and are always changing as we expose ourselves to new thoughts and ideas.

Any thought you have is registered at the physical level. That’s how neurotransmitters work in the body at baseline. Neurons communicate with each other and cause the release of a mind-boggling number chemical messengers.

We’re either thinking something that builds new, positive pathways…or reinforcing old ideas.

(Fun fact: in people with chronic pain, the part of the brain that governs the affected body area is always much larger than in healthy cohorts.)

If you’re like me and have been struggling with chronic health conditions for years of my life, you’ve probably had millions and billions of thoughts over the decades that reinforce the idea that you’re broken and ill in a certain.

Or maybe the thought “I’m so busy!” is one that always resonates for you….or maybe “I’m not lovable so I’ll be alone forever” or “I’ll never have enough money to do what I want” or “my business will never be super successful.

It’s not the topic of the idea, per say, but the frequency with which we incorporate negative statements into our neuronal wiring.

By working with a practitioner, I started to notice the predominant thoughts I was reinforcing on a regular basis.

Recognizing our patterns is one of the most crucial steps to making positive changes! So this step is not to be minimized.

One I began to observe this chatter going on inside my brain, I started working on replacing those negative beliefs I had grown up with with positive mantra statements.

The funny this about this post is that I truly believe you have to write a mantra for yourself in order for it to resonate with you. So why am I sharing mine with you?

It is my hope that by sharing my most recent mantra with you, you’ll get a glimpse of an idea that best works for you.

That’s because you might not be ready for certain ideas.

For example, telling yourself “I am open to receiving lots of money” when you’ve just started your business and no one has even heard of you might be a difficult idea to swallow.  After all, our brains are wired to look for the PROOF of something.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t make a different mantra better reflect your current “reality” (whatever that means).

So perhaps this one would work better: “I am filled with ideas to help others.”

A statement like that doesn’t a) have anything to do with money and b) will help empower you to create content for your new business that you can genuinely be excited about.

That’s just one example…but the same process can be done with just about ANY topic at all.

So here’s my current mantra again:

“I surrender to the highest good of all. I am open to receiving the very best this world has to offer through acceptance.”

This mantra is on my mind constantly now as I work on surrendering my hopes and dreams to the bigger plan of the world (aka: the universe, a higher power, your Self, or God…put whatever works best for you).

I’m good at planning. I’m good at working hard. I’m NOT good at relaxing and trusting that things happen for my best interests. But I’m working to change that 🙂

I have to give credit to Gabby Bernstein for the idea for this mantra. She talks about “praying for the highest good of all” and I changed it slightly to better reflect my world view right now.

She also has this amazing mental “trick” for when you really want something in your life and it’s not happening as fast as you would like. Whatever is it you’re hoping for, she recommends following that thought with the words, “this or something better.”

It has really helped me be more patient with how things unfold in my life.  Sure, I still want what I want. But I am allowing some space to be surprised for something even better that I couldn’t have otherwise have thought of myself!

After all, life is full of amazing surprises…and being a stress ball of anxiety while you wait for things to unfold in your life is kind of a miserable way to spend your time.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Megan and I have been integrating some of these mental tools into our work, join us our for our upcoming Love Your Liver Seasonal Detox that kicks off November 2nd!