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Are NSAIDs Bad? - Zesty Ginger
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I get this question a lot:

“I heard NSAIDs can lead to leaky gut…does that mean that I can’t take them?”

Now, I’m not in the business of telling me what they should do. But I wanted to talk about the specifics of how NSAIDs can lead to the development of leaky gut–and therefore immune system activation–and all the negative health consequences that can bring about.

However, I’m all about the actionable items when it comes to health.

After all, there are times when taking some NSAIDs makes sense…or you don’t really end up having a choice.  So I put together a list of supplements that can decrease any damage from them and how each intervention works.  Hooray for having options!


Let’s chat below! In the comments, tell me about what interventions you’d be willing to try to minimize any potential gut damage from NSAIDs.

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