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It’s that time of year again!!

What time of year you ask?  Baby shower time!!

Oh wait, just kidding.  It is always that time of year.  According to The World Counts, more than 350,000 babies are born every day!  That is a lot of potential baby showers.

Although babies are born every day, July and August historically have had the most births each year (must be something about those cold winter months being a good time to snuggle up!).

My good friend recently had a baby and while looking through her registry I decided to go rogue. The items there were helpful, but the products that saved me the most as a new mom seem to rarely be on a registry.  There items were never mentioned or gifted to me ahead of time, but instead were found in late night google searches with a sick baby.

After all, being prepared for potential earaches, colds and rashes for baby and mastitis, cracked nipples and after pains for mama can sure save a tired postpartum mama!!

In this day and age, it is extremely rare that my 2 and 7 year old have never had a round of antibiotics!!  Without our holistic home-remedy toolkit on hand, this would have never have happened (of course good nutrition and gut health is a bonus as well).

I gifted my friend a basket of all the oils, creams & contraptions that I thought would have come in handy when I had a baby!

Isn’t this cute?! 

We decided to make a PDF guide with a list of resources that you can pick and choose from for a baby gift basket.

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Here is a little explanation of some of the items included:

Nose Frida – the best snot sucker out there!  It looks absolutely crazy because you are sucking their snot out through a hose, but I promise it doesn’t get in your mouth and you will be thankful when the hospital ball-style snot sucker isn’t working!

Nontoxic baby wash & shampoo – no explanation needed!!  Although we tend to was with just water most of the time, having a wash and shampoo void of dangerous chemicals for your precious baby will give mama a piece of mind.

Baby Butta – the most amazing lotion for baby. This product doesn’t have any added fragrances or essential oils and is for the most sensitive baby skin.  This helped our daughter’s eczema a lot.

Essential Oil Diffuser and Humidifier – one of the struggles that new moms come up against is when baby gets their first cold and is struggling to breathe smoothly at nighttime.  A humidifier and diffuser saves the day.

On the topic of essential oils, the three essential oils that I could not do without were:

Basil – this saved us from having to get antibiotics a few times for ear infections.  Basil oil just placed on the outside of the ear was a magic home remedy for us.

Copaiba – hello teething! Dilute Copaiba with coconut oil rub on the jawline .

Lavender – while great for burns, cuts and bug bites, lavender is also just a great calming oil to diffuse at nighttime

(*Keep in mind that not all essential oils are suitable for baby!  Please check with your pediatrician*)

Calendula balm –  great on diaper rash and also cracked nipples which can be extremely painful.

Garlic oil – another earache remedy (rubbed around the outside of the ear)!

Cramp bark – for first time moms this probably isn’t usually necessary, but cramp bark can help with the after pains that come with babies 2,3, 4 etc!!

Baby probiotics – why not preemptively help out baby’s gut health so that hopefully they won’t end up dealing with eczema, allergies and asthma later on! This is important for c-section babies or babies given antibiotics, but I consider it helpful for all babies.

Diapers – Making on of those cute diaper cakes? How about using the first biodegradable, chlorine free diaper!  Babies skin AND the environment will thank you.

If you have a baby shower coming up, consider these fabulous gift ideas for the future mama!!

And also, if you are a new mama you might want to look into gathering the items on this list that could come in handy.  The key to a healthy baby is to catch colds, rashes and earaches early on!!