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Sticking to a paleo-type diet while traveling can seem a bit challenging.  But with a little planning ahead, it’s actually pretty simple!  This is actually a list I originally put together while getting ready for a trip for myself and my husband where we would be in the car for nearly a full day…but I’ve since then gotten the same foods when flying within the US and internationally.  (Note: check the rules of each country you’re planning on visiting because they differ.)

I like this combination of foods because there is a nice balance of sweet and savory foods for whatever mood you’re in, as well as a sliding scale of filling-ness depending on if you just want to nibble or have a full-blown meal.

To make my life really easy (and cheaper in the long run), I’ll order all this stuff online in bulk and have it shipped to my house.  (Some of this stuff is on auto-ship, actually.)  Then I store the extras for either ultra-busy days (after all, it does travel well!) or just save them for the next trip.

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1. Fresh Fruits and Veggies

Any list of healthy foods can, and should, include some fresh fruits and veggies.  The trick is to pick ones that either don’t get smooshed easily or make great finger foods (those 2 goals do sometimes conflict). Fruits that travel well include apples, pears, bananas, plums, and grapes (great bite-sized food but store in a sturdy container so you don’t get a mess in your purse).  Great travel veggies include carrots, bell pepper slices, cucumber slices, celery, olives, and cherry tomatoes (again, store in small tupperware).

Note: if you’re flying internationally, you will likely have to finish your fruits and veggies before you land, so keep that in mind.

2. Raw Kombucha

Kombucha can help keep you well-hydrated and well-energized for any traveling you’re doing.  Plus, you’ll get some healthy probiotics along the way which can really help with travel-related tummy troubles.

3. Wild Planet Sardines

No one is going to exactly love you if you’re the person eating sardines on a plane, but I can’t think of too many travel foods that are more easily transported and give you the nutrient-punch you want while traveling.  Just don’t forget to bring a fork, some napkins, and, quite possibly, a breath mint.

4. Banana Chips and Plantain Chips

You can eat these bad-boys alone or use them as dipping vessels (see almond butter packets below)…either way, you’re not going to be disappointed or left hungry!

Note: again, you probably won’t be allowed to cross international lines with these guys unless you get the smaller portions I’ve linked to and the ones you’re taking in are still sealed.

5. Grass Fed Beef SticksGrass Fed Beef Jerky, and Epic Bars

Grass fed meats like jerky are some of my favorite foods to take along while traveling.  When eaten in conjunction with some of the other treats, you can pretty much eat enough to count as a full meal…which is so great for keeping you healthy and saving you travel money!

Note: I have definitely traveled internationally with these…but be prepared for the airport-sniffing-dogs to be ALL over you.

6. Coconut Flakes

I’m always surprised by how filling coconut flakes can be.  In fact, I’ve made full-blown meals out of an epic bar, some coconut flakes, and a good piece of fruit.

Bonus! If you’re staying somewhere that has a blender, you can make homemade coconut milk upon arrival…score!

7. Guacamole

I like to buy the Wholly Guacamole packets because each portion is so easy to throw into a bag and is enough to feed 1-2 people .  I really like dipping plantain chips (see #4) into the guacamole or using it as a side for some travel-friendly meats (see #5).  Healthy, filling, and great for sharing!

8. Applesauce On-The-Go

These are pretty much the epitome of no-fuss, no-muss.  Fresh fruit…done.

Note: if they’re completely sealed, some countries will let you bring these along.

9. Coconut Water

Along with kombucha, coconut water is my go-to drink for staying hydrated and feeling good.  With it’s delicious taste and a healthy-dose of electrolytes, I pretty much never travel without it.  The best news? It’s now so widely available that you can find it in gas-stations and airports all over the place.

10. Larabars

Filling? Check. Tasty? Check. Travel well? Check.  I love that I can throw them in my pocket or my bag without worrying that something will happen to it.  Plus, a good amount of grass fed beef jerky and a larabar can leave me full for at least a couple hours.

11. Jacksons Honest Potato Chips

While not everyone in the paleo-sphere is a potato fan, these are about as good as you’re going to get when it comes to potato chips.  Made with actual potatoes and coconut oil, these chips pretty much rock my traveling world.  (I’ll sometimes chip-clip them to the strap of my bag to keep them from getting pulverized by my other belongings…or I’ll just toss them into a tupperware.)

12. Almond Butter Packets

Full of good protein and fat, almond butter can be paired with half the stuff on this list…and it’ll definitely leave you satiated.  I like the size of these packets too because one makes for a good portion of almond butter but they still take up so little room.

13. Organic Dark Chocolate

Would I go anywhere without at least something chocolatey? The answer, if you’re wondering, is no.  But this isn’t only because I’m a huge chocolate fan.  The real reason I’ll take chocolate with me when I travel is because sweets are EVERYWHERE…in the airport, in the hotel, in the gas station. It’s so easy to get into a situation where you’re craving something sweet but the only thing you have on hand is junk.  So my recommendation: come prepared.  If you don’t eat it, great! Take it home or give it away. People love people who give out chocolate 🙂