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Safely Stopping Birth Control - Zesty Ginger
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How to Safely Stop Taking Birth Control

Want to get off birth control but aren’t sure how? This four-part training teaches you how to naturally support your body during this process and key considerations to take into account. Consider it your go-to guide to natural hormones!


So, you don’t want to be on birth control anymore?

We don’t blame you! With so much research now on the dangers of long-term birth control use, coupled with today’s rising infertility rates, and more and more women are looking for natural ways to support their hormones so they can feel better, boost their fertility, manage their cycle naturally, and find better long-term relief to symptoms without covering them up.

A four-part training developed by two hormone specialists who have dealt with the aftermath of being on birth control for far too long, you’ll learn how to safely stop taking birth control and nurture your hormones naturally.


We developed this program for women who have been on birth control for awhile now and are so ready to get off it it. Perhaps your doctor has given you the green light to stop, but you’ve been left not knowing what to do. Or, you’ve been told that after taking birth control, you’ll experience wacky or non-existent cycles for up to a year afterwards and are worried about how this will impact your fertility, female health, or overall health. The reality is, there is a lot you can do to support your body.

This guide will help you make a smooth transition and give you the best chance of success to resume normal ovulation and cycles. It doesn’t have to take a year to resume normal cycles and you don’t have to suffer through mood changes, sleep changes, weight gain, acne, menstrual cramps, and more when you learn the steps to support your hormones during this process.

You’ll be happily flowing in no time!

Included in this Program

As soon as you enroll in this easy, four-part DIY program, you’ll gain access to:

That accompany each video so you can easily develop your own plan and gain supporting materials to maximize your success in this program

Taught by yours truly, Dr. Alex, giving you step-by-step guidance to safely stop taking birth control

In our private Facebook group

Access to our comprehensive
Toxic Home Makeover Guide, a 31-page guide that explains exactly how to slowly upgrade items in your home that might be throwing off your hormones, stressing out your liver and depleting your energy.

The 4-Step Process

Want a sneak peak inside the program? Here’s an overview of what each part will teach you:


How to Make the Right Decision

In this video, Alex discusses the pros and cons of birth control and what you need to consider to make the best choice for you! She also covers the details of how birth control can deplete different nutrients.


How to Detox Your Hormones

Learn why detoxing is important for hormonal health. Alex shares what to avoid to minimize toxins coming in and what to add to help escort current toxins out of the body.


How to Make Strategic Lifestyle Changes

This video share lifestyle considerations that you don’t want to miss! Sometimes we forget how important the basics are, but Alex will be happy to remind you 🙂 


How to Slow Down and Reduce Stress

We know, we know, reducing stress seems like an impossibility. But in this video, Alex explains how it can be done in a practical way and the benefits you’ll see to your hormone health.

After Taking this Program, You Will:

  • Identify your step-by-step plan to getting off the pill

  • Resume a normal cycle faster

  • Avoid or significantly reduce painful or irritating cycle-related symptoms

  • Get restful sleep

  • Know daily detox tools to maintain happy, healthy hormones

  • Boost fertility

  • Clear up your skin for good

  • Regain energy level

Alex Golden and Megan Rand

About Us

Megan (left) is a trained Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, and Alex (right) is an MD. We’ve been best friends and business partners for the last 3 years.

We work with pre-menopausal women in online group formats to create hormonal healing transformations.

We believe in a multi-faceted approach to feeling your best in the modern world.  By living in sync with our natural ebbs and flows, we’ve both recovered from severe hormonal problems and feels of despair about chronic female issues that other practitioners couldn’t address.

Now that we’ve healed, we’re free to energetically approach our passion for helping other women recover as well!

Why We Created This Guide

As natural hormone specialists, we receive so many questions from women who want to stop birth control to get pregnant or who are on it to manage symptoms and want to support their bodies naturally. This guide is a compilation of our years of experience helping woman support their hormones and achieve pregnancy — many tips we used ourselves in our own journeys — so you will know exactly what to do to.

We Love Talking About Birth Control!

If you want to hear our perspective on birth control use, listen to Episode 14 of our new podcast where we talk all about it!

A Loving Disclaimer

This program is not promoting that every woman stop birth control or that the decision to stop is right for everyone. Ultimately, the decision to stop taking birth control is up to you, and may involve a conversation with your prescribing doctor. The intention of this guide is give you information to help you in your decision process, and if you have already decided, a step-by-step plan to help you return to having regular cycles and happier hormones.