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That special time of year is almost here… the holidays!


We love this time of year; it must be all the eggnog (!!) and the opportunity to give gifts to those we care about or a little well deserved gift for ourselves.


Our Annual Black Friday Sale is coming and it’s going to be awesome!


Here are some of the items that will be on-sale:


Cycle Detox Program


We use the 4 phases of the menstrual cycle and functional lab work to help modern women balance hormones and feel their best.

 —-> 50% off the Cycle Detox <—-





Looking for more information on a certain topic? We might just have a guide for you!


—-> 50% off the ALL guides <—-



Healthy Hormones Group Program with Megan Rand-Blacksmith and Alex Golden


Healthy Hormones Group Program


This exclusive group program helps women balance their hormones and neurotransmitters, address their adrenal dysfunction, and beat fatigue through personalized testing and customized protocols.


—-> $300 off the Healthy Hormones Group Program <—-


No coupon code is required.