DIY-ing for Healthy Hormones and Better Periods

If you’ve already read about living in sync with your cycles and detoxing for healthy hormones and better periods, you’re here to start taking ownership of what you put IN & ON your body.


This is  A HUGE STEP.

And it’s important that you give yourself a little what-what for putting in the effort to live more in sync with your natural and healthy female cycles.

DIY-ing can be a fun, frugal, and uber-clean way to minimize the hormone-mimicking compounds that cause and/or worsen PMS, acne, endometriosis, PCOS, infertility, and hormonal disruptions…just to name a few.

Here’s are a few reasons you might be well-suited to get into DIY-ing more:

  • You’re dealing with major life-disrupting health problems and require complete control over the substances that come in contact with your body. (If this is you, you probably already know that this is for you!)
  • You find it fun, relaxing, and stimulating to get your hands dirty in the kitchen.
  • You’re working with a tight budget that makes it difficult to buy high-quality products without a bunch of junk.

Not everyone is up for DIY-ing, though…and that’s ok! If you’ve stumbled onto this page and are thinking, “This ain’t for me!”, make sure you grab this free guide (insert BeautyCounter/alternatives guide) or our Toxic Home Makeover Guide to find the products we recommend.

Chronic Fatigue

When Megan talks about her initial “fall off the hormonal cliff” after the birth of her first daughter, she always remembers a morning where she had such bad fatigue (day in and day out) that she contemplated if breaking her arm would be less painful than trying to...

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3 Steps to Get Stubborn Belly Fat to Finally Budge

When we do our free 20 minute consultations for our Healthy Hormones Group Program, there are a few phrases that we hear from our ladies ALL. THE. TIME. Doing Everything Right and Still Can’t Lose Weight One of those phrases we hear all the time is this: “I’m eating...

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Bentonite Turmeric Brightening Body Mud

We’ve had a little DIY mini-series going this month, so hopefully, you’re enjoying the recipes! Hopefully, you’re seeing how easy and simple it can be to create nontoxic recipes with the stuff you already have lying around the house. And by making these things...

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DIY Revitalizing Skin and Hair Oil

This is a recipe for a revitalizing skin and hair oil! It’s incredibly versatile, and utilizes a combination of amazing oils! I first used it as the oil in my Oil Cleansing Method after I steamed my face (with fresh rosemary in the boiled water!) and then I applied it...

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DIY Non Toxic Bath Bomb (without Citric Acid)

This nontoxic bath bomb recipe took me just a few minutes to whip up and was so luxurious in the tub. The essential oil scent was amazing and lasted the entire time, instead of fading, like many of the natural store-bought alternatives. Like this post? Want to share...

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Podclass 14: Birth Control and The Cycle

Podclass Show Notes and Links Summary: Episode 14 is about birth control use in the setting of a healthy feminine cycle and common hormonal imbalances. This episode details situations where birth control, as well as other supplemental hormones, may be used as a...

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Podclass 13: Disordered Eating

Podclass Show Notes and Links Summary: Episode 13 is about disordered eating, something that both Megan and Alex have dealt with. With disordered eating being such a common issue in women of all ages and confusion about food philosophies in general, this is an...

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Podclass 12: Dieting With The Cycle

Podclass Show Notes and Links Summary: Episode 12 kicks off our exploration of cycle related issues that are common to many women. And dieting within the setting of the cycle is a major topic! If you’ve ever been successful with a certain diet plan and then found that...

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Podclass 11: Pause Phase Action Items

Podclass Show Notes and Links Summary: Episode 11 outlines and explains the most important action items for the last phase of the cycle, the Pause phase. The two phases prior to this one are all about moving forward and establishing new, healthier habits. The Pause...

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Podclass 10: Plateau Phase Action Items

Podclass Show Notes and Links Summary: Episode 10 digs deep in the most important action items for the third phase of the cycle, the Plateau phase. After an action-packed Rise phase, it’s the perfect way to transition to the post-ovulation rhythm of the female body...

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Are you ready for the Black Friday 2018?

That special time of year is almost here… the holidays!   We love this time of year; it must be all the eggnog (!!) and the opportunity to give gifts to those we care about or a little well deserved gift for ourselves.   Our Annual Black Friday Sale is...

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If you’re sick and tired of feeling beat up by your hormones each month(ugh, totally been there!) but are new to this methodology, you may want to check out our Starter Guide:

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