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Have you ever shared a picture with a friend of you working out really hard in the gym and she responded with “well actually you look pretty flabby around the middle, have cellulite on your thighs and are a little too manly in your upper body muscles”?

No, that hasn’t happened to you?

No, me either. Because, when you share something in person the response is usually supportive, or at the most just neutral, and most people keep their ridiculously mean comments to themselves.

But, when you share something on the internet it is a different sorry. Hiding behind the safety of a computer screen and keyboard, body shaming, bullying and just outright mean comments seem to easily flow into the world.

And this is exactly what Steph from Stupid Easy Paleo experienced when she shared this photo on Instagram, with the harmless title ofRemember, YOU get to define what strong means to you. #HarderToKill

If you are interested in what happened next, you can read Steph’s Open Letter to Body Shamers (and she also created a PG version that can be shared with the young women in your life!)

Since I have 2 girls that I am going to be bringing up in this crazy world, I feel pretty strongly about teaching women that their importance as a person is not tied to their weight, body type or the way they look in a bathing suit.

I was dying to talk to Steph more about this topic, and she agreed to let me interview her!!

These are the things that I was curious about… What went through her mind that she decided to write this post? How has she gotten to a point in her life where she no longer is bothered by a mean comment? What has been the outcome of sharing something so personal?

You can listen to all of her answers here. 

If you aren’t already signed up, here is the link to the Women’s Strength Summit that we talk about at the end of the interview. I have already been listening to some of the coaching sessions and they are filled with amazing nuggets of information to apply immediately to you life. (Oh and I happen to be one of those speakers too!! May 17th, mark your calendar).

This a super important topic, so we hope that you share with all of the women in your life.

Remember, if you wouldn’t say something to someone’s face, please don’t leave those words as a comment or send as an email!