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You hear this in the health field a lot: healthy skin starts from the inside out. Eating nutrient dense, nutrient varied food, healing gut problems (through treating infections, improving motility, and treating leaky gut through an elimination diet and a gut healing protocol), and working on your adrenal/stress health are just some of the big categories that need to be addressed for the skin to look its best.

But still, topical skin treatments can definitely play a role in getting note-worthy skin. After all, some of the things that cause local irritation or acne comes from out external environment.  For example, I wear a protective face mask for over 12 hours a day…and as a result, my skin doesn’t breathe/gets exposed to all sorts of stuff throughout the day.  The acne/irritation I get from that is less intense than acne caused from internal problems. But it’s still definitely not fun when that happens!

THMO Skin Care Routine

I made the initial recipe for this as a variation of the 2nd part of my Pore Cleansing Method.  Once I used it though, I liked it enough to tweak it as a permanent part of my skin care routine.  Not only do I notice smoother, less irritated skin, I know the ingredients of this serum are really nourishing in general. It’s here to stay!

Clear and Clean Acne Fighting Skin Serum



  1. Combine the burdock root, taminu oil, and rosehip oil together and shake well.
  2. Add in the neem oil (mine comes as a solid at room temperature so I had to place my jar on a turned on stove to get it to melt but you can use the microwave or stovetop if yours also needs it), carrot seed oil, and vanilla essential oil.
  3. Shake the bottle well to combine everything. If the smell of the taminu still bothers you, you can add more vanilla essential oil or dilute it further with more rosehip or burdock root oil

I like using my Skin Perfecting Beauty Balm in the mornings (except on weekends when I don’t feel like wearing makeup…then I use the Silky Smooth Serum) and then this mix at night.

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