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Common HORMONAL Problems

We believe vibrant female health shouldn’t be a mystery!

Do You Deal With…….

– Adult acne?

– Weight loss resistance?

– Chronic fatigue?

– Painful and/or heavy periods?

– Infertility?

– Missed ovulation & no-show cycles?

– Hair loss?

– Problems sleeping?

– Any other hormone related issues?

Then this guide is perfect for YOU.



We’re Megan (FDN-P) and Alex (MD) of Zesty Ginger. We have both had a long history in dealing with severe hormonal imbalances and an even longer history of learning how to come back from them! But because of our own personal challenges and lessons, we’ve gotten to help several hundred women just like us get back to feeling more like their best fabulous selves…and we love what we do!

We’ve put together this guide to help you navigate the most common hormonal problems that we see in the ladies we work with. Even though each female is incredibly unique, there are overarching themes that are crucial to know when addressing these frustrating disease processes…and we wanted to share all of this information with you!

You’ll also get a private view into Alex’s most recent DUTCH hormone panel results and how it’s guiding the creation of her personalized hormone balancing protocol!

What exactly is in this guide?

We’re glad you asked! The Common Hormonal Problems Guide covers….

Symptoms and causes of sucky periods

What understanding your body looks like

Estrogen dominance

Estrogen deficiency

Why we use functional lab work

Testosterone elevation and deficiency

What can you doctor get vs. a functional protocol

Progesterone deficiency

How to really tell if you’re ovulating

Blood sugar regulation during your cycle

Low ovarian reserve

Moon cycles and your period

Ready to dive in?? Let’s do this!

Where to Go From Here

The best way to learn about the 4 phases of the feminine cycle is to starting living more in sync with yourself! If you’re new to this, we put together a free Cycle Guide that lays everything out in an easy-to-implement format. In it, you’ll find weekly rituals, elixirs (easy ways to help support inflammation control and detoxification), movement goals, journal prompts, different ways to minimize hormone-mimicking compounds that wreak havoc on our female systems and much more!

Click here to get the Wild Feminine Cycle Guide

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