4 Phase Cycle Detox

With The 4 Phase Cycle Detox you can….

Identify the perfect diet for you

Regulate wonky periods

Get restful sleep

Boost fertility

Lose the annoying cramps

Clear up your skin for good

Regain energy levels

And so much more!

Did You Know That…

  • over 70% of US women (and 50% of women worldwide) live with PMS? Many of these women feel that their PMS is severe enough to impact their relationships, their work, and their overall health! Unfortunately, society views PMS as a humorous fact-of-life, rather than the medical condition that it really is. PMS isn’t normal! And while we’re big fans of a good PMS meme, we take this hormonal disorder very seriously.
  • female pelvic pain, low libido, and infertility impact nearly 80% of women? What’s worse is that while the vast majority of women struggle with their female health, many women end up struggling in silence. Our historically patriarchal medical system is still lagging far behind the needs of women and it’s time to change that! By having a better understand of and living more in sync with our menstrual cycles, we can begin to revolutionize the health of women everywhere.
  • 86% of our healthcare spending goes toward chronic disease and yet 7 of 10 deaths are caused by chronic disease? By changing our approach to preventing and treating the human body with optimized food choices and with regard to the built-in cycles in the body, we can instead live a life of vibrant health!


Megan and Alex have helped me to fall in love with my body and learn to appreciate each day of my cycle. I feel much more empowered and am actually more grateful about the changes each phase brings. Their cycle guide has helped me to be more productive with my time, target movement and exercise more effectively, have a deeper understanding of my emotions and feelings, and do some of the tough mindset work I needed to while connecting to my cycle. Through their helpful tips, real and loving approach my PMS has drastically improved, I’ve been able to get my hypothyroid back in better balance and manage my anxiety. Their work has truly changed my life after coming off of hormonal birth control (was on for almost 10 years since I was 14) and I was dealing with awful symptoms of estrogen dominance. Their information on healthy hormones and cycle syncing helped to give me the tools to make healthy changes in my life.

– Elizabeth (@mindful.miller)

It only took 2 weeks after figuring out my food sensitivities with the elimination diet for the eczema and bumps on the back of my arms to disappear!! I love that the program included a transition before and after the detox because I needed that structure. I was surprised that I wasn’t very hungry and didn’t have any cravings. Thanks for including approved sweets!

– Rachel

Do You Experience These Symptoms?

Debilitating cramps?

Poor sleep patterns?

Constant fatigue?

Low libido?

Irregular periods?

Digestive disturbances?


Stubborn weight gain or abdominal fat?

Why Are We Out Of Sync With Our Cycles?

We’re supposed to work through our periods as if no change is taking place inside us, wear tampons and take Midol to make sure our period doesn’t slow us down even a little, and we learn at a young age that our period is messy business that should be hidden from the outside world. As a result, we’ve gotten out of touch with our natural cycles. The natural ebb and flow that happens to our hormones, organ systems, and bodies overall as women is there to renew and strengthen us.   When we work with the natural cycles of our bodies, we allow ourselves to heal and recover on a level that few of us ever reach when we operate within the “rules” of the hectic modern world.
Even the alternative medicine world has lost its connection to how the female body operates. Most protocols and health programs out there show no regard for the cycles that govern the flow of our bodies as women.   As a result, most of us have a stack of health books that we’ve only partially read, a supplement graveyard from the dozens of herbs we’ve bought in an attempt to heal ourselves, and a lot less money in our bank accounts as a result of all the programs we’ve tried in an effort to get our energetic and vital selves back. It’s time to take this superpower (yes! It’s a superpower we have for renewal and growth!) BACK into our own hands and make it work in our favor!

Does this sound familiar?

  • Society is telling you to pop a midol and a tampon and get on with your day, but that just doesn’t feel right
  • You’ve heard that you yoga and walking  would be good for you but you’ve also been told that running and going low carb is the only way to lose weight
  • You know it is important to work WITH your cycle but you wish someone would break it down step by step.

Why Do the Phases of the Cycle Matter?

Each phase of the cycle is characterized by what happens in the physical body, our emotional landscape and how we are primed to spend that time.

Let’s go through the phases individually so you can understand the flow of each and begin to reap the benefits of living in sync with your cycle.


These are Days 1-7 of your cycle (where Day 1 is the first full flow of your period). If you don’t have a reliable cycle to track, go by the cycle of the moon from the New Moon (Day 1) to the Quarter Moon (7 days later). The Release phase is a period of release, rebirth and transformation. Both physically and emotionally, we are called to let go of what we no longer need so we can have space to consciously rebuild more of what we desire in our world. The Dark Moon Sub-Phase Days 1-3 of the Release phase are quite unique. This is when you’re most intuitive, most ready to identify what’s working or not working in your life, and it’s when you should get clear on where this upcoming cycle is taking you. Yes, this applies to health goals (like treating your hormonal acne or making your periods less painful) but also extends beyond that to an overall happy life! This Dark Moon Sub-Phase is also when you feel most physically impacted by your period, and it’s especially helpful to set aside a couple days each month to honor your body’s need to rest, restore and renew. The first few days of your cycle can bring out a sense of loss of what you are letting go of, and this is totally normal and natural. As you take the time to honor everything you have experienced and learned from, you give yourself space to recover and replenish from a more deliberate and purposeful place. This is a time for self-love, intuition, and either alone time or being in the presence of supportive loved ones.

What’s Happening in the Body During the Release Phase

Physiologically, this is the lowest point of your hormones before the new cycle starts again. While this phase might seem like there isn’t much going on, it is actually a crucial time to build the foundation for a happy and healthy cycle for the upcoming 4 weeks. As your period finishes, your ovaries are getting the signal to build up multiple eggs so that ovulation (and possible fertilization to make a baby) is possible. At this time, it is crucial to help the ovaries get the appropriate signals that allow one egg to reach maturation and trigger the hormonal cascade involved in ovulation. When ovulation happens at the set time, we have cycles that are regular, predictable and less painful. Regardless of whether you plan on having a baby anytime soon or not, healthy cycles with appropriate ovulation is key to feeling healthy, happy and in control of your life!
Building up the body with sufficient nutrients to power cellular activity and lower inflammation (so the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal-ovarian axis isn’t suppressed) is key this week. This is also the time to take it easy physically. This doesn’t mean giving up on your fitness and body goals, though! Rest, so you can rise up replenished and cleansed. Try decreasing the intensity of your workouts, and move your body in gentle and intuitive ways. Once you’ve finished reading about the 4 phases of the cycle, you can read more about how optimizing inflammation and detoxification impacts hormonal, pelvic and feminine health.


These are Days 7-14 of your cycle (or Day 7 to the time of ovulation). If you don’t have a reliable cycle to track, use the cycle of the moon from the Quarter Moon to the Full Moon (7 days later). This is the most powerful and extroverted time in your cycle, when we come forth as the powerful female figures of the world. This is the week to move, create, build and command. Take concrete and powerful steps toward the goals that you identify in the Release phase to make them a reality. This is akin to what is happening in the ovaries as one egg takes over control of communicating with the hypothalamus and pituitary and begins to ramp up the products of hormones that will dictate the rest of your cycle.

What’s Happening in the Body During the Rise Phase

Physiologically, estrogen production in the growing egg begins to remind the pituitary that ovulation should be occurring shortly. The pituitary, in turn, makes this a reality by creating adequate levels of hormones called LH and FSH. As the LH surge is released from the pituitary (this is what you measure on a home ovulation test), the ovaries get the message to release the developed egg into the fallopian tube. This is a busy time for the entire body as we gear up to make ourselves a welcome home for creating and sustaining another being (or our “work babies” if you’re more focused on your career at this point in your life). Because of this, it is important to use our power in ways that protect, support and build up our internal environment. This is an active week, and you’ll feel great making changes that will serve you for months and years to come.
Break a bad habit or begin a new way of eating! Your determination and clarity are high right now, and it’s easier to stick with new ways of doing things. P.S. Looking for nutrient-rich recipes to fuel a healthy endocrine system? Check out our Nutrient-Rich Recipes section! Use this week to establish new routines so they’re already in place when you feel not-so-motivated. You’re at your strongest, fastest and most determined this week! Take the time to move your body in all the wonderful ways that it can serve you. This is an ideal time to try a new fitness routine or to start taking daily walks with your family or friends.


These are Days 14-21 of your cycle (or you can look at it as the time of ovulation to ~7 days later). If you don’t have a reliable menstrual cycle to track, use the cycle of the moon from the Full Moon to the Last Quarter Moon (7 days later). Ovulation and the week afterwards is a time to enjoy the fruits of our labor. This is the week where we feel our hormones rising and evening out, and with them, our sense of stability. (Having low progesterone or any other luteal phase defect will leave you feeling groggy, moody and off-kilter!) We feel empowered by the decisions and actions from the week before and begin to nestle more easily into a new way of being. This is a great time to focus on following a routine and get more comfortable with the flow of our lives. This week is a fantastic time to make to-do lists and follow through on them. Just make sure that your to-do list is filled with the things that are most important to YOU, not the people around you. Fill your daily to-do list with activities that nurture your spirit in addition to the work we need to do to turn our dreams into reality. You can do this by making separate to-do lists for work, home and self-care; then treat each to-do list with equal importance and care!

What’s Happening in the Body During the Plateau Phase

Physiologically, the collection of cells that used to house the egg that was just ovulated begins to collapse and secrete progesterone. This progesterone has a calming effect on our minds and body, so it’s a great time to methodically put one foot in front of the other for your goals. As the hormones build and plateau in the body, supporting the body’s natural detoxification systems becomes more and more important. There are also hormone-disrupting toxins and estrogen-like compounds in the environment that are important to protect against (even if you have low hormones). The Plateau phase is a great time for finding balance with your dietary goals.
In order to fuel your body successfully long-term, you must find a way to approach yourself compassionately. This is a great time to stick to your movement goals and see advances as you begin to settle in for the long haul. It helps to keep track of your accomplishments so you can watch your progress. Whether you’re rocking out a stellar walking routine or shooting for a new Crossfit personal record, the Plateau phase is the best time to establish a sustainable routine.


These are Days 21-28 of your cycle (or the 7 days after the Plateau phase). If you don’t have a reliable menstrual cycle to track, use the cycle of the moon from the Last Quarter Moon to the New Moon (7 days later). Our hormonal levels begin to shift and wind down this week. We’ve come full circle! This is the cycle phase that’s all about respecting and responding to your body. It will use its subtle voice, sensations and nudges to guide you in the right direction. Catch up on sleep or increase your complex carbohydrate intake in response to sugar cravings. Take in all of the lessons you’ve learned from your body the 3 weeks before and put them to good use. This is important because as we optimize and support the high points of our hormonal cascades, we establish a good base for the entire next cycle! One of the most important aspects of this week is good detoxification support. Our modern environments leave us incredibly prone to elevated hormone levels with artificial, half-metabolized, hormone-like compounds floating around in the bloodstream that cause miserable symptoms (including but not limited to PMS, hormonal acne and spotting). While we are metabolizing and removing toxins and unnecessary hormones from our bodies, this is the time to slow down mentally and physically in preparation for the upcoming Release phase. It is best to approach every part of yourself with gentleness and compassion this week. Cravings and emotions tend to come up at this time, and it is a beautiful opportunity to explore why we have chosen to believe the things we believe or rely on the things we rely on. Instead of beating yourself up for not being perfect at sticking with your new diet, ask yourself why you crave what you crave. Would you benefit from comfort, and how can you give yourself that? Do you need support? Who and what is a healthy source of support in your life? By looking at things from a perspective of love for yourself, we can let go of all the “shoulds” that make us feel small and not in control. Begin to express gratitude for all the ways you “mess up” so you can see things as a learning opportunity. When you stop making yourself small and “wrong”, you’ll become in tune with the strength you have inside.

What’s Happening in the Body During the Pause Phase

At this point in our menstrual cycles, our ovaries begin to resorb the portion of the ovary that is in charge of supporting and creating good hormone levels. As long as the rest of the cycle went smoothly, the active hormones in the body will maintain and thicken the lining of the uterus in preparation for housing a baby. Even if you’re not trying to get pregnant, this is important because a lack of stability in the lining of the uterus will cause unpleasant symptoms like spotting, hormonal acne and a painful period. As the ovaries absorb the tissues that maintain hormone creation, the entire hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal-ovarian axis gets the message that it’s almost time to have a period, and our hormone levels gradually decline. If your cycle or hormonal landscape is imbalanced, this drop in hormones often triggers the symptoms that probably led you to find us in the first place!
This is the time when your cravings tend to communicate the things your body desires. A craving can signify something that you’re missing (for example, chocolate cravings can hint at a magnesium deficiency) or a food sensitivity that’s actually irritating you (like salty chips covered in bothersome canola or sunflower oil). Cravings can also signify that your spirit is in need of something more, like more time to relax or more support from your loved ones. As your hormones decrease over the Pause phase, it’s time to get back to a gentler way of moving. Instead of your usual routine, try out a detox-focused yoga video like this one. The stretching, twisting and flowing will help the detox organs (liver, lymphatics, kidneys and colon) work much more smoothly during hormone removal, setting you up for a wonderful next cycle.

Three Myths about our cycle

PMS is normal. False! PMS represents hormonal dysfunction and a lot can be done to balance out these problems to get your feeling your best.

Our menstrual cycle doesn’t impact that much. False! The state of your endocrine and hormonal system determines much of how you feel day to day. It determines important things such as energy levels, blood sugar regulation, weight management, and even your mental state!

Our mindset is different from our health struggles. False! Mindset is important for EVERYTHING we do in life...but it’s most obviously important when it comes to our health. Not only does our mind impact what happens to our hormonal systems, but the cycles in our body are linked to our mental state. You know all hose times you tried to diet or limit foods and got nowhere? That’s because you were fighting what your body was trying to do at the time!

How we used 4 Phase Cycle Detox to support our health

After years of beating her body up through a grueling medical school workload and marathon running, Alex found herself chronically depleted, fatigued, and frazzled. Endometriosis had left her in pain and infertile, even leading to 3 rounds of failed IVF (which didn’t help matters!). But it wasn’t just testing and protocols that turned things around for Alex. She knew she needed a whole life overhaul! And that included relearning and rebuilding a more compassionate relationship with her own body. Living in sync with her natural feminine cycles was the whole-life, whole body approach that she needed to turn things around for good.
Within several cycles, she stopped taking handfuls of painkillers during her period, stopped losing hair by the brushful, and felt back to her cheerful self…and the benefits keep coming! Even if you’ve lived with decade(s!) of hormonal and endocrine dysfunction, your body was MADE to be in balance. And it’s very good at doing so. What most of need most of all is to understand and work WITH our bodies to find balance. And this program helps you do just that in an easy to follow format!

What makes this program different?

We don’t give you a prescribed diet! What we give you is the tools to figure out EXACTLY what foods are right for you while eating the most varied diet possible.

There are very few programs out there for women that tailor their recommendations for the female cycle. Here’s the thing: you’ll set up yourself for much more success with your health if you work WITH your body, rather than against it. The ebbs and flows of the endocrine, hormonal, and central nervous system impact how we feel day to day...and balancing these systems are crucial for feeling your best!

Many hormonal programs are complicated and confusing! By structuring this program around the cycle, it becomes very easy to know exactly what you need to do and makes it easy for you to stick with the whole thing!

How do I know if this program is for me?

You struggle with irregular, painful, or non-existent periods

You’re ready to learn how to listen to your body and follow the natural cycles that are already built in

You’re ready to ditch fatigue and constantly feeling frazzled in your life

You’re tired of battling hormonal acne, headaches, and mood swings

You’re ready to figure out what foods work for your health issues right now and now how to find out what foods will work for you in the future

You’re ready to overcome yo-yo dieting and always feeling at the mercy of sugar cravings

What is included in the program?

We’ve created this program to have everything you need to get started living in sync with your cycle and the natural rhythm of your body. You’ll start with our main guide that will walk you through the entire program, with detailed explanations of what is happening inside your body during each phase of the cycle and what to do when. It will walk you through what a typical day will look like for each phase, with clearly outlined foods, rituals, journaling prompts, exercise guidelines, and even supplement suggestions. You’ll even learn when the best times are for things like waxing or having your eyebrows waxed, based on your cycle! (And more seriously, you’ll learn when your brain is beat primed for big decisions and important conversations.) Included with the program is a big Recipe guide that has everything you need to learn what the best diet for YOU looks like. You’ll be able to easily create elixirs, smoothies, and recipes that fuel your body…our goal is that you never feel deprived during this program! We even help you know when your body is capable of handling more “cheat” foods and what “cheating” even means in a healthy diet! The Elimination Diet Guide will make the rest of your food concerns a thing of the past!

4 Phase Cycle Detox Guide

You will receive a step-by-step guide teaching you exactly what is going on at each phase of your cycle and how to detox in a safe and natural way.

Recipe Guide

The detox recipe guide is packed with 60+ delicious recipes that will improve digestion, decrease inflammation, and keep you feeling satisfied. These recipes are designed to help with detoxification, but we encourage you to make them even after the program is over!

Detox Support Tools Guide

Do you love incorporating new health tools into your arsenal? You’ll love this guide!! We bet you haven’t tried (or even heard of!) the super effective tools we have up our sleeve!

The Snapshot Guide

You’ll find the most important actions of each phase in your cycle easily identified in a 1-page snapshot. You’ll never have to guess when you’re supposed to be doing what! And each snapshot even has the elixir and protein ball recipe for that particular phase included for extra easily planning.

The Sleep Guide

We couldn’t let a program be complete without helping you get the best sleep you possibly can. Adequate sleep is crucial for optimizing inflammation and good detoxification, which are two large goals for us through the menstrual cycle. You’ve probably heard that good sleep is important for healing…so if you’re coming to us with health concerns, you’ll want to give yourself the best rest you can get. The problem is, it’s hard to get good sleep when your hormones are all over the place and your liver is struggling! This guide will help you turn things around so that you wake up feeling energetic and happy!

The Cellulite Reduction Guide

We care about the long term health of the entire body…but it doesn’t hurt to love the way you look as a side effect! Cellulite is another one of these health issues that has been labeled as “normal”…but improving your overall hormonal and detoxification health can absolutely reduce how cellulite shows up for you. And that’s pretty awesome!

The Gut Guide

We couldn’t fit a full gut program within this program, but we’re doing our best to hit the most important points so that you get the most results for your efforts. The Gut Guide will help you dial in your gut health so that you look and feel your best.

The Caffeine Guide

We’re big believers in avoiding an all-or-nothing approach. That’s why we created this guide to help you easily decrease and replace your caffeine addiction with healthy options.

Elimination Diet Guide

Sugar Rescue Guide

Facebook Group Forum for Support

This is the most important aspect of the whole detox program and often where the best ideas come from! Having a group of people to lean on for support helps many detoxers to realize that they are not alone in what they are experiencing.

Email Support

You will receive a step-by-step guide teaching you exactly what is going on at each phase of your cycle and how to detox in a safe and natural way.

Frequently Asked Questions

When do I count Day 1 of my cycle?
Day 1 is the first day of your full blown period (whatever is normal for you). Spotting doesn’t count!
Why does syncing your cycle even help with endocrine (blood sugar, inflammation, etc) and hormonal issues?
We find it most effective to work WITH the efforts of the body instead of against what it is trying to do. Just like we don’t expect flowers to bloom in the winter, we shouldn’t expect the body to do certain things when it is not time for it. Now, we can MAKE a flower grow in the winter with a lot of energy and effort…and that’s basically what you end up getting when you do the same thing with you health. Sure, you may end up getting the same result over time. But it’ll take a lot more effort, “willpower”, and struggling to get there…and the results are more likely to be short lived.
Can I do this program if I am on birth control?
Yes! Very much so! The majority of women in modern time are already exposed to large amounts of exogenous (not made in the body) hormone mimicking substances and hormones. When you add birth control to the mix, it’s extra important to support inflammatory and detoxification health. We definitely don’t vilify birth control! But it is important to realize the impact it has on our cycles and act accordingly.
Can I do this if I’m nursing or pregnant?
Yes, but we will help you tailor the program appropriately. Megan has a lot of experience with detoxing during pregnancy and while breastfeeding! However, please consult with your doctor prior to starting this program if you have any health concerns.
Can I do this program if I don’t have a regular cycle or don’t cycle at all? Can I do the program if my cycle is longer or shorter than 28 days?
A resounding YES to all of the above! In fact, while this program can help support anyone that is female, we made it especially for women who are struggling with endocrine and hormonal issues. We’ve created the program to be completely customizable to whatever cycle alterations you have.
Can I still do the program if I’m peri- or post-menopausal?
Yup! Without a regular cycle, we have our ladies follow a cycle that most closely approximates the feminine flow…the moon! The guide has everything you need to support the hormonal and endocrine ebbs and flows that you have, even if they are occurring at a different level than during your pre-menopausal years.


We would love to hear from you. Shoot us an email and we will get back to you shortly. In the meantime, head over to our Work With Us page for any additional info you may need.