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This is a blog for all the Earth-loving, Paleo/Primal-eating, alignment-and-health-focused DIY-ers out there.  I’ll be sharing whole food recipes, how I acquire my grub, natural beauty products I make, and things I do to improve my health despite a busy work-life.

Be warned, it’ll get a little crunchy in here.  But that’s why I’ve dubbed the blog D.I.G…because different is good.


My name is Alex and I’ll be your Dig hostess.  Important characters you’ll meet throughout the blog will be Mr. Dig (my wonderful husband) and Ms. Pixel Dig (our punky but loveable kitty cat).  Others you’ll meet will be M. Dig and D. Dig–they’re my parents and are the people who taught me to appreciate taking care of myself and the earth.  They’ll be important to you because M. Dig makes the best Paleo recipes out there and D. Dig is the official food quality control guy.  There’s also K. Dig who is my 9 year old sister and is the reason that M. Dig has come up with a lot of the kid-friendly Paleo/Primal recipes I’ll be sharing on here.

So with the introduction finished, I’m headed to the shower where I’ll be using my soapnut shampoo and herbal conditioner (recipes to follow soon!).

Thanks for stopping by and a huge welcome to you all!