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Dr. Alex and Megan kick off day 1 of our new Habit Challenge where you can just sit back, relax and just listen. Are you ready to experience compassionate transformation? One person is going to win $500 for fully participating in the Habit Challenge. 

Have you ever fallen into a place where you think you know what to do but you don’t feel supported? Do you always become confused and worried? In the first episode of the habit challenge, Megan shares a story about the very first time that her conscious and unconscious mind were so in sync that magic just started happening around her.  

Listen to this episode as Megan shares how this story has made her more powerful and proud of who she has become. And be inspired with her story about her transformation and find out how you can experience this breakthrough in your life. 

Ready to learn more?? Let’s do this!

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Megan Blacksmith  00:01 

Hey there, welcome. Welcome to the podcast and to a very special series, Megan and Alex here today, 

Dr. Alex Golden  00:09 

Hi, everybody, 

Megan Blacksmith  00:10 

we’re so happy to be together, we’re just, we’re even standing next to each other. 

Dr. Alex Golden  00:14 

Yeah, this is rare for us, because usually we have to record separately where we live. But we have the pleasure of being in the same place. And this is always our favorite way to do it. 

Megan Blacksmith  00:24 

And we have been creating some amazingness for you all in this series to come. So we’re so so so happy that you are here. And we know you are here, because you’re not getting the results that you’re working hard to get. So if that is the case, we guarantee that you’re doing one or more of these things. So raise your hand, if you are in a place where supplements don’t work, or diets aren’t helping you keep changing things. You even are doing functional lab work, you’re switching up from one expert to another and it’s not working. Or maybe you’re in the category of constantly worrying about doing it right? What’s the right way, there has to be a way or changing it over and over and over. Or another category that we both fell into was not feeling supported. Who here has fallen gotten into a place where they think they know what they want to do, but they don’t feel supported? Or maybe your favorite strategy is to become confused and worried? And yes, it is a strategy. And it’s very, very common, 

Dr. Alex Golden  01:26 

and very, very effective at keeping you stuck, stuck. So if we’re doing all these things, it’s always guaranteed that the outcome, the results that we’re not getting, is a consequence of that. 

Megan Blacksmith  01:40 

Absolutely. We have noticed and we’re seeing in the world, and maybe you all are seeing this too, that everybody is working really hard right now. Everyone’s in their fields, everyone’s frustrated. We’ve in response to seeing that we’ve decided to change the structure of the habit challenge from the way that we used to do it. We’re always looking for the best, most efficient way for not only humans, but for humans in the current situation in the world. So we have changed it to a place where you can actually just sit back, Have you ever wished you could just sit back and enjoy the ride? And do nothing in the moment and then your life would magically beautifully change around you? Well, we have to. And we want you to have the experience of listening through this series without the what do I do next? Yeah, but what about this next thing? And what’s the next step? And should I work with you how, how do I work with you, we’re not even going there. We’re asking you to just listen, we can explain all that yet all that later. And although you’ve heard us say and we do believe the action is incredibly important in certain phases of the process, you’re in for a treat today, because the very first step is going to be to sit back and listen. Theories is designed in a way and with a flow, like the flow of a river and the spring trickling down a mountain and the water knows exactly where to go. And it automatically takes the path of least resistance, resistance at each juncture at each rock at each obstacle, it follows the flow. And this is what you will do as well. So allow yourself to sit back and follow the flow. Knowing that any rocks or obstacles in your subconscious that are holding you back will be brought to the surface. And there’s a certain state a certain brain state a certain frequency when you’re listening to something designed like this, and you’re totally open to change and the words the words we use the stories we use the process are designed to take you on the journey and the journey is going to allow these powerful and positive beliefs to input and bypass the critical fact faculty and enter your subconscious mind. And you don’t have to think consciously about it or do anything how cool is that? And by simply being brought to the surface with awareness that obstacle will have already changed. Just like each time you pull up a memory it’s changed just in the act of recalling it isn’t that amazing? And we don’t even need to know exactly what we’re working on to have things shift in our life. What if the thing holding you back from Ultimate Health and a dream life were to just dissolve during this series without you ever needing to know what it was? When that’d be cool. Cool like a Cucumber Cucumber. Cool like the flip side of the pillow on a hot summer night right? Yeah. And by the end you know exactly what to do exactly what action to take. So we are guaranteeing change in this series. If you go through the whole process, we are even going to give you your money The back. 

Dr. Alex Golden  05:02 

It isn’t this free? Crap. Okay. No, I think it’s free. We’re pretty sure this free. Are you serious? Yeah. 

Megan Blacksmith  05:10 

Okay, we’re giving away the secret sauce. This is 10s of 1000s of dollars for free. And oh, actually, not only are we giving this away free, we’re actually going to give you money. So one person is going to win. Are you sure? I think we said that right? 

 Dr. Alex Golden  05:26 

I think we did. I wrote it in my 

Megan Blacksmith  05:27 

notes. So let’s we’ll have to follow through. One person is going to win $500 for fully participating. So why you may ask, would we be giving away money because we reward ourselves when we show up for ourselves. And we are also securing that belief by rewarding you here for showing up for you. So repeat after me, I always benefit from showing up for myself, no matter how sticky or up and down the process looks in the middle. I always benefit from showing up for myself. People you know, and people you don’t know are going to come here and help your mission when it’s stated clearly and you show up for yourself. And you’re here today. And maybe you’re a regular listener, or you know, just headed on to the next episode. Or maybe you found out about this amazing series to rewrite your subconscious beliefs on Instagram or from a friend or from our email. Well, however you ended up here to hear this series, the fact that you are here means you’re ready for transformation. And not just any kind of transformation, but compassionate transformation. And if you didn’t sign up for this, and you’re just listening on the podcast like the regular listener you are, we want you to know there are some extra goodies when you sign up. So head on over pause, it’s in the show notes, go to zesty And you will be getting a workbook this is going to help secure in what you are learning. And you will also get a chance to win the $500 cold hard cash by turning the workbook in by the 18th of September at 6pm. Eastern Standard Time. So we are rewarding you for rewarding yourself, you show up. And we’re here to support you along the way. Cool. So why are you here. As you fill out that workbook, you will start to understand Understand why and because humans are meaning making machines. When we understand why we were doing something we were much more all in. We would never think to not listen to the whole series or not make it to part five. And we would also never ignore filling out the workbook and putting our 100% focus and effort into it. Because we know this is a part of the process. We know intellectually, and we can feel it in our body. We can feel the shift coming. Because we have our conscious mind on board and our unconscious mind. And this is important. That connection between the two. All right, shall I tell them a story? Dr. Alex? 

Dr. Alex Golden  08:05 

I think so. Okay, 

Megan Blacksmith  08:06 

I remember the very first time that my conscious mind and my unconscious mind were so in sync, that magic just literally started happening around me and I want to tell you about that. I had always really wanted to live in a Spanish speaking country for an extended time and I had Central America on my mind. It just had a pull for me. I’m not sure what it was like the feeling of exotic, exciting I can imagine myself just like swinging out on the hammock over the turquoise waters, or diving into the water to find those colorful coral reefs and exotic fish. And I craved excitement, something new and a challenge. One challenge being that my Spanish speaking ability was not very good. But I craved it anyway. And I have been working in a corporate engineering office since college graduation. And although I loved what I did, for a job for the creative part, I was in a place of good enough. I couldn’t help but think this isn’t all I’m going to do with the rest of my life. Is it a cubicle and as smelly rug and coworkers who really don’t understand me. You know, the weird me like the GSC drinking yoga doing girl one in the office. And I wanted to be understood and I wanted to be free. And you know when you get to the place in life where things are okay, but we start to question if this is it. Have you experienced that place? Well, I was there and this perfect volunteer trip opportunity had come up a couple of times to Honduras with a small organization called Honduras hope at the time and you know I thought 12 weeks I thought 12 weeks is perfect time I want to go for 12 weeks, because 12 weeks, as my mentor had said was the perfect amount of time for transformation and rewriting your rewriting your brain, and definitely the perfect amount of time to immerse yourself in a new way of being living and doing. And if my brain can completely shift in 12 weeks, and I’m sure my Spanish could too. And not just my Spanish, but my whole way of being I wanted to learn to slow down, down, down, all the way down to the level of a person who lives life in the moment. A person who savers what they do, instead of focuses on what they don’t have yet. He was really happy and really healthy. Because I had done the thing where I thought, I’ll be happy when I get that job. You know, the engineering job, the one that I was proud to say I had because there weren’t many women in the field. And that must mean I’m smart. And if I’m smart, I’ll feel loved and accepted, right? Well, I didn’t feel any more loved or accepted, even though I was now officially smart. So maybe I need to do it better or harder. Because that always leads to happiness, right? All right. That’s it. I’ll be happy when I get the promotion. So I worked harder and longer. And I came in at six, and I took naps under my desk at lunch. That’s a true story. So I could stay later and do more. But then it just started looking in other areas. Maybe I should look at my partner so should start juicing or workout more than my body would be healthy. Well, anyway, that 12 week opportunity in Honduras. Has anybody been there? It’s so beautiful. Well, some areas not exactly where we were volunteering. But I did get to that crystal clear water for a little bit, stayed in this beautiful cabin with a hammock that could actually swing it swing out over the waves. So each time the opportunity had come up to go to Honduras, I would see it, I would recognize it, I would think Oh, that’d be so cool. But I can’t do that. I’m not one of those people who can do that no one takes 12 weeks off of work. And how would I afford it? Where would this money magically come from? And what about insurance? And what about my job? And besides who is just wouldn’t it be selfish to do something like that? For me, nobody else gets to do right, nobody else gets that everybody else is grinding away at their nine to five. And here I am thinking I’m worthy of just being free, doing whatever the heck I want doing something different. So I’d watched the opportunity come and go, the date would pass, I’d still be sitting in my cubicle chair. And enough of these came and went. Yeah, I was no longer unaware I was witnessing other people go and seeing the transformation when they came back. And realizing like 12 weeks and the grand scheme of things really isn’t that much at all. And life kept happening and things sorted themselves out while they were gone. And over a lifetime that transformation would be remembered forever. And 12 weeks in the cubicle wouldn’t I started to shift a light had went off or a light has gone on I’m not sure inside. I was realizing that I was the only one limiting myself in my transformation. I had decided what other people would say or how things can’t be done without really asking or even attempting to make it happen. So how can you know something isn’t possible if you haven’t even asked for it? Well, I can tell you right now from that experience that it won’t be possible if you never ask. That is pretty much the only way to guarantee it won’t happen is just not even going for it. At that time, I just watched the secret where our secret fans back in the day, for the first time, you know, one of the popular Law of Attraction movies. And I said, Ah, I am going to make this happen. So at this point, there was just no stopping me. I just I just went for it. I just started to ask around, I started to think how could I do this, I started to get resourceful. So I asked, I started with my boss, I said I’d like to take a leave of absence. I want to go to Honduras to volunteer with an organization organization that’s helping a really poor community up in the mountains that doesn’t even have running water or electricity. And they desperately needed help with ventilation in their homes. You know, they were cooking inside these small huts with over an open fire with nowhere for the smoke to go and their lungs. And their lung health was really taking effect from this. And I said I’m not looking to be paid. I’m just looking to have a job when I come back. Would you be willing to consider this? And it took a lot for me to even ask right again, all those stories who even asked and an interesting thing happened though, although my boss didn’t want me to leave. He said Oh, you’re such a pain. I’m gonna have to fill in your slot. He was supportive. And in the process, he went and asked kind of higher up the chain about if this was even a possibility and helping make this happen for me, the owner of the company caught wind. And he is a philanthropic man in his heart. And he’s already involved in many volunteer programs in Mexico. And he just heard about this. He said he wanted to help. So not only had he did he approve me to take a leave of absence for work, he said he’d like to pay for my travel, he paid for my flight to get to and from Honduras, and also, that I could keep my company health insurance. Like what? So just like that, just like that, just from a question, not only was I going to go, but two of the biggest obstacles of that trip me needing the money to get there. Because once I was there, I barely needed any and the cost of insurance that would have I would have had to take an on would have been a huge barrier at the time. So have you ever had that happen, when you finally decide, I’m going to do this or this is changing. And in that decision, things start to just shift around you. So I had the realization, and I hold on to this realization that you can’t get anything if you don’t even try or ask. And I got to go, and it was amazing. And it was hard. At the same time, there were a lot of ups and downs, including a very rough trip on a mules back up a mountain. And I want to share later in this series, what I learned after having diarrhea on the side of a mountain while hanging on to a mule for dear life was quite the same. But for now hallux is going to give you the big picture of why we’re here because I stepped into a new identity by being the person who asked for what I wanted in life. And that’s when things started to shift. 

Dr. Alex Golden  16:47 

That’s a beautiful story of Megan. And I love that because it highlights so much of what we do. Right? The ability to sit in a cubicle, watch other people come and go live their dream life, watch their transformation, celebrate with them smile on the go cry in the bathroom is a real thing. And we often desperately want to change our habits the day to day, what coffee am I drinking? What am I getting, tea? All these things, all these things feel heavy and sometimes hard and like there’s a right or wrong and that there’s a thing to do and their outcomes. But really, that story highlights so beautifully that you became someone more powerful than you were you grew into someone you were proud to be. And the things that you did, the way that you felt the way that you thought and the way that that drove your actions created a completely different life for you. And we call that transformation. Part of the problem, though, is that this is new for us. This is hard. It’s hard work to look at ourselves sometimes and say, Who do I want to be. And that’s why this this five day series is the way it is we want to create a world where it feels easier, where the strategies are effective, where we know what we’re doing and why we’re doing it right. And that means that we have to be willing to deviate from the standard, do things differently, think differently, make different choices. And part of that process for us as an outflow of identity is the concept of compassionate transformation. And you haven’t mentioned that, because to force yourself to become an identity involves shame and guilt. Just thinking you’re right thinking you’re wrong, wondering, late at night, when you’re up at 2am in the morning, wondering if you’re doing it the right way. And if it’ll harm the people that you love, compassion and transformation is one of the most foundational pieces when it comes to changing our identity. Because what compassionate transformation really drives is our willingness to be authentic within ourselves, the authenticity that says this is who I know myself to be. These are the things that work for me, this is success for me, this is joy for me and not defined by anybody else, but purely because you authentically feel good. Being that doing that be surrounded by that. And authenticity is tricky, because authenticity sounds nice. But here’s the kicker. Authenticity is nothing if you have no courage. Authenticity thrives in the environment of courage, courage, is the necessity is the necessary ingredient to saying, This is who I am. And this is who I will choose to become in that I do choose to become because I can because I want to win because that’s the thing that works best for me. And courage is tricky. Courage in itself feels hard because it’s defined by the presence of fear that fear that many of you feel right, we started that in the beginning the fear that says I don’t know if I can do this I don’t know if I can get better. I don’t know if this is working. I don’t know if I’m doing the right thing. And all of those things begin to feel like Courage is a mountain to climb. And Megan has a great story to tell you about a donkey and a mountain. But it feels like a mountain to climb. And it’s not easy all the time. And once we realized this, that this was a key ingredient, one that you can’t move forward and identity without, we realized that courage is necessary to be authentic. And without authenticity and compassionate transformation. We can’t become our best selves, but we can. And we will. And we do. And how do we do that? How do we actually move through all of these things that say, Yes, I know how this works. And I’m willing to do it, I’m willing to take the steps day in and day out, I’m willing to live and breathe and embody who I’m becoming the health of the business, the money, the kids, the partnership, the the love, the belonging, the community, all of these things that are wonderful. How will I bring that? And how do I fight for that? How do I stand on that desire? And how do I say, This is the life I want? Well, we have thoughts or thoughts, or it requires support. Think of all the courageous, courageous things that you’ve ever done, and who you needed to be in that person. Even if you found yourself talking to yourself, hyping yourself up saying, Come on, you can do it, you can do it. I just did this yesterday, I didn’t want to do something. And I said, Okay, Megan, I’m gonna do it. And I didn’t. And I said, I’m gonna do it. And I didn’t again, and then I said, I’m really going to do it. And I did it. And I overcame that. And that’s such a beautiful example. Because the reason I could is because I had the support. I knew what I was asking. And I asked Megan to be there with me, I spoke up, I felt my authenticity said, I feel small. And I have the courage to admit that. And Megan looked into her heart and said, What is my role and compassionate transformation? Who do I want to be as identity. And luckily for me, she, she chose to be that identity, and she was there for me. And it made a huge difference. And that’s what we’re talking about support. Support is the crux to all of this, because those things are not easy. And if they were easy, everyone would be there. But you look around and you know that not everybody has the courage to step into the identity that’s empowered, that’s free. That’s looking at the world and saying, I’m going to do things differently, because we can’t stay the same anymore. This world is hurting. And I am someone that is here to help. By being who I am, I improve the world just a little bit more. But the ripple effect, is really, really huge. So this brings me to a story here. And that’s a story about my neighbor that I thought was being really weird. And this neighbor. So this was a neighbor that lived to the left of me. And his neighbor was really, really into gardening, really into gardening. And I like plants too. So I was always really impressed. And so, you know, in a non creepy way I’d watch. And I talked to them, and I’d say oh, hey, how’s your stuff going? Here’s what my subs going. And we talk and he said, You know, I really want to plant a tree here next to the sidewalk. And I said, Cool, what kind do you want to plant? And he told me, and I said, Oh, that’s nice. There’s not that many of those in the neighborhood. I’m sure that would be a lovely addition to our street. And he said, Yeah, I think so I’ve been thinking about it for a long time. And I really, I want it to provide shade. I want it to provide shade for my car as well when it’s parked. And it seemed like a great idea. And I thought, well, this man has his work cut out for him. Because, you know, it’s not always easy to decide where trees grow. And but I thought, I don’t know, you see plants all the time. That’s kind of why I like them. Client, you see them growing out of the crack in the sidewalk and they’re thriving, you see him, you know, some some dinky little plot of land, New York City and boom, beautiful roses, right? You just never really know. And that’s the power of nature, the power of flow that we’re talking about the power that creates your world and creates your reality moment by moment by moment by moment by flow. And I thought well, good for him. I’d love a tree to there. It’s honestly pretty close to my house. And first he dug a hole. And he repaired that hole and I watched him do this over like three days. And I thought man, that hole looks pretty darn good. Like you think you just go for it. But it turns out he had had a whole plan for the scene. So he had the or the you know, the thing that he was going to plant to grow the tree. And so he was doing it at home Um, and when I asked him, I said, you know, when is the, when’s the little tree going? And he said, Oh, it’s not going to be a while, but I’m getting this land ready? I’m going to put nutrients here. Way before I even put anything there. Right? And I thought, Well, honestly, that’s a good idea. I usually do it like, a little bit before but this man’s like thinking ahead, I’m, I’m impressed. So, couple, you know, the time passes, and it’s time for the small, small tree to go in. And I get excited, because I’m like, finally some action, right? I’ve been staring at this hole, this man’s out on the ground for a while, and then there’s no nothing happening. And I thought, Okay, we’re gonna we’re gonna do it. And then he boots on the ground. And he proceeds to go out there every single morning, every single lunch. And every single evening after dinner. And he walks around it and he walks around, and he was around, and then he goes counterclockwise, walks around, it walks around, around, it was around, and he’s looking and he’s looking, and he’s looking, I’m like, the thought occurred to me, I go, You know, honestly, nuts and seeds fall to the ground all the time and grow. They have everything within them to transform into the full tree that they are. They do we think he’s working a little hard here. Right. And like it already has all of the resources within itself. And it is pre programmed to live out the fullness of its potential, everything that that man dreams for that tree in his house, is within already. I thought, well, that’s handy. But short, he’s doing a lot of work for it. And then something very interesting started to happen, though, is that sometimes I would notice that even though he had put like steaks around it, and he had tied it up, and it wasn’t leaning or anything like that, that we were getting to a season where it started to get windy. And the way the street was that the wind would kind of oscillate back and forth. And I noticed that this tree would sometimes do the shake thing, like it would shake violently. And it kind of looked like lean on like not great for them. Not great for the plan. And, and really at that point, it reminded me of when I was so wrapped up of the I’m like I’m trying to change so much and I’m so anxious about what I’m doing. And am I doing it right? And why isn’t this diet not working and what is a supplement, and I’m taking them but they’re not helping. I thought of that I thought all the times I was shaking my leg under the table, desperately trying to pretend like I was normal, but just dying inside. And I thought that’s a good thing. That man really is like mining the environment of this tree, because honestly, like I didn’t plan ahead for that. But he did. And then I look the next day after I thought about it, and he had put a net around it. So not only did he have the two steaks, and it was tied, but then he had another way to buffer the environment and the experience that was happening there from what the tree was doing, and the potential it already had inside. Right. It was in a safe environment, protected by him being watched over very carefully. And he took care of that tree. And one of the things that I realized over the time as it grew, and he might he’d modify the support structures around it. And he would make it an even better environment for that tree, whatever it grew into. It was different at the time. But he figured it out. He always knew he always thought ahead, he was always taking care of this. And I thought it’s because he just because he told me how important this tree was to him. I thought, I’m right. Nuts and seeds, follow the time and then grow. But when we want to get certain results, then we have to be conscious of the environment. And the effort that we’re placing on supporting what does that training. And that is exactly how transformation works. When we want results that are specific outcomes when we have chosen our identity, when and we have risen our hand and said, out of all the things that I’ve experienced out of all the people I’ve come across out of all the actions I’ve ever taken, and how I felt about myself after. Now I know what I’m choosing. And what I’m choosing is, this is who I’m becoming. And when we really care, we also care about the environment that we’re in. And there’s a lot of components to environment. And part of them is the environment that create within our own body. Because many of us are living in environments where our thoughts or emotions don’t feel supported. And we don’t feel like we have resources and strategies to take care of and we feel like that little tree just knocking around in the wind just shaking like a leaf and there’s just not enough structure and support around us to feel supported. Love Have strong, courageous, authentic, compassionate, all of these things become much more challenging for the tree, aka us. So one of the things that we’ve noticed that people do is that when they’re the knee shaker, and if you’re hearing that, and you’re like, This really sounds like me, these are people who were living in worry, am I gonna like this too, we’re living in fear, we’re living in doubt, were second guessing a lot of these things are, we’re being clingy with the with our resources with the people around us, we feel unsupported. Because often that is true. And having the authenticity to say, I’m manage my environment, I care about what happens inside of me, I care about how things make me feel, I care about what other people say and do to me. And there’s boundaries as the speaking of this, all the good stuff that we talked about, all of this then becomes part of the way to create an environment for our own transformation to be successful. Support is not an optional, nice thing. That is not why the tree survived, the tree survived and thrived, because he cared about the environment that it was in, and the support that it had, that without that, his vision, his future where this tree was going to be healthy, that he was going to hang a swing for his two kids on it to play on, for it to provide shade to the house, and help with the electric bill. All of the that vision was dependent on creating an environment of support of making sure that he was backing up his vision from a place of being resourceful. Now, in that story, I actually wasn’t, I actually wasn’t right, I was someone who didn’t have perspective, this is a man that has grown trees. And I hadn’t, and so he had perspective that I didn’t for that vision, he knew that the support that he plays now would be compassionately helping the street transform into the full expression of what he desired, what he wanted the vision that he held. I missed some of those cues, right, I would have let that tree rattle in the wind and who knows what would have happened to it. And this is very similar to the analogy of the Empire State Building, right. So we’re going furniture, you turn Empire State Building, but hang tight with me, the Empire State Building, is whether you’re in the lobby of the Empire State Building, or you’re in the observation deck high above the Empire State Building. If you were to pull out your phone and go to Google Labs, and it would localize you and drop your pen, it would say I’m in the Empire State Building One way or another. But that man and I were on different floors, he could see way ahead, you could see way ahead. And the way that he could see ahead, is that he had walked the path of transformation for himself, he had become the kind of man that had the vision for the tree. And he became the man that took the actions and figured out the support that would work. And he was doing the same thing to the tree that he had done to himself to become the person who even planted it. And in doing so, he had gone up a couple floors to the Empire State Building this way I hadn’t. Yeah, I mean, so when we are talking about transformation within when we’re talking about these components of support, and environment, and vision for who we’re becoming, the real question is not what’s right or wrong for me as if there’s a right or wrong way to be a human, which there isn’t. The question becomes What does support me to create the vision that I’m becoming so that I can go up the Empire State Building, see my life and myself and my identity from a higher perspective, and step more intentionally and boldly and courageously into embodying who that is. And that, really for the environment, when we talk about creating a world for perspective, and to see that bigger picture, when we are scared, we’re in fear, we’re in doubt. We don’t think we’re worthy. All of these things are the very things that need to be supported because they will keep us in the lobby. Those things keep us so small, that we cannot see the highest vision of that identity, the most empowered First thing that we can become, that will not only improve health, but improve health and relationships and your job and the passion that you feel and the creativity and the libido, and the hair, and the great skin and the healthy way, all of these things become possible for you, when we take care of our environments create a supportive place. That happens through central nervous system regulation, which we will get into Friday. So sit tight, we’re going to be talking about tools. And we’re going to be teaching a new way and new tools of doing it. And this is where more and more Megan and I become even more specific, more options for support. And every time we do that, we go up the Empire State Building, and we see things in a different way. And we get to invite everyone to come with us. And it’s so empowering, when we can see ourselves going up up up above in our vision, becoming who we are more powerfully, so that we can be resourceful about what’s next. And that becomes this, we’re either in an upward spiral of transformation. Or we are in a spiral of suffering. And when that happens, we need to stop and say, if I can’t see where I’m going, I need support. That’s step number one. And then that will help me know where I’m going next, and won’t be the full picture. But it’ll be the next one after that. And that’s what keeps you from jumping from supplement to supplement. That’s what keeps you from going program to program. That’s what keeps the unread books from piling up. That’s what keeps the supplement graveyard from forming all over again, when you just cleaned it out last year. We began to see the things that matter, the smell of the rug of the cubicle. And we began to ask what does matter? And that was Megan saying, what’s possible for me? It was possible for others. Why not? Megan? Why not? Alex, why not you listening to this. And we begin to see where we want to go. We stop listening to all the experts, not because they don’t have great things to say. But because they’re not the ultimate authority, they’re not the ultimate determinant. They’re not the one waking up with your two year old shaking you awake at three in the morning. They don’t have to deal with that you do. Those are the things that really protect us and guide us towards what will work best for us. And that we know from doing this 10, almost 10 years now, Trump’s some outside rigid plan to fit in that you are meant to fit in, not the plan fit you. It works every single time like that customization. Authenticity is king. And when you begin to know your purpose of who you’re here to become what you’re here to do with that, who you’re here to serve, how you’re meant to impact the world, the family that you’re meant to have the relationships, you’re meant to have the books, you’re meant to write the podcasts you want to release, all of these things become very clear. And that has real power. The power to be courageous, says every time I choose me, I become more able and capable to stand in the power of who I’m becoming. And while we can’t say it gets easy, it gets easier. And it feels even more juicy. Because the pride that follows of saying, I did it for me and I did it the right way for me, as determined Miami can’t be taken away from you. A lot of other things can Money can change. Partners can change. People can leave. There’s a lot of things that can happen in life, but your ability to support yourself through anything that happens. That is where the juice is that that is where all the power lies. And that is how we become truly unstoppable. So those desires are pretty sweet, right? You combine those two elements, the support, and the vision. And there’s magic that happens is like all of a sudden, picking up the map when you’ve just been wandering around in the forest. You get the map is pretty sweet. But here’s the thing. The when we go into the vision, and we stand there and say this is what I want To become this is where sometimes we lose sight of the little, the little details, right? When you start saying, yeah, there’s the vision. But today, my head hurts. Today got my period, I have cramps. Today, I’m still spotting today, I’m so tired, all of these things and it says, we are going to do the next step. Because environment support vision. So vital. It sets our sights on who we are. And it gives us perspective of how we want to support ourselves. But it doesn’t end there. And we need to step into the empowerment of deciding what supplements am I going to take? How am I going to eat? What am I going to tell my kids? What are the house rules? What boundaries do I set with my family? All of these really important things that say, How do I do this day to day, and that is where we’re going to pick up tomorrow. But first, Megan has some things to say. 

Megan Blacksmith  41:03 

Hope that is all thinking in. So Sunday, the workbook is due, it will fill it out each day you can fill in what you learn today, what you learn about yourself what this has stirring in your mind, you’ll find that things are coming to the surface, the perfect thing that you are meant to hear and you are meant to know and you’re meant to address next has come to the surface today. So go to your workbook and write that down, do the first introductory exercises if you haven’t done those yet, because each day you will fill it out. And you will turn it in by Sunday so that you can be entered to win $500 clothes. 

Dr. Alex Golden  41:39 

Awesome. And actually Maggie brought up a really good point, the ability to believe, right part of authenticity is just believing the writing the answer as it comes to your mind. And assuming it’s right. And we would like you to do that. And that’s highlighted and our lives and all the lives of the people we work with because we see all the time when I was going to medical school, right? There was no thing that said, Yeah, cool. You’re gonna be doing a podcast 15 years from now and you’re gonna love it. I didn’t know, I just had to say that feels right. And Megan, when she got her Lake House earlier that this year, it was last year, last year, last year. And when the first time she told me about that there was no house available. She just knew the kind of house that she wanted. She knew where she wanted to be. And she knew how she wanted to feel in it. And she believed herself when she did it. So the podcast, you know, the podcasts that have millions of downloads, you’re listening to one, your all of the things that you see the cool things that you see people do. They were brave enough to say I believe myself and my desires. I may have been gaslit but I will not gaslight myself. So we encourage you to go into the workbook with that attitude. I’m right. This is my life. This is my identity. And by golly, I’ll plant that tree however I want. 

Megan Blacksmith  43:14 

And tomorrow, you’ll get to hear how I learned that. Having a broken arm really, really does hurt. Okay, so you didn’t know. Yeah, I didn’t know. We’ll see you there.