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Decoding the Grass Fed Label - Zesty Ginger
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Thankfully, buying grass fed beef has become relatively popular and it’s now easier than ever to find it in stores.  (Even a couple years ago, I could only find it at my local Farmer’s Market and in limited quantities at the nearest Whole Foods!)

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But, as usual, along with these amazing changes have entered a few new challenges. One of these is the consumer mission of interpreting labels on the food you buy and what they all mean.  And it can get super confusing, because the terms you will usually find all sound very similar and aren’t at all obvious.

This short video breaks it all down!  Enjoy!

As promised, the most common brands…ranked (in my interpretation, of course) from “least amazing” to “best”.

(Please note that I am it no way knocking the brands higher up on the list. I think it’s amazing that they’re bringing better-raised meat to the masses!  And I buy all these brands at any given point in time…I think they’re better than the conventional beef I would otherwise get.)

1. Laura’s Grass Fed and Organic Lean Beef — “grass fed”

2. Apple Gate Grass Fed Beef — “grass fed”

3. Strauss Brand Grass Fed Beef — “100% grass fed”

4. US Wellness Meats — “100% grass fed and finished”

5. Local Farmers — talk with you individual farmer about how they raise their animals…this is usually your best bet for finding the most well-raised beef!  The local farm where I get most of my meat is called Fehr Farms.

Bonus Video

This video is on a slightly different topic but one that I found so, so interesting! Joe Salatin discusses raising grass fed cattle and the question of sustainability.

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