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I had never heard of catnip being used as anything except as a cat treat until last year.  Turns out, it’s a pretty magical stuff for humans as well!

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It’s no mystery that I love my apple cider vinegar rinses (when done right).   But as my hair has gotten longer, I’ve started to want a l more from my final hair rinse.  My hair is very fine and fragile so I needed something that would keep my hair from tangling (because de-tangling usually causes more than a few lost hairs!) and would help it become stronger in the process.


  • 1 heaping teaspoon dried catnip
  • 1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar (I like Bragg’s)
  • 5 drops grapefruit essential oil (this also strengthens and conditions but you’ll still get a nice product if you don’t have this ingredient)
  • 1 liter hot water


1. Take 8 ounces of your hot water and use it to brew a tea made out of catnip.  I used a tea strainer to brew my tea but you can use a teabag if that’s all you have.

2.  Let your catnip tea brew for about 10 minutes.

3.  Once ready, pour your catnip tea into a liter glass bottle (I reuse glass vinegar bottles for this purpose).

4. Pour in your apple cider vinegar into the bottle.

5. Pour in the rest of your hot water (it’ll be cooler by now and that’s ok).

6. Add in your 5 drops of grapefruit essential oil, if using.

7.  Cap the bottle and shake.

8.  Shampoo your hair like you normally do.

9.  Follow with the Detangling and Strenghtening Hair Rinse you just made, shaking before use. Make sure to completely saturate your hair with it!

10. Rinse well with water and style as you normally would.

I use this in conjunction with my all-natural shampoo options (such as soapnuts, cleansing clay masks, and coconut aloe shampoo) and I’ve noticed a big improvement in hair breakage/shedding and tangling.

If you need serious detangling and conditioning help, I would use this DIY Herbal Conditioning Rinse in between your shampoo and the Detangling and Strengthening Hair Rinse I just described.