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Because I love tinkering with different beauty products, I’ve always been pretty good at taking care of the skin on my face.  After all, it’s constantly being exposed to light and weather, as well as responding to things going on inside our bodies.  What I HAVE been totally skimping on, however, is treating the skin on my neck and chest with the same amount of care.

“What’s the big deal?”, I thought, thinking that I was too young to worry about such problems.  The big deal, it turns out, is that I have recently been noticing skin discoloration over these delicate areas and the skin is just generally less smooth than the skin on my face.  It was time to make the change! This serum is made up entirely out of ingredients that aim to smooth, brighten, and soften the skin.

Note: All of these ingredients can have an amazing impact on the skin individually.  I added them all because I had them on hand…but you can leave out some of these and still get a pretty sweet serum.



1. Add all the ingredients into a small squirt bottle or a dropper bottle.

2. Use at least once a day over skin areas that need softening, smooth, and brightening.  This serum won’t give you overnight results (oh, how I wish there was something that did!) so use it regularly to get the full effect.

Warning: Because we’re using all of these ingredients therapeutically, this isn’t formulated to have a particular smell.  This combination doesn’t smell the best (mostly because of the carrot seed oil, actually) so I usually just use it before bed and rinse it off in the mornings.