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Evolving The Mind Body Connectivity - Zesty Ginger
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In today’s solo episode, Dr. Alex talks about evolving the mind body connectivity.

  • What mind body connection is.
  • Emotion to body connection.
  • Body to emotion connection.
  • How the physical body stores data and information that are not accessible to our conscious mind.

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Dr. Alex Golden: Hello party people, Dr. Alex here with you, I hope you’re having a good day night, evening, wherever you are in the world. Thank you so much for joining me, I’m really glad that you’re here. Today we’re going to be talking about evolving the mind body connection. Because we’ve been aware and navigating this concept of the Mind Body connections for a couple of decades now. And my argument for the world, and for society in this podcast, is the invitation that we are starting to head into evolving past this. Now, that’s not to say that we are abandoning it, we’re taking it with us. But the case I’m going to lay out to all of you here is that it’s time for us to start moving forward with this and pass this. And so we’re gonna dig into that today. But first, as usual, I just wanted to share about what’s going on at zesty ginger headquarters overall. So we just finished our first in person practitioner retreat. And it was amazing. If you were following on social media, you saw just how much fun we’re having. And it was such a powerful week, Megan, and I knew that the people coming to the retreat would have a very transformative experience, we knew that we were confident in that we knew the seven days the way that we had created it will get people results. And I am still shocked, like get goosebumps level of just how powerful it was and what the breakthroughs actually were. I mean, there’s everything from completely transforming someone’s relationship. And then having a lot of breakthroughs around that. And people having breakthroughs around their health and who they’re being as healthcare providers in the world. There are breakthroughs around things like traveling and empowerment and your relationship with, you know, anxiety, depression, the these big things that impact us, it had such far reaching consequences, and they just went home. So it’s been an honor. And we’re so grateful that we get to do what we do. Because Megan and I are still floored at the transformations happening. And we know it’s just the beginning. And this group of providers will go out and impact 1000s, maybe even millions of people over the course of their lives. That honestly is the most motivating empowerment, empowering stuff that I can possibly think of like there is nothing that will get me out of bed in the morning like this.

I am just thrilled and humbled by this whole experience. And we have so much more coming. So most of the group has joined level two, where we go even deeper into the work the way that Megan and I see the physical body and just humanists in general, right? How are we merging our emotions, our mindset, our physical experience, the past that has happened to us, our inner child, our energetic body, how do we bring it all together in the most cohesive, empowered identity that we can possibly be so that we can lead other people in this process, right, we need a bunch of people out here equipped with these resources and tools, which is really what most of us are missing, and go out and teach it. So super excited about that. Now our our level one, we are repeating a new cohort, our second class will be going in October. If you are jiving with what I’m saying. Generally speaking, you will know in your body, if you’re hearing this and you’re meant to be here, you will know so you know feel engineers out and reach out because we can get you in touch with the people there. That way they can share their experience, you can hear from us what we do. And if it makes sense for you to add the certification as part of the work that you are already doing. We welcome new and experienced practitioners of all kinds. Basically, if you are in service to humans, you are eligible for it and reach out to us so that we can figure out if it’s a really great fit, because that is what we want. We want everyone going into it to be really clear and cohesive on what they’re doing, what the process is and why it’s important to them. So shoot us an email support SSD ginger. Other than that, let’s see, I did also get to expand and open up for a couple more spots for one on one clients. I have people coming in I’m going to be hopping on the phone and just reach out to me saying email if that is something that you’re interested in and as slots open and as people make decisions I will get to him. So reach out if you are looking for support. If you’re like look, I’ve been doing this long enough. I’m just not getting to where I want to be reached out and let’s chat. Okay, so now going back to our topic, this whole mind body connection now. I love Love, love, love the mind body connection. I think it’s so accurate. And I think it describes so much of who we are, right how we think up and our I guess up is our mental body is all around us, but what we think, in our space and how we perceive the world than impacts the body. And I’m certainly not here to deny that I absolutely think that’s true. And I think that we have basically gotten a hold of and grasp on one part of the picture. And for whatever reason, I think that we just tend to do this in society is that we get so focused on writing that out that we fail to recognize when it starts to be less and less of service to people, because the concept has run out, right? There are things that are true in life, right and in the world. And we all know that different patterns of thinking,

help us understand and make sense of the world. But at some point, we run out of that concept. And we merge into more, right? It’s kind of like, here’s linear time, and then at some point, you go deep enough into physics, and you’re kind of like, wow, that time doesn’t exist, right. And that this isn’t necessarily even in the realm of spirituality, we’re talking physics and science. And then if you go even deeper into spirituality, and expansion, and, and all of that understanding, we begin to see that these rules like gravity and time, on some level, you zoom out far enough, they become a limiting thing, as opposed to the whole story. And I think that is how we can look at the mind body connection. It’s not that it’s not there. And it’s not true, and it’s not playing out. It really is. And there’s more to the story. And I think there’s a lot more categories that we are not talking about, for example, the other way, is also true, right? The body mind connection, is a really beautiful thing to begin to also navigate as we begin, or continue to navigate the mind body connection, right. And this is different than saying we have physical symptoms, right, because that’s actually just the physical body. And we’re acknowledging what that does, then the next step we got to was the mind body connection. And deeper than that is the body mind connection, and a circle and a cyclical loop that happens. And when we begin to have the conversations that accurately describe this, that is actually a bi directional Street, and that our body has information that is then registered at the mind level so that we can then make determinations that send out instructions back to the body. Now we’re really talking about that whole conversation, at least between the mind and the body. And that are things that traumas and triggers and reactions to things, who you know, among you listening has had that where you’re like, I don’t know why I don’t know that person. I’ve never seen that person. But I feel really uneasy about them. Or, Hey, I’m starting to, I’m driving at night. And and I have those kind of feeling of impending doom. What is it that’s happening here? Well, a lot of times our physical body stores data and information that is not readily accessible by the conscious mind. And so what can happen is that the physical body will begin to talk, right, it’ll begin to create symptoms is what we call them. But really, we’re having a conversation that says something about this isn’t working for me, right? Whether is relation to those examples that I get, or food, hey, I use it like this, it’s not jiving anymore, or someone else said to eat like this, and I’m just not feeling it, right. And when we begin to recognize that the physical body can start the conversation and register at the mind level, it actually also allows us to have some really big aha moments and some breakthrough because if we’re always trying to say, oh, it’s our mind, telling the body this, well, then you can sit there and nitpick your thoughts and have all sorts of tools to do it and, and be stuck in the mental body trying to resolve something that the physical body is starting and needs to access. Right? And that is where getting into the physical body and allowing ourselves to quiet our mind enough through practices like meditation, breathwork hypnosis candidate I mean, I could think of 1,000,010 things, just getting out of our heads and getting into our bodies, yoga, dance movement of any kind. That kind of stuff can begin And to bring us information that is not actually getting stored in the mind is being communicated to the mind, right. So looking for it before it’s communicated and received by the mind is not going to get us very far. But going into our body for this information and allowing it to speak so that the mind can interpret what it’s saying, now we’re up and running, right. And it’s not that we don’t do this, normally, right? This happens all the time. But the difference is that because we’re not having that conversation as a society, we tend to misrepresent it in our minds. And that is the reason that people can feel kind of stuck in places, right, we’re trying to fit into a model that isn’t actually representing it, because we’re doing it, we’re just not talking about it in the same way. So this is really just the honoring of the authentic processes that are already happening.

So that is that set. Now let’s go on to other pairings that can happen. So the emotional body, to the physical body, right, the motion to body connection, and the body to emotion connection, is another version of this, right? That we have emotions that are their own language. And so we begin to have two parts of ourselves two aspects ourselves speaking and having a communication, that is to say, our emotions are guiding the information to our body. And our body is then continuing to inform our emotional landscape, the safety with which we feel that we can express our emotions, the response that our body has to certain emotions, and of course, interpretation. If you have certain emotions linked to a panic response, then, of course, that is where we see it playing out. That’s not to say we won’t also have thoughts that mirror this connection, they’re quite overlaid in that way. But when you begin to appropriately recognize this is an emotion stored in my emotional body, and it’s driving the physical response. And therefore my physical response is also going to inform the emotions as they happen. Or then we can really begin to flow with that process, the same way we do with the mind body connection, you’re essentially seeing it all, then as the information that it is, is just feedback about you internally, you externally and all the things that then interface with you. And we can keep going right, our energetic body has an its own anatomy, that’s part of what we’re covering in level two for the practitioners is that there’s also an energetic body that is overlaying on the physical body, it’s larger. And that also informed so we have plenty of things, information, past experience, the things we kind of came with, as a resource and or to resolve, usually, and all of these things then inform the choices we make the things we experience a reaction to what we’re experiencing, and of course, that is playing out and manifesting in the physical body and back again, right? That is how we can begin to feel into from an energetic sense, where we going was right, who are we tuning into for guidance, right? Whatever your model of religion or spirituality is. Each of these pairings are a two way street. And once you realize that, you can match them up mind, emotion, emotion, mind, mind, body, body, mind, emotion, Body, body and motion, right? Once you realize how many ways that you can actually have this pairing our our whole world just explodes into possibilities and resources and answers to problems that we have that we can then have solutions for answers for and begin to support ourselves through right is so much less limited than saying I have to think and provide mental exertion to make sure that my body is following that signal. Yeah, sure. But that’s only one low key hole to look through. When we began to see just how many pairings and options that are in how many ways that we are getting information from ourselves or world and others.

It becomes very exciting. It’s a really exciting way to see ourselves because even if we missed up and we miss some, some information, right our body, maybe we’re we’re a little busy. We’re not paying attention to Your physical body will then there’s like a whole bunch of other options that our, our system has to communicate with us. So then you catch up on the motions, or you catch it on the mindset, whatever it is, it opens you up to have your own backup, right? It’s kind of like making sure that we have so many ways to be successful, that no matter what we can get there. And that’s what resources and tools do for us. That was a big part of what we talked about in the training. Humans right now do not need to be told more of what the problem is. We all already got the problem. Yeah, life is hard. We’re having a hard time. Like, we feel divided. There’s a lot of stuff going on. But what’s the answer is backtracking and giving people true resources that they feel empowered and supported, and powerful, and in charge and in control and determining their own experience, right? All of these things that are so vitally important for us revolve around this concept of when you have options, then you can have lots of resources. And when you have lots of resources, whenever something comes along and knocks a little off kilter, it’s okay. Right, because you know, you’ve got your back, you can catch yourself, you are there for yourself, and you have a whole bunch of stuff to choose from, to take action on and make work for you. That is empowerment, it and it feels amazing. If you’re not living it yet, trust me on this one until you get there. I’ve never heard someone say it wasn’t worth it. But you get teamed up with resources, the world becomes so much less scary it we begin to see the beauty in it again. And we begin to see our own part in creating the beauty. And it’s really a wonderful place to be at. So I welcome you to come join us over on this side. Check it out, think through what does this look like for you? What does it look like to acknowledge all of these different aspects of yourself, listen and get that information. As you sit with us work through it, I would love to hear from you. Please take a screenshot of this and share your takeaways and your haws with me, I’m going to keep going on the subjects as usual. These are big things that we are beginning to unravel. So as the podcast episodes evolve, more and more of these topics will be represented. Because this is really where we’re headed. This is the leadership aspect of it. This is where we’re headed and therefore we all need to have the resources to prepare us for that and to make it successful when we get there. Alright, so much love to you. Thank you for stopping by and I’ll see you on the next episode.