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One of the best parts of having a business partner like Megan is that she teaches me about all sorts of cool stuff she tries.

This blog post is about one of these things (but I could go on and on about wanting to try out cryotherpy, meditating in a float tank, or EFT tapping).

Megan and I have both been on a BIG meditation kick. Once we both figured out just how much it was positively impacting our lives, we just haven’t been able to get enough of it.

I’ve been using Omvana since it’s the ONLY app I’ve ever used that kept me regular in my meditation practice. I have a whole set of meditations for different situations in my life and I love relying on them regardless of what life is throwing my way. (And boy, does the universe throw us some curveballs sometimes!)

I was mostly using the guided meditations since they keep my busy mind focused on task…until Megan introduced me to this meditation approach.

She had tried a chanting meditation years ago at a yoga studio…and the experience was strong enough to leave a lasting impression.

She told me that she was regularly doing meditations to a YouTube video that was made up of THREE. WHOLE. HOURS of some monks chanting “om”. I was intrigued, of course!

This YouTube video is the one we’ve both been using for the last several months.

Like Megan, I’ve found that I get into the “mental meditation space” super easily with this recording. It kind of just magically calms down my busy mind so that I can really connect with my own experience during a meditation.

We’ve both come out of meditations with this recording feeling more at peace with our current life situation, more clear about a decision we’ve been struggling with, and more grounded in what we want from the relationships in our lives.

Sure, this is possible with any meditation or other practice. But we wanted to share what has worked well for us so well nonetheless!

Happy Om Chanting!


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