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Fatigue Fix Guide

Our 49 Page Guide reveals the steps to naturally restore your energy levels. We believe that fatigue is a sign of a deeper imbalance and want you to understand the different pillars of health involved. Topics Include: Understanding the deep rooted causes of fatigue (hormonal issues, gut dysfunction & inflammation, anemia and nutrient deficiencies, methylation issues and more!), Taking massive action to heal your body & Fatigue Helpers Grab the FREE Section of the guide: Root Causes of Fatigue  or buy the full guide HERE for $14 !

Holistic Pregnancy Guide

prego_guideHi Mamas!  Megan here, I am so excited that you are interested in having the most natural and holistic pregnancy that you can! You and your baby are going to be thanking yourself for many years to come. Join our newsletter and download the most popular section of the Holistic Pregnancy Guide immediately:  Natural Remedies to Common Complaints During Pregnancy. Since I know we are all busy, I broke up my 31 page Holistic Pregnancy Guide into 12 weekly emails. This is my attempt to give you time to implement what you have learned without overwhelming you with a lot of information all at once!  Let’s get started Mamas!!!! Can’t Wait? If you want the full guide immediately you can scroll to the bottom and  download NOW for only $7.

Do you need to detox?

detox quizTake our 10 question quiz to see if your body is screaming for a reset!! Many people are surprised at how many different areas of health can be affected when your detoxification pathways aren’t functioning optimally. Find out if this is YOU! So, I scored high on the quiz, now what? Bonus Guides: Receive our guides to Essential Oils for Detox and Teas & Herbs for Detox. These offer some delicious ways to support your daily detox efforts!

Did you get glutened?

gluten_rescueAlthough you may try to strictly avoid gluten, it’s easy to accidentally eat contaminated food especially at a restaurant or a friend’s house . If you are anything like us, even a small amount of gluten can wreak havoc on your digestive system or leave you feely tired and foggy-brained. If you have an autoimmune disease, getting glutened can be more than just annoying, it could set off an inflammatory immune response for up to 6 months!! Grab the Gluten Rescue Guide to help minimize the effects of gluten exposure. Bonus: Also receive 2 follow up emails with some tips & our favorite enzyme suggestions.

Toxic home makeover

toxic_homeOur 31 Page Guide reveals exactly how to slowly upgrade items in your home that might be throwing off your hormones, stressing out your liver and depleting your energy. Topics Include: Cleaning Supplies & Personal Care Items, Pans, Furniture, Mattresses, Sheets & Blankets, Clean Indoor Air, Clean Water, And much MORE… We want you to be succesful! Buy the guide for only $7 and you will receive 8 weekly follow up emails and videos about how to implement what you have learned.

Detox skincare guide

detox_skincare_guideOur 26 Page Guide reveals the steps to having fabulous skin from the inside out. We believe that your skin is an outward manifestation of what is going on inside of your body. Topics Include: Gut Health & Elimination Diets, Detox-Gut Skin Connection, External Detox tools, Internal Detox tools and what happens when you detox too fast

Elixir Add in



This guide will help find the best add-ins are for your Elixirs, and what they do for your body.

Topics Include: Elixir Add-ins


Mindset Makeover



This is the guide for your mindset makeover!

Topics Include: Complete Guide for Mindset Makeover


Baby Gift Guide




This is the perfect guide for all baby needs!

Topics Include: Complete Guide to Baby essentials.


Common Hormone Problems Guide

In this guide, we will discuss the most common hormone imbalances, such as estrogen dominance and progesterone deficiency, as well as how they impact your overall hormone health.

Topics Include: Symptoms and causes of sucky periods, What understanding your body looks like, Estrogen dominance, Estrogen deficiency, Why we use functional lab work, etc.


Honor Your Cycle Guide

As you connect to that Wild Feminine Flow, a new sense of purpose and power will naturally find itself in your life. You will make a bigger impact in your job, for your family, and in the things that you believe in. And as those positive changes take place, it will allow you to step more fully into a new way of being. Use this guide and the flow of your cycle to rework and rebalance your life.

Topics Include: Complete Guide to your Wild Feminine Cycle

Top 10 Crunchy Feminine Products



This guide will help you in choosing the best Feminine Product that you can use for your everyday hygiene.    

Topics Include: Best Feminine Products You Can Use.


The Partner's Guide to the Woman's Cycle

In this guide, we’ve put all of that understanding of the female body into a 1-page guide that will help your partner in life figure out how to best support and interact with you throughout the monthly cycle.

Q&A With Kristen Graham Holistic Dentist


In this guide, we will answer the questions we have received about your dental health with Dr. Kristen Graham, Biological Dentist! 

Topics Include: Toothpaste/Floss/Oil Pulling, Gum Recession, Peridontal Disease, Cavities, etc.