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Welcome ladies, to our 12 week group program!!!

We are so happy to have you here and to help you rock your goals! Let’s get ready to dig in to our 7 steps process. This program is all about interaction & taking action… there is no quick fix but many small changes can add up to create big results!

You can start by watching the Introduction video and we will be getting started soon!

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 Meet our team member Katie!


  • Week 1  Monday March 7th (LIVE)  8:00 PM EST Activate The Power of Your Body & It’s Parasympathetic Response
  • Week 1 Thursday March 10th  12:00 PM EST  (LIVE) Week 1 Live Q&A
  • Week 2 Monday March 14th 8:00 PM EST (LIVE) How to Create a Clear Goal to Your Future Without Overwhelm
  • Week 2 Thursday March 17th 12:00 PM EST (LIVE) Week 2 Live Q&A
  • Week 3  March 21st  (RECORDED) The Secret to Optimizing Your Brain Chemistry for Transformation
  • Week 3 Thursday March 24th 12:00 PM EST (LIVE) Week 3 Live Q&A with Pam (&Megan)
  • Week 4  March 28th (NO LIVE CALLS) Uncover the Unconscious Stories That Are Running Your Life  Audit exercise (Workbook)
  • Week 5 Monday April 4th 8 pm EST (LIVE) The Fastest Way to Drop Beliefs That Don’t Serve You
  • Week 5 Thursday April 7th 12:00 PM EST  (LIVE) Week 5 Live Q&A
  • Week 6 Monday April 11th 8:00 PM EST (LIVE)  Living Your Human Design with Barbara Ditlow
  • Week 6 Thursday April 14th 12:00 PM EST (LIVE) Week 6 Live Q&A with Barbara
  • Week 7 Monday  April 18th  8:00 PM EST (LIVE)  Discover How To Rewrite Your Beliefs So That You Stop Working Against Yourself
  • Week 7 Thursday April 21st 12:00 PM EST (LIVE) Week 7 Live Q&A
  • Week 8 Monday  April 25th (NO LIVE OR RECORDED) Integration Week Self Worth hypnosis 
  • Week 9 Monday May 2nd 8:00 PM EST (LIVE) Habits & Human Design Teaching with Barbara (decision making
  • Week 9 Thursday May 5th  12:00 PM EST (LIVE) Week 6 Live Q&A with Barbara
  • Week 10 Monday May 9th 8:00 PM EST (LIVE) The Easiest Method to Upgrading Your Habits
  • Week 10 Thursday May 12th 12:00 PM EST  (LIVE) Week 10 Live Q&A
  • Week 11 Monday May 16th 8 pm EST (LIVE) Uplevel  What Tony Robbins Didn’t Tell You About Navigating an Upleveled Version of You
  • Week 11 Thursday May 19th 12:00 PM EST (LIVE) Week 11 Live Q&A
  • Week 12 Monday May 23rd   8 pm EST Integrating Lifelong Learnings for Lasting Success Final Recap
  • Week 12 Thursday May 26th 12:00 PM EST (LIVE) Week 12 Live Q&A
  • Week 13 Monday May 31st 8 pm EST BONUS Wrap up Call 



Join Zoom Meeting:

Meeting ID: 856 0699 7496

Passcode: Transform

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  • +1 646 558 8656 US (New York)
  • +1 669 900 9128 US (San Jose)

Download your Weekly Check-in Worksheet here. 

 Fill out your Weekly Progress here. 

 Please Fill out the Human Design Form before March 19, 2022. 

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Note: Not sure how to figure out what phase you are in? Grab this guide

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I’m known for creating comprehensive individualized protocols based off functional lab work and for teaching women how to take control of their health through simple, straightforward, and actionable steps. 


I’m known for my integrative MD approach to health through both functional and conventional medicine and for teaching women the tools they need to be their own health advocates. 

Together, we’re known for helping women find their way back to a vibrant, energetic, and balanced way of living so that they can create the life they truly love!

 Join the Health Transformation Family now!