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Health Transformation Accelerator


Fall 2021 Replays 

Week 1: Activate The Power of Your Body & It’s Parasympathetic Response

Week 1: training q&a

Week 2: How to Create a Clear Goal to Your Future Without Overwhelm

Week 2: training q&a

Week 3: The Secret to Optimizing Your Brain Chemistry for Transformation

Week 3: training q&a

Week 4: Uncover the Unconscious Stories That Are Running Your Life Audit exercise

Week 5: The Fastest Way to Drop Beliefs That Don’t Serve You

Week 5: training q&a

Week 6: Living Your Human Design with Barbara Ditlow

Week 6: training q&a

Week 7: Discover How To Rewrite Your Beliefs So That You Stop Working Against Yourself

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Week 7: training q&a

Week 8: How not to drop a program when you have a week off!

Holidays! No Live or Recording

Week 9: The Easiest Method to Upgrading Your Habits Getting set up for New Years Resolution

Week 10: Habits & Human Design Teaching with Barbara (decision making)

Week 10: training q&a

Week 11: Up level What Tony Robbins Didn’t Tell You About Navigating an Upleveled Version of You

Week 11: training q&a

Week 12: Integrating Lifelong Learnings for Lasting Success

Week 12: training q&a

Week 13: BONUS Wrap up Call