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It’s easy to over-complicate jam. After all, it’s a classic and there are thousands of different versions out there. So when I set out to make rhubarb jam, I had a list of quite a few different ingredients…just because I wanted to spice it up.

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After experimenting, however, I found that I wasn’t getting a great result. It wasn’t bad…but it wasn’t great either.  So then I stopped to ask myself what I was really going for and, as always, the answer was to end up with something healthy.

So I scrapped the whole thing and made one with just a few simple, healthy ingredients. The end result is a mildly sweet, easy-to-make, and nutritious jam!

Note: the fruit in this jam is actually made with the leftovers from my rhubarb compote recipe (how’s that for being frugal and not wasteful!). If you don’t want to make that, follow the same instructions for the compote but only with enough water to cover the fruit.


– leftover fruit (rhubarb, apple, and pear) from the rhubarb compote recipe
– 4 tablespoons maple syrup


1. Place your fruit into a medium-sized pan over high heat.


2. Stir continuously as the liquid around the fruit boils. Keep it moving or it will burn!

3. Add in your maple syrup and stir some more.

4. Keep boiling and stirring for 10 minutes, or until all the extra water has boiled off.  It will look something like this:


5. Once ready to your liking, let cool and then transfer to a glass jar (I used a mason jar).

I eat mine with cheese puffs based on M. Dig’s Kale Cheese Puffs recipe…I just left out the kale this time but that’s optional! I also like it with some sweet potato chips for a salty & sweet snack!