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HealthyU is a monthly membership community that allows you to get long-term support, access to gut testing, and one-on-one coaching sessions with our staff.

Currently, this monthly membership community is only open to graduates of the Healthy Hormones Group Program. If you’re interested in joining the HealthyU Community as a starting point, please join our special Email List by clicking here.  This way, you will be notified when we open up the HealthyU Community to everyone!

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Healthy Ginger Seasonal Detox

Join our 18 day whole-food, integrative wellness detoxes to say no to deprivation, inflammation, and struggling with which foods work best for your body!

Healthy Hormones Group Program | Healthy Ginger

This exclusive group program helps women balance their hormones and neurotransmitters, address their adrenal dysfunction, and beat fatigue through personalized testing and customized protocols.