Healthy Hormones Group Program

Video: Week 8 – Hot Flashes

Week 8: Hot Flashes

Video: Hot Flashes

Seed Cycling instructions

Day 1-14: Flax seeds & Pumpkin seeds (promote estrogen)

Day15-28: Sesame seeds & Sunflower seeds (promote progesterone)

Directions:Consume 2 Tbsp of one seed or 1 Tbsp of each of the two seeds during each phase. Pre-menopausal women with regular cycles can follow their cycle; women with irregular or no cycles (including peri-menopausal and post- menopausal women) can follow the moon cycle (Day 1-14 = New Moon to Full Moon; Day 15-28 = Full Moon to New Moon). A recipe for dehydrated “Estrogen Boosting Crackers” with seeds can be found here.

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