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Scrubbin’ the tub is an activity that no one really enjoys. So it makes sense that you want a cleaner that helps you with that job as much as possible. My old go-to was Clorox Bleach Spray but I was always weirded out by the junk in it and I didn’t love the cost.

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This homemade scouring powder has been a wonderful replacement. To be honest, I think it cleans just as well at a fraction of the price.  Throw a couple ingredients into a jar and bam, you’re done!


-1 cup borax
-1 cup washing soda
1 cup baking soda


1. In a mixing bowl, combine your borax, washing soda, and baking soda.

2. Transfer to glass jar. I like to put mine into a mason jar with the top from an old mozzarella cheese can (see picture above) but that’s not necessary.

3. Sprinkle generously over your bathtub or other cleaning surface and scrub away. Done and done!

For extra cleaning help:

Sprinkle your homemade scouring powder over your bathtub (or other cleaning surface) and then pour vinegar over it.

There will be huge amounts of fizzing at first! But then it’ll stop.

Once it has done its thing, scrub the surface and rinse.