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Hosted by Megan and Dr. Alex


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What You’ll Learn

We know that by signing up for and attending this training will help transform the way you view your health journey…and therefore the way you feel on a daily basis.

  • How to identify what’s not working clearly & closing the gap between what you think you need and what you actually need

  • How to use that clarity to get personal data and information about YOU

  • How to implement a plan & monitor intelligently

  • How to challenge, refine & expand your life so that you’re actually ENJOYING the good health you just worked so hard to achieve!

  • How a functionally-focused MD and an FDN practitioner go about setting up women for hormonal health, including functional testing, mindset practices, coaching, support and more..

About your Presenters

Dr. Alex Golden (M.D.) and Megan Blacksmith (Health Coach & Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner) of Zesty Ginger work with pre-menopausal women in an online group format.  We focus on balancing hormones and supporting detoxification by teaching women to use the phases of their menstrual cycles to their advantage.  
The natural ebb and flow that happens to our hormones, organ systems, and bodies overall as women is there to renew and strengthen us. When we work with the natural cycles of our bodies, we allow ourselves to heal and recover on a level that few of us ever reach when we operate within the “rules” of the hectic modern world. Evena the alternative medicine world has lost its connection to how the female body operates. Most protocols and health programs out there show no regard for the cycles that govern the flow of our bodies as women. By focusing on different activities, elixirs, foods and rituals each week of your cycle we can help the body to detoxify naturally.
They are the founders of the Zestier Program and Healthy Hormones group as well as hosts of the 4 Phase Cycle Podcast. 
To learn more, follow them on Instagram @zesty_ginger where they share tips for optimizing your cycle & hormones, naturally supporting detoxification and upgrading your food, products and