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And The Best Oil for the Oil Cleansing Method Ever

Skin problems can be some of the most frustrating aspects of outwardly health.  How come? Well, for one, skin problems are nearly impossible to hide…especially when they’re on your face.  Secondly, the usual recommendations for clearing up the skin don’t always reliably work (I’m being conservative here, I’m pretty sure some would say that they really don’t work at all).

Like I say in the video, our external skin condition is a direct reflexion of what is going on inside the body, especially the gastrointestinal tract.  Luckily, there are plenty of things we can do to improve our skin, gut, and overall health! This includes removing allergens, eating nutrient dense foods, and fixing hormonal imbalances (this last one is especially important!).

In addition to lifestyle changes, we have a lot of options for switching up our skin care products to make them less chemically laden and irritating to the skin. In this video, I detail the exact 3-step process I use to clean out my pores for good…and keep my skin super clean, moisturized, and flake-free in the process!

Links to products I talk about in the video:

Burdock Root Oil (the kind I get from Russia)
Burdock Root Oil (just another version)
Bentonite Clay (and here’s a link to my Super Green Cleansing Clay Mask)
Raw Honey (you can find local raw honey for pretty cheap just about anywhere)

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Alex (& Megan!)