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Part 9: How to Get High Without Drugs - Zesty Ginger
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In today’s solo episode, Megan shares more about another event she attended as she’s navigating this journey of going from a person who felt totally betrayed, lost, embarrassed, ashamed, guilty, all these different things, into finding what was deeper under what she had experienced and searching for answers.

Listen to this podcast as Megan talks about healing and opening up more about her experiences so that we can understand that we’re all a lot more alike than we think in this life journey together.

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Megan Blacksmith
Hey there, welcome back to Zesty Ginger’s podcast. in the solo series with Megan, your host today, solo host today. So if you haven’t been, if you’re jumping in now, you may want to go back, I rephrase, you definitely want to go back to the beginning of my story and this series because it goes in order and each part plays on the next and I just want to thank you all for the responses, the requests, the shares, the overwhelming, just appreciation for this series, because I know many of you,no, it’s not always easy to share the super details of your life. And I have attempted to open up as much as possible so that you all understand that we’re all a lot more alike than we think in this life journey together. And I’ve also been receiving many requests of how can we get more into all of these different topics. Like how can we find a structure to actually help us and we help women in a few different ways. So I just want to clarify that this is the work we do. Everything I’ve learned through my process, everything Dr. Alex has learned through her pain journey, her endometriosis journey, her infertility journey, my mold journey. This is now the structure and the seven step structure that we teach with inside of our Health Transformation accelerator. Whether you are someone who has physical symptoms going on hormone imbalances going on anxiety, depression, any physical symptoms or whether this is someone who is moved in the category of optimizing, upgrading, up leveling, and maybe you want to uplevel in your business. We’ve found it’s the same seven steps. Whether you’re optimizing your health, or whether you’re optimizing your business or your relationship. So we take our structure, and you can apply it to anything you wish our next group will be in September. In the end of September. That’s the next group of the Health Transformation accelerator. So we’ll definitely come on over to the waitlist if it’s in between, since it has not yet opened yet. You can put your name on come check that up. And then for any of you out there who are wondering more about how all this has led into the tools that we use as practitioners and the tools that we use to help with subconscious reprogramming, which is coming then also, if you’re any kind of practitioner or a coach or you want to be a practitioner or a coach, we are doing now doing certification, coaching trainings. You will get four certifications by the end of that training. It is one week in person. We had our first one in May, in Dallas and we will be having our next one in October of 2022 in Dallas as well. Please reach out to us we have a limited number of spots for that. We’ve hand picked up people we interviewed people for the first round and had the most amazing group of women so please, please, please just send us an email, Reach out to us on the gram. You know all the places to find us. Okay, cool. So I want to get back into the series. And today’s podcast is all going to be about another event that I went to so each event and each stage and each book and each program that I’ve gone through as I’m navigating this journey of going from a person who felt totally betrayed, felt totally lost, embarrassed, shame, ashamed, guilty, all these different things into finding what is this actually about what is this pattern because if this was the not thought the first time that this pattern had attracted into my life, so what was deeper under this and each time I went to something else and search for answers, I found them and that is what we brought all together. So one of the things another event my husband and I went to together. So this is what happened we got to go to the Tony Robbins event, we and I shared that and in the previous episode, and we really discovered masculine and feminine, we were starting to speak the same language. And then we wanted to go a bit deeper. And we wanted to do that together. And so Dr. Joe Dispenza was someone I had been listening to for, I don’t know, a really long time. Like I’ve had his books on my shelf for years. And then during, I think it was before the pandemic was when we really got into listening to his work and purchased his you know, he has a progressive and intensive workshops, we had started to really listen over and over. So one of the amazing things that he’s so good at, is taking the scientific knowledge, taking research, taking physiology, the body, how it works, and explaining in detail all of these reasons why we are stuck in the habits we’re in, right? The reasons why we continue to do things when we say we don’t want to continue to do things. A reason why we get stuck in an identity that we don’t want. And he explains it so so clearly and explains the science to behind meditation behind your pineal gland behind going to the quantum field. And what that even is quantum physics to the point that then you’re excited to meditate anybody like really Megan, because that’s how I was, but you are like legit, like, I cannot wait this door to another dimension, like you’re ready, you’re in it. And that’s where I was by the time and his events, they sell out super quickly, you have to hit purchase, like within, I mean, within 10 minutes, like you’d be ready. Doors open at one o’clock on Saturday, or whatever it is, and then you have to be ready to purchase. So my husband and I said, let’s go. Let’s go together. There’s one coming up. It was in Orlando, so it was in the US. And let’s do it. So we had our, I had my credit card ready and I hit purchase, we both got in. So here we go. This is in April of 2021, we went together. And it was super cool that we got to go together because both my husband and I had some amazing experiences. And I think this has been really key into us. Just healing together and just really working through the different trauma that we both have had or he and he has had and he has induced for me. And in the process when we got there leading up to it. Actually, I had been doing all of the daily, his intensive in progress, of course. So in order to go to the seven day in person, you have to have done that beforehand. And so I’m watching it everyday. And he always talks about having a clear intention and an elevated emotion, right? So the clear intention is like what do you want, you get into that elevated emotion in that state and that isn’t drawing the thing back into you. And so I had made a pact to not get out of bed and everyday until I had a clear intention and elevated emotion. And let me tell you, when you are first attempting to rein in your thoughts, really be aware of what you think how you think how fast they come in, and you know how many you keep pulling in, HC be a little bit of a shocker. Like, wow, I remember specifically one morning, I get up and I’m like, okay, clear intention, elevated emotion. And all I could do was jumped to I’ve been woken up by the sound of the dishes in the kitchen and my husband was crashing around early in the morning, which is a huge pet peeve of mine. And I could not stop being so angry in my head like the most ridiculous angry thoughts. And then I’d be like, come back, Mike and clear attention elevated motion. And that one day specifically, it took me two whole hours to get back to a place where I was clear, and I did it. And I committed to this and at the time, I had been waking up with lots of really fast thoughts and like chaos and fight or flight and like oh my god, all this stuff had to happen and I would have crazy dreams and then that would play into the feeling. And so this whole getting up in the morning and actually feeling good for the day and not giving into the phone and not giving into just these thoughts that the fears that were just it was just a feeling that was huge for me. It took me a while. It took me weeks of just every day. And then I started to notice I was anchored into my bed to just open my eyes look at the poster on my wall of my husband and I that says the whole point of opponents right here says I love you, I’m sorry please forgive me thank you and I was able to anchor in immediately and then I had my day. And this became faster and faster and faster. And it was so so so so cool. So this was before I even got there. Now, once we get there, I didn’t exactly know how this was gonna go and I didn’t exactly know how actual like hands on it was because I love to learn, right? I love that knowledge. But his events are like your doing it, you’re doing the meditation, you’re going to the quantum field, you’re getting up super, super frickin’ early in the morning to like, have the optimum time for melatonin, so that you can squeeze everything up until the pineal gland and like, just explode it open. So you head into another dimension, right? Like, this is super fun stuff to me. And it was, it was like, quite the process. And so, I heard Dr. Joe say at one point that, you know, for men, often for men, not always men, but this is common is that they will have a hard time really opening their heart that maybe you were taught, you know, societal wise, like not to do that that’s not safe, or like, what does this even mean? And he’s teaching you how to open your heart. And this process. And they said, often what will happen is, it won’t be until we get to the coherence healing, or the healing sessions when we’re healing someone else. And then that’s when these men are like, feeling and this is exactly what happened to my husband. He had been doing the stuff every day and have, you know, doing great battling with, you know, the thoughts in his mind a lot. And then when we got to that, that healing day, where were we right, actually each had a picture of someone who was in need. And we were learning how to do coherence healing, from a distance, right? Sending energy through the quantum field. Yes, it’s a real thing. It’s some crazy results. And I personally know someone who was healed in this way. And my husband’s doing the practice sending the energy. And he just, he felt so much love and His heart opening. And for this person, he didn’t know. And it was just like, literally flowing through him, overwhelming him. And it was so easy for him to open his heart in this process, and energy and everything came so fast to the point that when we left for the day, he was like, “Hey, Megan, I kind of think there’s something wrong like with my heart, like, I’m wondering if I should go to medical because I’ve never felt this feeling before. And I’m just not really sure what’s happening, and was a little bit concerned.” And it was like so precious, because it was like all like, for the first time he had actually fully opened his heart and felt that and it was so different from the usual that he actually was concerned like, “Am I having a heart attack?” And of course, he was totally fine. And he was great. And he felt great after that for the next few days too as we do more heart opening, and then started to recognize this feeling. This was so eye opening to me, right? That we live in a world where we are so closed off. And we’re we’re not taught to do this kind of thing. That to the point that he actually thought maybe he was having a heart attack. Because of it. Crazy. So another thing is during the event, we did what you call mind movies. So there’s there’s a website, you can create your own mind movie. And it’s super cool, you can go do it. And you will just basically pull in all these images of things that you want to happen. All these images of your life that represent that identity and that amazing feeling and then you put it to music. So your favorite music, right? So you’re anchoring in that sound. And you’re getting into that state. And I we watched them over and over. And we did a process of meditative process and while watching them. So it was super, super cool and powerful. And I realized that this is just, you know, like a year and a half ago, I went back and watched my mind movie recently. And I was like, holy shit. Like, I actually have manifested almost everything in there. And some of these were really, really big things like someday, I wanted to have a lake house. I wasn’t actively looking for one and I wasn’t like going on ads. I wasn’t wanting to you know, I wanted one eventually, in that summer, which so a few months later, there was one that came up for sale right next to our my dad and his girlfriend’s property is like this perfect. Exactly. It just fell in our lap. And we bought it. And there were a few really, really big things in there that I realized already had. So the power of actually placing what you want in here for your future, in your future, in this state, that you’re in the meditative state, and you’re just literally drawing it in. You’re just you’re putting it in and you’re dropping it. And it was so so cool to look back and see that. And of course now, use this kind of thing. We use this process in our groups, and we’ve had people do the exact same thing and draw these amazing things in that they’re just didn’t know how was going to happen. How they’re like mean we you do not have to know how it’s going to happen. We’re still following this process, and that’s the amazingness. So, leaving the Dr. Joe Dispenza have and what I realized was I felt so good. So, by the end, got to the point where you’re sitting eyes closed and you’re just feeling complete connection to divine is like all I can describe it as I don’t even really know. Other than it felt so good. It felt like oneness, wholeness, just felt like you’re there. I just wanted to stay there. And you start to realize, I start to realize I did this and got here by closing my eyes. Right? And I was like, huh, this is interesting because this feeling that I was going for, and really, this is the feeling I had been going for anytime I did anything anytime I was helping others, anytime I was trying to grow a brick business and like, have kids and get love for my family. Like I’m going for this feeling that I thought I needed to do things to get to, right? Like, well, once I make successful, I will have that feeling. And then meanwhile, I’m learning all I have to do is legit close my eyes. Of course, that’s not all. There’s a huge process of surrender. And following the instructions and being there and showing up in your brain doesn’t always make it that easy. You can fight with it. You can fight with it for hours, although, after a while, you’re like, oh, okay, I got this and it feels good. And you’re there. And for me, when I left there, it was like, it’s interesting back and forth. For me, I have to balance this because I was a little bit like, “Wait, why would I even work?” Like, I’m in for a week, maybe even two weeks I did. I literally just went to the beach, did the walking meditations. Another thing we did was a walking meditation, which is so cool. And I just, I got up every day at 4am. For the next two months, I kept doing the pineal gland meditation, like I was hooked, and I was in it. And stuff just started to flow to me, clients came out of nowhere, stuff just started to happen that I’d been wanting to happen for a long time. And so I had this thought of like, “Wait, why do I do anything?” And that’s the trick right there about this is the balance for me between the two. Because I personally don’t believe that I would be fulfilled to meditate for the rest of my life, like in a cave. I love humans. I love actually my purpose in human design is through transformation and helping others transform. So, I love and need that interaction of other with people. I love to learn, I love to grow. And there’s this balance, though, a reminder that I can go internal at any point and for my husband too. So, we now both have this as a tool at any moment, we can go to that state when we need to, we don’t need others, and outside and success in the form of money or programs or whatever it is to get that feeling. But at the same time balancing that with, because when I go to, for example, the Tony Robbins event or of NLP training that I’ll be sharing about soon and the ones that we do, by the end of that training, I am like, all hyped up, like “Let’s do this, let’s help everybody in the world!”. I’m like sending stuff out, I’m creating content, I’m in it, like I feel great. And then when I go to the meditate meditation events, I’m like, I really could just close my eyes and be oneness and feel this. And so I don’t think either is good or bad or better or worse, I just think for me, it’s a perfect balance of the two, I have been able to integrate them both and use them both in a way that I know I can get there. And also know that I will continue to operate in the world as a human and not just stop and close my eyes forever. The other thing this event did was totally blew out my model of the world about healing and people’s ability to heal themselves or heal quickly. So their old belief I had was that, you know, like healing, it takes a certain amount of time, right? There’s just I’ve said that before, right, like a certain amount of time to do lots of things. And, you know, if your adrenals have been struggling for 10 years, it’s gonna take 10 months has always been what I’ve been told. And at the same time, I saw people, if you’ve heard about this from his events that are actually getting up out of wheelchairs and walking and like you see this with your eyes, you see this in real time. And I have a good friend who went to an event with cancer, which is now completely gone. And this was just happening around you to the point that you’re not, you’re just expect accepting miracles and the superhuman ability that we have and the power of the connection from one human to another and what that energy is, and you don’t have to even know what’s behind it, to know that it’s happening because you are seeing. So after that my level of how quickly I can change, how quickly my body can change had shifted dramatically. And my husband and I had witnessed that together. So we now, together, are in a place of “Well, okay. How, what do we want together as a couple what do we want for our bodies? What are we? How are we going to prioritize this practice to keep going? And how are we going to maintain this connection?” Because now we felt it. We know it’s possible. We’ve seen it, we’ve seen it in others. And now we can use this. It was such a cool event. And Dr. Joe is such a cool guy. I know, early on, when I was saying I was gonna go to a Dr. Joe event, somebody said, “Oh, he’s a cult, Dr. Joe is a cult.” And I don’t know, if that’s a cult, like opening your heart and oneness, like, I’m in. I’m just kidding. I don’t actually believe it’s a cult. I just believe. And I say that because I do have someone, a coach that I work with who used to do cult interventions, and there are some very specific guidelines where the person in charge is taking away power. And this is not to my in my opinion at all, it’s happening because you are gaining access directly to your power and to the divine. And in a way that is then carrying on to how can you help this? How can you help others. I mean, it is such a loving community and compassionate community. And a place where there are people who volunteer every single day, I was doing it for a while coherence healings where they’ll volunteer every single day, for free, they get on a group, they have the pictures of everyone who has asked for healing and ask for help. And they will do an energy coherence, healing. All this whole group, because the idea is for sending more sending that energy as a group. It’s very, very powerful, especially like the more people, the better. So there are people who are dedicating themselves to just do this free work and just help others. So to watch the power in that community has been super cool. And I just love that he combines the science and the I understand so much more about the body after that, and the brain and our habits and why we do what we do. And once we know why we do what we do, it makes it so much easier to change them if that’s what we want. Okay, so I hope my insights from the Dr. Joe event provide some spark for you. If you have never checked out his work, definitely check out his work. He has a very cool story about how he first, when he got he got hit by a bike. Sorry, he got hit by a car on his bike. Yeah, that’s even worse. And had a major spinal injury and how he put it all back together in his mind. And it’s just such a cool story. So check it out, because I feel the more we listen to, and actually, that’s a great point. The people who I met at the event because some of them have been to 10 events, right? The people that I met at the event who had been there a long time, and a lot of them that were still coming around, they’d been there a long time, because they have had a radical shift in their health early on. I mean, really, you could call it a miracle healing. I don’t know what you want to call it, but they had had something happen out of nowhere, essentially, really fast. And when I started to talk to the people that had done that and just hear their stories, there was a common thread in their story. And this was the common thread. The common thread was that they came to a live event, practice the daily meditation for you know, at least six months. And they all said that they had watched probably every single testimonial ever put out, you know, from this specifically was Dr. Joe. And I thought that was so interesting, right? Because when you’re in a room full of people, and so this just happened actually add our NLP event is there were three people there with Raynaud’s. And Dr. Alex has essentially she she’s like now able to like hold cups and stuff when she used to not be able to because it was so painful for her finger. So now she can like have an iced coffee where she couldn’t before. And so because Alex was able to share her story, we had two other people who, since the training are like, Yeah, I just like I don’t experience Raynaud’s anymore, because the brain and the power of hearing what other people are capable of our brains like oh, okay, hmm, there’s a new possibility. And as the brain accepts this new identity and this new possibility, there’s a much higher chance that now your body is going to, it wants to get you back to homeostasis, and now is going to work on the things to get there. And then maybe you also are approaching life differently. Because you no longer have the belief that you have to have this thing and maybe now your environments changing and you’re telling the people around you that you’re different. So, super cool. Same thing happens at Dr.Joe events. Where, you know, one person is like, ah, you know, I healed my Hashimotos and then another’s like, you know, I have that and that person looks like a regular person and I kind of look like them and they just did the thing. So, watching testimonials. So there’s something that you want in your life, find and listen to other people who have done it and listen to their story. Pull out, like, “What were their strategies? What were the commonalities, like what are they all doing?” And that’s why I asked as many people and like, what did they do? And they had this commonality they stuck with it. They didn’t you know, Dr. Joe says, like, people will come up with, like, I tried that meditation thing, you know, and he’s like, How many years does it take you to develop this problem that you have right now? Right? Like 20 years of potentially like, abusing your body, and or just time and like, environmental, whatever. And then now you’re, you’re really expecting in like, five days of meditation for that to shift, right? Because it can be quick. And there’s also, there’s also the continuous practice for some, it depends on like, how deep you can enter that state and all the other factors. So it was, it’s a really good reminder that this, whatever it is that you’re going towards, is the consistency of going towards it. It’s finding lots of examples that others have done it so your brain can accept the possibility. And just always, for me, immersing yourself, immersing myself in that in person event where you get to completely submerge yourself. Totally immerse and be out of your old environment. That is where I see people change super, super rapidly. Okay, cool. Well, I hope you’re having a fabulous day. If you’re liking this series, please let me know send me an email,, share on the gram. You know, let us know in any way. We’d love to hear your feedback. I’d love to hear what else you want to hear about my journey or how it has impacted you. Alright, hope you’re having a fabulous week. Thanks for coming out to hang with us on the podcast. It is our goal to transform the way women are treated in healthcare. And we need your help. We need your help to get the word out. We have a lofty goal of 1 million downloads. And we know that as this podcast grows, we’re going to be able to reach more women get more amazing speakers for you and bring the most cutting edge information.

Dr. Alex Golden
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