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Being diagnosed with infertility can be an incredibly painful, stressful, and fearful time in your life.

If you’ve had the misfortune of receiving the diagnosis, it means you’ve already struggled for at least months or years at a time to get pregnant without any luck.

It means you’ve watched all your friends’ cute baby pictures all over Facebook and Instagram, been to a thousand 1st year birthday parties, and did your best to sound super excited for your best girlfriend when she tells you she’s pregnant again (for the 3rd time).

More Infertility Challenges

It also means you’ve wondered how infertility will impact your relationship with your significant other.

That whole dream of surprising your hubby with a positive pregnancy test? Hm, not sure about it any more.  

Uncomfortable discussions of all the different options for getting pregnant that push your relationship farther and faster than the two of you are read for? Yup, add it to the list.

Out of the two of us, Alex is super familiar with these struggles! She was diagnosed with severe hormonal dysfunction and luteal phase defects at the crazy young age of 25…only to find out that it was chronic, severe, and undiagnosed endometriosis that lead to the partial destruction of her ovaries and other reproductive tissues.

The Fears

Here’s the thing you’ve probably already realized:

When you struggle with infertility, it’s not just the struggles you’re currently going through that boggle you down.

It also likely means you’ve had a long history of miscommunication and blocking away from your feminine body and spirit.

SO many of us deal with fear of our periods, fear of the medical procedures, fear of not being good enough, and fear of not living up to our own (and other people’s) expectations for you and your life.

If you’re reading along and nodding, like “You’re reading my mind!” Know that you’re not alone.

Syncing with Your Cycle

Also, know that there are new and better ways to live more harmoniously and healthfully in your female body and with your menstrual cycle!

In order to address infertility naturally–as well as all the emotional and mental baggage that goes along with it–it’s crucial to learn to live more in sync with your menstrual cycle.

There are 4 distinct phases of the entire menstrual cycle:

  1. Release: approximately day 1-7 of your period
  2. Rise: approximately day 7-14 (or put another way, day 7-ovulation)
  3. Plateau: approximately day 14-21
  4. Pause: approximately day 21-28

Most commonly, you’ll read about the first 2 phases as being grouped together into the “follicular phase” and the last 2 phases as the “luteal phase”.

While these two categories are really helpful in diagnosing conditions and addressing problems, there’s a great deal of value to breaking it up even further into the 4 phases.

Recognizing What Your Body Needs…and WHEN

This is because the body needs and asks for a different approach to your lifestyle, food, movement, and mental aspects during each phase.

By recognizing what your body needs and supporting those functions, you allow your body to do what it naturally does best: heal!

If you’re reading with infertility, you’ll definitely want to start implementing the 4 phase approach pronto.

You’ll find that all that baggage you’re carrying out about babies, families, and the future?

There’s some of it you’ll be able to let go of, some of it you’ll use to learn from, and some of it will to transform to become one of the biggest blessings in your life.


You and no one else.  But we can help!

Need More Help with Infertility?

If you’re new to living in sync with your cycle, you might like to grab our free Wild Feminine Cycle Guide.

It’s your one-stop shop to learning the phases of the menstrual cycle and learning how to implement ways to improve your health, fertility, and life TODAY.

By knowing WHEN and HOW to focus on detoxification and optimizing inflammation, you will see just how quickly your health improves when your body gets the support it needs at the right time. (This whole “right time” piece is where we see a lot of ladies go wrong!)

Happy syncing!