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Do you feel like you are pushing things under the rug? Are you waiting for the other shoe to drop? Do you feel like you have the relationship of your dreams or are you just existing? Do you feel whole? Do you feel worthy? If there are any feelings that things are off, then the rest of this series is for you.

In this episode, Megan talks about how even a small inkling that things might be off can affect our personal motivations. Megan also shares about how we can acknowledge even the smallest inkling that we have that things are off so we can prevent ourselves from hitting rock bottom. She also talks about how you can learn, grow and evolve without having to experience that crash.

Ready to learn more?? Let’s do this!

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Megan Blacksmith: 

We also have a whole lot of fun along the way. If you’re new around here, it’s best to start with Season One before jumping around, and plan to roll up your sleeves. Showing up for ourselves and enjoying our lives is what good health is all about. Just a quick reminder, though, this information is not intended to diagnose, manage or treat disease, always consult with your doctor before making changes. Hello there, Megan here today, co founder of zesty ginger, and welcome to part two of my very, very vulnerable personal series. So if you are jumping in right now, go ahead and go back to the last episode, where I shared a very awkward announcement, a lot of TMI, you’ll get to know some details about me, maybe you didn’t want to know. And it really sets this whole series up. My goal is to be completely open and vulnerable. And in the process, as healing happens for me, I hope healing also happens for you. I’ve been feeling called to share a lot more personal details lately. And what pushed me over the edge was finding out more detail about my human design. I don’t know if you know about human design, but it is fabulous, cool thing to look into. I’ve been listening to someone I like in a human design, podcast tell stories. And I also my design is that I’m a storyteller. And that is how people learn from me. And I’ve always known this, I’ve noticed this to be true. And I’ve just often felt it was a little self indulgent to just tell stories about myself. And yet at the same time, every time I was sharing what I was learning in the moment and my discoveries, I get so many messages for people saying that they’re connecting the dots, things they’ve been trying to figure out for years. And I think they’re just feeling seen and heard and so similar to me. And so I realized that stories really are where it’s at for me. And I’m going to be doing more storytelling. My family all knows that I love to tell stories, I start in backup about 10 steps before the story and go all the way back. So it’s an it’s a fun thing for me. So I was listening to the podcast I was listening to about human design was Eden’s podcast. And she said, I like to where I make my hindsight, your foresight, and I just love that. So we’re gonna be sharing all the things I’ve learned in a very deep process over the last four years that hopefully can help you troubleshoot and sidestep some of the things that I had to go through. So human design, by the way, is something that Dr. Alex and I have really incorporated into how we do our business, and also how we approach habits and how we do make decisions. So much so that we have actually included an expert inside of our Health Transformation accelerator, who teaches classes and does Q and A’s, which have been so helpful in a health journey, not unnecessary thing. Well, I don’t know kind of is but not like necessary for health health, although we’ve had people say, Oh, my goodness, like now that I know how to make these decisions. I am not double guessing I’m not second guessing everything, I know that I need to sleep on it, I No need to talk it out with people, and it validates and allows them to use their design to go forward with health and habits. It’s just really, you know, sped up the process, in our opinion. So that is why we’ve added it. And that is why we have gotten into it a lot. So we often have people in our groups who will say, like everyone else seems just to be so fine and happy. And it’s annoying. Why do I have to deal with all this stuff and be aware of my food and learn about my thoughts? And I was also one of those people? Who was just, you know, fine. I’m doing air quotes. And I really did think so. So I just want to remind you that even though your friends or your neighbors or people around you might it might look like they don’t have to worry about all this or do any of this that it might not be the case, because I thought I was just fine four years ago, and I was actually feeling really off. I didn’t know what was off though. But just something like this can’t be what life is all about? My health was overall good, although there were a few nagging symptoms, and it just didn’t seem to line up with the action of taking food, I was eating my movement. And there was this wellness center nearby that did different therapies and technique. And I just felt called to check in on them. And I called them up and one of the things that they offer His Heart Math. So Heart Math, meditation, it’s like a heart focused breathing meditation that can help you quickly change from feeling stressed to feeling calm, is a science based use worldwide Heart Math, meditation, uses breathing techniques to bring about coherence. So the alignment of your physical, mental and emotional systems to work in sync. And she said, the person that I called, What are you stressed about? I remember telling her, and I really believed at the at the time, I was like, nothing. I’m not stressed about anything. Specifically, I have a home I lived on a military base where my older older daughter could actually totally roam free and play up play outside in the summer from 9am to 9pm. Like who gets to do that? She had a great Montessori school, I had a break baby who’s precious, she’s healthy, she nurse she slept and my business was going incredibly well. And I partnered with Dr. Alex, we had some programs that we we’d run and they were just selling themselves like art, you know, it’s essentially living the dream. So she’s like, Oh, what are you calling about? Like, what is the problem then? And I was like, Well, I don’t have any problems. I was like, but my husband and my neighbors and all the people around me. If they could just not have problems, if they could be different. If they could use these techniques, then I would be much better off I just can’t handle when they’re not good. And she was all like, oh, like you’re an empath. Maybe we should do energy work instead of Heart Math. Well, so this conversation has really stuck out to me for all the years because now looking back. Hindsight, of course, right? I actually know that I was headed into the deepest, darkest rock bottom of my life. Things were actually way out of control. My marriage was crumbling, I was oblivious, because like I said, I thought things were fine. And it led to a lot of acting out of a lot of different characters and blew up just a few months later, with my husband going to rehab and some other very specific details, and I will share in the next episode. So now, at the time did I really think my life was perfect? Outside I did, yet I knew inside it wasn’t. So I want to share, you can be a happy person, you can love people around you, you can be kind your kids, your friends, and essentially have everything you need, and still not feel aligned. Like with your purpose, your soul’s purpose, like not actually feeling whole and integrated and authentic. If that make sense? How does that sound to you? Like, does that feel like it resonates? So I was still playing a part. This was a part I learned from who knows, like my parents, teachers, whatever it was, we did a good job, get married, you have kids, you save for retirement, and you’re good. So if you’re here, and you have that nagging feeling, and yet you also think but I have a great life, I should be happy. Please don’t ignore that nag. Maybe the anger or resentment and grieving tools don’t feel like they apply to you. Because this is something you’ll hear often or I grew up, they’re like, I don’t know, I’m just not angry. I don’t have resentment. And I would have said that I said that I didn’t. And yet I spent the next four years, meeting them and using them. Sometimes for people, it’s something a little different, like maybe the people you interact with fabulous, you don’t have any resentment about people right around you, but maybe it’s towards your doctor. Or maybe it’s towards those crazy symptoms you’ve had or maybe it’s like the setup of society this can be applied to any and all. Or maybe this is to your set yourself because for me the biggest resentment that I held was towards myself for not waking up and seeing what was happening. So I want you to ask yourself, do you feel like you are pushing things under the rug? Are you waiting for the other shoe to drop? Like do you feel like you have the relationship of your dreams or are you just existing? Do you feel whole Do you feel worthy if there are any feelings that things are off, then the rest of this series is for you. just even that small, little inkling. Because honestly, if I had listened to that small, small Inkling a long time ago, it wouldn’t have turned into the huge boulder that it turned into. We often have this towards or away from motivation, right? And I was strongly away from motivation, meaning what I would do was I would wait until things got really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really bad until I did anything. Even if I noticed that something was going off, I’d be like, Oh, okay, well, yeah, but it’s okay. Other people have it worse than I’d let it be. And I’d let it be. And I’d let it be until I got to the point where it was totally rock bottom. And now being a person that’s very different identity and being a person who’s learned a lot, now, I realized that you can actually make more momentum going towards what you do want, before anything bad has happened. You can work on that you can go towards you can learn, you can grow, you can evolve without having this crash. When when you have the tools, when you have a coach, when you have the subconscious reprogramming, it makes there a little bit of like, it’s like there’s a ladder, there’s a ladder from where you are a feeling a little bit off to that new level, that up level, when we don’t have that ladder. Instead, we drop way down into the depths and cinema let’s go deeper and deeper and deeper. So deep down, that our rock bottom is like 10 buildings below the bottom. It’s just even farther. And I’m here to tell you, you don’t have to go that far. So allow that small feeling to give you an opening into there being something different for you. And know that there are tools to get there. I do want to give a warning that in the next episode, as I share my rock bottom moment in my relationship, it could potentially be triggering to someone who’s still in the midst of such a struggle. And I want you to know now on the other side of this, it was my time. And it was the way that I actually found out who I really was. Without this situation, I do believe that I would have lived a surface level life with a surface level success and a surface level relationship. So you do not have to be like me and go down deep into the depths to go towards what you want. And sometimes we do. What we found is that when you go deep into the depths, when you go deep into your pain, when you allow yourself to go deep into the sorrow and grieving and fear and resentment and actually feeling those feelings that is so easy and fun to want to push away that then you actually open up the availability to go to that same depth in the opposite direction. And feeling that in joy and love and abundance and happiness and excitement. Because if we have the ability to go deep in one direction, we also have the ability to go to that height in the other. Okay, well, I cannot wait to come back and share with you. A huge story for me a huge turning point. This is a story that I practiced speaking over and over and over at an 18 day training and had so much healing around this that I’m going to share here publicly on the podcast. And I really do hope that this helps. At least one of you, many of you please share it. If it does. And we’d love I’d love your feedback. I’d love to hear your takeaways, your aha moments Instagram at XSD underscore ginger or support at zesty ginger. Email us support at zesty is always a great option. We do always love to hear what’s going on for you. Because after all community is how I got through this and community is how we learn communities how we teach and how we grow because we could not be here doing what we do without the people in our life. Alright, well I will see you on the next episode. Thanks for coming out to hang with us on the podcast. It is our goal to transform the way women are treated in healthcare. And we need your help. We need your help to get the word out. We have a lofty goal of 1 million downloads. And we know that as this podcast grows, we’re going to be able to reach more women get more amazing speakers for you and bring the most cutting edge information.