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It’s safe to say that we live in a culture that highlights and makes a big deal out of having a healthy sex drive.

No matter what you’re watching on TV, consuming on the internet, or reading, you’re likely to come across information that tries to TELL YOU what your relationship to a healthy libido and sex drive SHOULD BE.

Mmm, not so fast, society.

In a world where females are CONSTANTLY told what we should be doing, feeling, and heading towards, isn’t it time we threw all those “shoulds” out the window and actually got WHAT YOU WANT??

What Does It Mean to Have a Healthy Libido

Your feelings and interpretations of what your libido is right now and what you want it to be is an incredibly personal decision.

It comes down to what you need and want to feel like your fabulous and satisfied self.

Unfortunately, in the act of trying to be everything to everyone, we’ve let all the fun, spontaneity, and creativity from our sex lives.

So when you feel like your libido is super low, it comes not only with some disappointment, but also with guilt, shame, and feelings of failure.

When we consider that hormonal imbalances, lack of ovulation, endometriosis, PCOS, stress, and blood sugar dysfunction can all also contribute to low libido, it’s easy to see why so many of us women feel powerless to improve our sex lives.

Taking Back Your Libido

For many women, restoring healthy libido levels means MUCH more than just taking birth control pills.

(Side note: which, ironically enough, tend to decrease your libido by putting a bracket on your endocrine system. We don’t have beef with birth control pills per say but we DO have an issue with their overuse for situations in which they can’t possible be of help.)

Instead, addressing low libido naturally needs to be a multi-faceted approach.  

For one, structural problems (like endometriosis), detoxification issues, uncontrolled inflammation, and hormonal imbalances (which are often pinpointed with testing!) need to be addressed for us to get our mojo back.

Our modern lifestyles–with chronic stressors and hormone-mimicking compounds–push us towards endocrine dysfunction continually…so instead of looking at this part as something that you’ve “failed”, it’s important to have some compassion for yourself in this scenario.

This is where living in sync with your cycles come into play.

When we get in touch with our 4 phases of the menstrual cycle, we begin to live more harmoniously with what our body, spirit, and emotional landscape need!

Addressing the Shadows

Many of us will find that our relationship to our libido has a few shadows lurking around behind us.

Maybe it’s guilt about sex, a disconnection from our bodies, or feelings of not deserving happiness…most of us have one or more of these issues!

But living more in sync with our cycles allows us to compassionately address this underlying issues and show up more fully to ENJOY our libido and all the amazing-nes that comes from it.

Need More Help with Low Libido?

If you’re new to living in sync with your cycle, you might like to grab our free Wild Feminine Cycle Guide.

It’s your one-stop shop to learning the phases of the menstrual cycle and learning how to implement ways to improve your relationship with your body and sexual energy.

By knowing WHEN and HOW to focus on detoxification and optimizing inflammation, you will see just how quickly your health improves when your body gets the support it needs at the right time. (This whole “right time” piece is where we see a lot of ladies go wrong!)

Here’s to us girls!