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Neither of us have been historically very good at sticking with meditation. We’re both high-strung, type A personalities that have a hard time sitting still.

Which makes us the BEST people to benefit from a daily meditation practice (see below how it has changed us!)…so it’s kind of a bummer that we’ve had such a hard time getting into it!

Because of our personal struggles though with the topic, we’ve had practice working through the barriers to entry with meditation. And that’s how we’re able to help others struggling with this notion!

Through our journeys, we’ve found our favorite meditation apps that are perfect for people who can’t sit still quite so well as others of us. They have allowed us to incorporate meditation into our daily routines and we’re more centered, grounded, and joyful people because of it.

We’ve settled into apps that let us choose between sitting in silence with a timer (a hard thing for us!), meditation with some background music geared to get you mentally prepared to connect with your Self (or whatever you want to call a higher power), or guided meditations (our favorite for busy minds!).

So here goes:

Our favorite meditation apps:


Omvana is our original and favorite app! We both do Christie Marie Sheldon’s Love or Above Morning and Evening meditations, among others that help us connect to our authentic Selves. It has a huge library for meditations or hypnosis recordings of any length or topic you could want!


This app has OPTIONS! There are so many teachers, styles, and topics to choose from that you’re hard-pressed to get bored. Like Omvana, you can choose free or paid versions of meditations, depending on what you’re looking to invest.

Other Thoughts:


We know this has traditionally been “THE meditation app” people tend to recommend. As people who struggle with getting into meditation at first, we haven’t made this app work for us routinely, which is why it didn’t make our Favorite Things List.


We’re actually super intrigued and would love to try this app.  MUSE comes with a headstrap that allows you to track–in real time–the activity level of your mind.  And since we’re big nerds when it comes to health feedback information, we’re definitely all about the features this meditation app and tool have to offer!

The Benefits of Meditation:

It’s almost a no-brainer (meditation pun intended!) to list the benefits of meditation.  But until you’ve experienced them for yourself, it’s hard to wrap your head around the entire concept.

We’ve both found that we’re much more optimistic and positive in our daily lives, much more pleasant to be around (yay for our families!), and have a great deal more kindness and compassion for ourselves and our (health, among other) journeys.

When you add better sleep, less pain, and increased productivity to the list of benefits, you can definitely we why we’ve finally found ways to still with the practice long term!


Megan and Alex