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I’ve spent a great deal of time talking about how going too low carb can mess with your hormone health.  In fact, if you want to find out more about why that is and why I advocate for getting around 150 grams of carbs per day, you can read this article I wrote previously.

Before we proceed, here’s what I’m NOT saying:

  1. Going lower than 100 grams as a low carb strategy isn’t inherently harmful.  In fact, it can be great for a lot of people. However, if you’re struggling with hormone health, going that low carb becomes an extra stressor for you poor endocrine system and you end up exacerbating the problems you already have going on.
  2. This post isn’t designed to be an excuse to eat crappy and justify it as being part of your healthy hormones plan.  I personally won’t go much over 200-250 grams of carbs unless I’m really active on a particular day.  Also, the SOURCE of carbs matter which is why I’m writing about which ones are my favorite.  I love donuts as much as the next girl…but you won’t find them on this list.  Treats aren’t the devil, but they won’t be helping out your hormonal status either.

In an age when most of us have starved ourselves and cut out carbs for the sake of getting in “bikini shape”, this change of mindframe can be really welcoming.  And not to mention FUN.  I mean, when I’m sitting around eating fried plantains with a bit of homemade grass fed (or coconut) whipped cream, I’m enjoying life a whole of a lot more than when I used to count every calorie I ate.

Oh and that weight I was worried about gaining? I ended up losing that stubborn fat I was carrying around thanks to my hormonal issues and my weight didn’t change at all.

So here it is…my favorite things like of whole food carb sources I enjoy on a regular basis!

The List:

  • sweet potatoes
  • rutabaga
  • parsnips
  • beets
  • kohlrabi
  • plantains
  • yucca
  • jicama
  • radishes
  • pumpkin
  • squashes (all the different kinds!)
  • artichokes
  • coconut
  • sprouted buckwheat/quinoa (do these only if you’ve tested them first with an elimination diet!)

Hopefully that helps you out! Comment below to let me know what your favorites are 🙂