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Finding out that I (Alex) was unable to have children due to severe undiagnosed endometriosis was a huge catalyst of change for me.

It rocked my entire viewpoint of myself, my health, and how much life would go.

I’ll be honest, I spent the better part of a year bawling in bed or feeling completely numb on the inside.

Falling Apart So Things Can Fall Into Place

The biggest time period of struggle for me was 3 rounds of failed IVF. I had 7 shots of hormones a day that did everything from push me into menopause to pulling me into being an egg-producing machine (that didn’t work).

I was covered in bruises from the shots head to toe and I had constant nausea from crazy hormonal shifts. I ended up losing ~7 lbs from my already thin 5’9”, 130 lb frame which is NOT healthy for hormonal issues. Living at a “healthy weight” doesn’t include just weight loss.

The anxiety that I experienced with all of these medications was intense. I often felt like I was crawling out of my skin and I consistently called Megan sobbing over the uncontrollable emotions I was feeling.

(Side note: this is why we believe so strongly in bringing women together in our programs. Our modern life separates us far away from each other and we are missing the support systems that we often rely on…without realizing it.)

The emotional rollercoaster of IVF events was even worse. I constantly panicked about not having enough ovarian tissue to create eggs and I worried about the effect infertility would have on my marriage. I

picked fights with husband and wondered when he would pull out of he relationship to find someone “more normal”.

The Silver Lining

It took me a long time to begin to see the silver lining of the situation and how I could use my pain to help other women.

That idea pulled me out of the trenches! And I began to see that the picture of my life I was insisting on was no longer the best thing for me.

I had already been living a whole food lifestyle that I thought was pretty good, and some of my chronic issues like poor digestion and hair loss had improved a lot. But I felt like there were things that still needed work…and I had a hunch that something more was needed in our business.

The cycle stuff we’ve been talking about is the brainchild of both Megan and I, after we had learned from our individual struggles.

Improving Life

The year that has followed my IVF year has been better than any time period I can remember

Living in sync with my femininity has changed how I THINK about my body and has changed how my body FEELS day to day.

I still have some work to do but I have waaay less fear over my health now than I ever have. I no longer spiral into a negative thought cycle the second something happens inside my body and I no longer feel like “a freak” amongst my female friends.

I have learned how to receive love and care for others, instead of always trying to handle all my struggles on my own. That means I don’t feel alone and it’s allowed my relationships to flourish as a result.

Knowing when to do what has taken all of the burden away from living a healthy diet. I no longer feel bad for “slipping up” on a never-ending list of health hurdles!

I am comforted knowing that there is a season and time for everything…and that my body thrives in honoring its built in cycles.

What we teach isn’t some piddly program we threw together. It’s a program that we’ve LIVED through and that we depend on ourselves for sanity…and [gasp!] happiness.

Our 4 Phase Cycle Detox is our attempt to share what we’ve learned from our health and life challenges and make the information easy to learn and easier to implement. It’s our hope that you can take everything we’ve had to learn over YEARS of struggling and shorten it to a 28 DAY growing experience.

Learn more about the 4 Phase Cycle Detox by clicking here.

Aren’t you ready to leave a life of anxieties and actually LIVE? We’re guessing you are.