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I’m super excited to share that I have a guest post up today on one of my favorite blogs, Body Unburdened, by Nadia!

Nadia and I have been chatting for a few weeks now and we’ve become fast friends.  Not only is it because we wholeheartedly agree on living a natural, chemical-free, DIY-filled, sustainable lifestyle but because she’s one of the sweetest ladies I’ve met!  If you haven’t become a regular on her blog, it’s definitely time.

My guest post is one of the DIY beauty recipes I’ve come to use on a daily basis.  It’s easy to whip up, is totally natural, cheap, and gets me better results than I used to get from store bought items.  A DIY dream?  I’d say so.

You can find the Natural Hair Serum Recipe for Frizzy Hair by clicking here.

More On My Hair Routine

The rest of my hair care routine usually involves a DIY shampoo followed by a properly diluted apple cider vinegar rinse.  My two very favorite DIY shampoos are the Protein Packed Strengthening Shampoo and Soapnut Shampoo…although I reach for my favorite brand of store bought shampoo on occasion.

But I also naturally dye my hair on a somewhat regular basis.  It’s fun to mess around with the colors while improving the health of my hair (instead of damaging it!). When I want all the conditioning with the color change, I either reach for this blend or this recipe.

How About You?

I’d love to hear your experience with natural hair care! Let me know in the comments section below 🙂