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We have found that the best way to learn & embody the tools and terms of NLP is repetition! We cannot wait to be with you in-person at the online training, and in the meantime here are some training materials to get started and familiar with what we are learning.

NLP has lots of jargon and terms that may seem like another language at first, and later on your will find how fun they are to learn!

And as we will mention in the audios… please keep a journal as you are going through the videos and books and note anything that is coming up for you or triggering you so that we can work through that at the training.

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  • Next Live Coaches Connect: How to Protect Your Mental & Emotional Health While on Social Media with Dr. Alex

    May 24, 2022 07:00 PM Eastern Time

  • Next in person event is on October 15 to 21st. Not signed up yet and want the full experience and certification? 


Did you know that there is a test to complete for this certification? We want to make sure you KNOW this inside and out. At the same time, it’s open book 🙂  

Completion of this test is required for certification!!!  If you want to be SUPER prepared and not rushed at the in-person training, it is helpful to fill out the test as you go through the videos and as you read the books that we are sending you in the mail!

Keep in mind… The test, is the test. How you one thing is how you do everything 🙂

Special Note: This Test has been updated today, April 3, 2022. 

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Group Call Meeting

Objection Masterclass

Podcast Connection Roundup

Password: PODCAST

Optimizing Client Connection

Password: GEMS

How to Protect Your Mental & Emotional Health While on Social Media

Password: SOCIAL

How to Use Human Design to Rock Your Holistic Health Business!!!

Season 9 Episode 8: The Power of NLP for Health, Behavior & Epigenetic

In this podcast episode, Deb Yager joined Megan in an exclusive podcast interview. 

Deborah Yager is a powerhouse with an unusual journey that only strengthens her as a Master Coach & Master Trainer. NLP found Deb several years ago, and it was a match made in Heaven. Her past struggles with sexuality, addiction, and negative self talk were hurdles in her life that NLP helped her overcome. On the other side of those hurdles was a brand new self empowered Deb – full of big ideas and the desire to create change.

They talked about (1) quantum healing, (2) how trauma can be stored in the body, 

(3) Emotional intelligence (connection to mind and the body) behavior, (4) Power of NLP –  What is that anyway and (4) the timeline as the key of epigenetics!


This podcast is sponsored by TOP the organic project. 

TOP the organic project is a women-owned, social impact brand that is bringing fun to femcare!  TOP was founded by two fearless moms who are raising the standard for period care by bringing innovation to a space that has lacked transparency and sustainability. 

Important Links: x Use code ZESTYGINGER25 for 25% off your first order!

IG:  @toporganicproject

Free Audio Training:


Connect with Deborah Yager: 

Social Links: 

Season 13, Episode 7: Is Secondary Gain Throwing off Your Results

Have you ever done something that you aren’t sure why you did it because it doesn’t seem to be inline with what you say you want? Or you keep working toward a different goal than you are getting? Well, I know Dr. Alex and I have and we’ve seen many many clients do the same thing.

I was interviewed recently by Torea & Evie on the Wildly Optimized Wellness (Season 1 Episode 5) podcast all about secondary gain. When the benefit of not doing something is bigger than the benefit of changing, or so your brain believes.

It is such an important topic I thought I would reshare the interview here.

Torea & Evie are both amazing Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioners. 

Torea @torearodriguez at

Evie’s @holisticallyrestored is

Torea is one of the practitioners who attended our first even 7 day in person TAC practitioner training in Dallas last month, May 2022. Our next one will be in October 2022, or text practitioner to 757-767-5053


Season 14, Episode 5: Sexual Betrayal Trauma with Kylene Terhune 

In this week’s Four Phase Cycle Podcast episode, Megan is joined by Kylene Terhune. Kylene is the CEO and founder of the Phoenix transformation where she works as a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition practitioner supporting women who have experienced sexual betrayal trauma. 

In this episode, Kylene shares about her personal experience with sexual betrayal trauma, which when she discovered her husband of eight years had been hiding his sex addiction. Kylene also explains in this podcast about trickle disclosure. Listen to this podcast as Megan and Kylene talk about the healing journey through a unique approach that involves the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of individuals.


And your very first test is to read through the 2 lovely books we are sending you in the mail!  I may or may not have liked one of them way better than the other.  This is another way for the information to get deeply ingrained into your mind.  Be on the lookout for answers to test questions! 

Special Note: If you signed up for the week long in person training than expect these books in the mail!