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Since I work in the health care field, I end up using hand sanitizer ALL. THE. TIME.  It’s not really my favorite.  It’s drying, it smells bad, and besides killing off all the good flora I’ve been working on cultivating for a lifetime (that’s right, I said it: I’ve been working on it), using hand sanitizer constantly sets me up for some weird supra-infections, like fungal ones, later on.

Sticking by your personal flora is one of these topics that I believe is a really interesting one.  Do you take the gamble of catching a virus by vowing never to use hand sanitizer again? Or does the bug outweigh the negative side effects of using some goop on your hands?

Everyone has to make that judgement call for themselves.  I personally have no intention of stopping to use a hand sanitizer at work or other areas of really close contact (like the airport) when that option is available to me.  When I can’t just wash my hands–my preferred way to de-germ–I like knowing that I won’t be bringing all sorts of nasty bugs home with me from the hospital.  (And also, hand sanitizing is mandatory in most hospitals…so not much of a conversation when you’re actually at work.)

I do, however, like minimizing the drying and toxic effects of a lot of hand sanitizers.  When I’m not going between rooms of the hospital (when it is required to use the hand sanitizer provided), I generally try to use my own DIY (non-drying and non-toxic) hand sanitizer to get the job done.

I feel better about what’s in it and my hormones and adrenals are all that much happier for it!

Hormonal Help

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  1. Combine all ingredients into a small mixing bowl.
  2. Stir until everything is very well incorporated. I used a whisk for this.
  3. Decant into a small glass bottle (you can use a disc-top bottle for this if you’re going to be traveling a lot with it).
  4. Use like regular hand sanitizer!


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