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When I think about the holidays, I think of sharing quality time with the people I love most in the world.  But I also think of eating delicious foods…especially something that’s sweet, chocolate-y, and fluffy!  This year, the treat that I’ve been craving happens to be these bite-sized paleo chocolate meringues.  With minimal hands on time and made from 3 ingredients you probably already have in your home, they aim to please for any occasion.

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1. Combine your egg white and 1/2 cup maple syrup into a glass mixing bowl.  (I use these pyrex ones.)

2.  Using an electric hand mixer, whip the egg whites and the maple syrup for about 3 minutes or until it has started to thicken.

3.  Add in your unsweetened cocoa powder and mix for about 3 more minutes, or until the mixture forms stiff peaks.

4. Preheat your oven to 200 degrees.

5.  While the oven preheats, use a teaspoon to transfer dollops of the meringue mixture onto a lightly greased cookie sheet (you can use butter, coconut oil, palm oil shortening, etc).  Alternatively, you can transfer the mixture into a ziplock bag and cut off the tip to form prettier looking meringues.

6.  Bake the meringues in the oven for 1.5 hours; this makes for meringues that are crunchy on the outside but softer on the inside.  If you like yours crunchy throughout, bake for 2 hours.

Important note: the meringues will feel soft to the touch until they have cooled so make sure you don’t keep adding time because you don’t think they’re done! To really judge whether they’re done to your liking, you’ll have to get them out of the oven and give them about 5 minutes to set before making the call to keep them in the oven longer.

Serving suggestion:

I like serving mine with tea after dinner, along with some fruit.