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In today’s episode of The Series of Possibility, Megan shares about some things in her life which she thought were impossible then but she now has or does now. She also shares her experiences about an identity which wasn’t easy for her then but is easy for her now. 

Listen to this episode as Megan tells us about her experiences and get our thoughts flowing in order to finish the workbook for a chance to win a complimentary ticket to our January event in Virginia Beach.

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Dr. Alex Golden
Welcome to the zesty ginger podcast. We are Megan and Dr. Alex. We are here for transformation. Yours, ours and the collective, personal and professional for practitioners. But not just any transformation, compassionate transformation. Because between the two of us, we have seemed to have done things the painful way. Let our pitfalls become your stepping stones. We aren’t afraid to share our raw and vulnerable truths in order to help you transform your thinking, your body, your heart and your soul. Combining 15 years of functional medicine, with brain based habit change to lead you to the best life possible in a compassionate way. Compassion Yes, yet plan to roll up your sleeves. transformation requires your participation. And a quick reminder, this information is not meant to diagnose, manage or treat disease. Always consult with your doctor, not this doctor before making changes. Now let’s get into the episode.

Megan Blacksmith
Hey there friends. Welcome back. Welcome back to part two of our series of possibility. So if you’re jumping in here new, I want you to go ahead and go back to yesterday’s because this is a series that goes in order. And there’s going to be a whole thing happening here in December. So go on back and check that out before you go any further. This is Megan here co founder of zesty ginger and I am happy to be your host this month and the possibility series. So as promised, and I know you’ve all been waiting, I will kick off this episode with a dad joke. Giggle even thinking about these?

Unknown Speaker
What did the zero say to the eighth

Megan Blacksmith
belt looks good on you. Oh gosh, I know I can on myself. Okay. simple exercise for day two. Super simple, right? Some days are going to be simple. As we start our game for the month, what I would like you to do is go ahead and get out your workbook. If you did not already get the workbook, you can go on over to XSD gender jop XSD, forward slash possibility. And that’s where you can get the workbook the workbook which you’re going to turn in by the by January 3, and you’re going to use to win some spots in our January in person training. So grab the workbook in the workbook, you’re going to fill in three to five things super simple three to five things that you didn’t think that were possible, then, that you now have or do. Okay, three to five things. Or maybe it’s an identity, that’s easy for you. Now, that wasn’t easy for you then. So I have some examples for me to just get those thoughts flowing. I remember when I was first going gluten free and eating whole foods. And man was it was a struggle. Like I remember going into the store and standing there holding the box and just looking and reading every single label and trying to figure out like, does this fit into what I’m doing is this meet the needs, right? And it felt like a job and I really didn’t want to be doing it. I hadn’t yet felt or experienced any of the benefits. So it was just like based on willpower. And so then at some point, I lived a certain way I eat certain foods and at some point, just eating we’ll say eating in general. But eating gluten free for example, is justice, super simple lifestyle. It’s not a thought. The tricky part is when we are going back and forth between the two identities and we’re going which 1am I today? Do I eat the bread? Oh, it’s really good bread. Oh, no, I’m gluten free, right? It’s the back and forth. That’s exhausting. It’s really not the actual thing once you do it, because now I’ve tested it enough to know that I have tested it many times. Because we don’t really believe in the idea of removing things just for the sake of removing things. Even Dr. Alex who has celiac disease or had or whatever you want to call it. She is changing her genes she is actually has been exposed to gluten. She doesn’t eat it on purpose because you know, that’s not a choice she’s making but she has been exposed a few times and had no reaction whereas when I first met her, Oh yeah. I knew we all knew everyone knew if she had gluten, right like it wasn’t good. The bathroom was gonna be taken up for a while so she has shifted things. It’s just our lifestyle though so it is not a struggle. Speaking in front of people is something that I now crave and I love in we run live events and here I am on a podcast. And this definitely wasn’t I was like this I had super fear of speaking my dad’s always like a Kenny, really believe that you’re doing what you do now? Because I would just shut down even at the family dinner table of like, what’s one thing you learned today? Not a cool thing to me. So okay, that’s something that I didn’t think was ever possible that is now just the way I am living four blocks from the ocean having a lake house. After living in San Diego, we lived in San Diego in Hawaii with my husband in the military. So we’re eight years San Diego, born Why are three Yeah, three and why living by the ocean didn’t really seem like a possibility. Because, you know, swarms were gazillion dollars. And in my brain, that was just something that would never happen until we got stationed in Virginia Beach. And we are four blocks from the ocean. So it’s total possibility now and I love it. I walk there every single day. Being a coach and owning a business. I worked in my degree in Mechanical Engineering college. And I did that for 10 years, I worked in a corporate office. And that was just what I did and what I thought I’d always do. So that was a big jump. And this is now something that I can’t even imagine doing. I mean, no one would hire me and I don’t even remember anything. But it’s just funny like that. That was actually I mean, that was 10 years, my identity. And now it’s 10 years on the other side doing this, and it’s just like, it’s there’s just no question. But the facts, then if you were to ask me if Oh, would you maybe own your own business? Or I was like, Heck, no, but I don’t know how to do that. That’s complicated. That’s for other people. So how do you know and how did you know when you were successful? Let’s just look back on that. So when I knew when I knew these things, for example, the lake house like I knew it would happen. And I got excited about it. I visualized that thing for a year, but I wasn’t worried about when it would happen. I just knew that anything is possible. There’s always a way. And I was not arguing my limitations. So I just knew it was coming. And if you look at the different things in your life, if you write down those three to five things that you didn’t think were possible that are now possible, you may also see a pattern. What did you do in those scenarios to make that happen, because now you have a strategy and something you could map over to different parts of your life and whatever your identity you’re going for in 2023. Cool, okay, that’s today’s exercise. So if you want to wire this in a bit faster, as I mentioned, last time, we have an audio, which you can go ahead and add on for only $10. If you go to zesty, forward slash meditations in if you want to double double down, get the audio and come to our January event, grab your ticket. Now, we have limited spots, it is 197 until December 10. So grab it while there’s an early bird special, and then it goes up to 297. Want to reward those early bird so I am so happy to have you here. And we will end with a little bit of possibility.

Unknown Speaker
If you are anything like I was you think about your body a lot, almost all the time you worry about what it looks like what it feels like, what it looks like to other people. Is it too big? Is it too small, everything is focused on your body. That’s how I used to move through my days I was obsessed with how I looked and how I felt and and where people judging me was I judging myself. And the biggest gift that I got, I got a lot of gifts. But the biggest gift that I got from taking part in the transformation accelerator coaching program was the ability to remove those false negative beliefs and decisions that I’ve had about myself and my body. freeing me from that allowed me to release weight that was no longer serving me, but also changed my view of myself. I no longer hold that as the main point of who I am. It’s part of me. And I’m calm and comfortable and confident in my body now, and I hope and wish that for everybody. Taking part in that program allowed me to be able to refocus my mind refocus my day, because we’re all human. And even though I cleared a lot of negative and unwanted beliefs and decisions that I held about myself, sometimes they creep back up. But that’s the other part of the program is you leave with tools that help you daily to stay on your track. like to believe in yourself, to have confidence and to move through your world with calmness, confidence and comfortability. It’s what I wish for you.

Megan Blacksmith
Thanks for coming out to hang with us on the podcast. It is our goal to transform the way women are treated in health care. And we need your help. We need your help to get the word out. We have a lofty goal of 1 million downloads. And we know that as this podcast grows, we’re going to be able to reach more women get more amazing speakers for you and bring the most cutting edge information.

Dr. Alex Golden
If you found these pod classes helpful, please take a moment to text five women you know the link to the series. We appreciate your help so much. Can’t wait to see you next time.