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This video is the 3rd part of a 3 part video series on Nutrient Density and Nutrient Diversity. Part 1 was all about the importance of nutrients when it comes to proper functioning of the body and why plants are so crucial for wellness.  Part 2 went into great detail for how to get the most nutrients out of the food you buy and decrease waste.

This video is all about the practical side of prioritizing nutrient density and diversity. In it, I discuss:

  1. How to prepare for shopping trips
  2. Resources for planning recipes and dealing with leftovers
  3. How to build good habits around the food choices you make daily.

In the video, I have a HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT! So make sure to watch it and read more below the video.

Practical Strategies for Diversifying and Increasing Nutrient Intake

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But First, The Video


Big Announcement!

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I’m opening up The Nutrient Boot Camp Challenge! What is it, you ask? Read more below!

Nutrient Boot Camp

Nutrient Boot Camp (or NBCC, Nutrient Boot Camp Challenge, for short) is a 28 day program that is designed to help maximize the nutrient density and diversity in your diet.  It’s all about spending a focused amount of time, with lots of helpful tools and resources along the way, to make this more healthful way of eating a habit…and to reap the benefits of it as a result!

You can find all the information you’ll need to get started by going to the Nutrient Boot Camp Challenge page.  You’ll also have access to the Nutrient Boot Camp Recipe Directory that can help simplify your life and make the challenge a breeze.

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