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In this episode, Dr. Alex kicks off 2023 with a four-part series in partnership with Organifi. The focus of this series will be all about specifics to supplements and the physical body. In this episode, she also talks about the reason why Zesty Ginger decided to get podcast sponsors that are supplement companies. Dr. Alex also talks about supplements from a new perspective. This episode focuses on giving clarity on where you are in your relationship with your physical body.

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Hello, hello, it is Alex here with you Happy New Year Happy Holidays, I hope that you had a wonderful, wonderful time. And I hope that you are as excited for 2023 as I am, because I don’t know about you. But I have lots of goals, I have lots of identity work that I am doing that is creating the life that I want to live. And I am coming into 2023 With so much clarity around who I want to be, and who I am becoming and what that looks like practically. And I am just so excited. So lots of stuff coming here in the new year that Megan and I have been hard at work with. And that is all going to be unrolling as we go. So I hope that you had a wonderful time and that you’re also in the frame of mind to start to get after it in a new way. Right? This isn’t the usual resolutions chat, but more about the return to yourself and what that looks like right, really knowing who we are as individuals, how we fit into the greater order of things, what we are here to accomplish, and how we can feel good doing that. So all of those things are coming into the new year. Now I wanted to kick off today with a there’s going to be a four part series coming one once a week. And it is a series that is part of our new sponsors with Organa FIDE, and I wanted to chat about specifics to supplements and the physical body as we went through this series. And the reason that we have decided to partner with organic buyers that there’s their companies out in the world that we are seeking to align with as part of a greater community that we are building. And Megan, I talk about this all the time. There are people out here, who looked around and are willing to be leaders, whether that’s thought leaders, practical leaders, leaders out into the world leaders in their families, but looking around and saying, I’m actually not going to wait for other people to fix the world for me, I’m done waiting for that. And I’m going to move forward and move my portion of my world my community forward as powerfully as I can with as much love and compassion as I can. And as that happens, then, then there’s more people that can come together and to begin to align with the flow of things. And so as that begins to happen, there’ll be there has become more and more opportunities around. And so Meg and I are very excited to be hitting this new level where we are partnering with companies that from multiple different levels are approaching the world with a similar intentionality and purpose that we are. And that is why we don’t just do podcast sponsors, as in here’s a little mention of them. And then we go on to talk about something else. The whole point is that this is a part of the greater discussion, because we only choose things that make sense within that context. And the reason that we went with Organa fie is because it aligns with our viewpoint of high quality supplements. And they are packaged and formulated intentionally. And not only in terms of quality and the science behind it, which is really important, but also taken into consideration. And this won’t surprise you at all on how it actually feels, how it actually hits, how it actually is experienced by the person, instead of a vacuum of this is just an option available to you. It tastes like crap, or whatever it is. These are this is a company that’s also thinking through, do these things feel good to people. Right? It’s not just effectiveness. But does it work for not only your body but your mind, your soul, your heart, right, and the emotions around it? And because of that, that’s those are the companies that we are looking for. The other layer of that is that you will hear coming up in the series, an interview with the CEO of Organa phi, and you will hear a lot of the energy and the bigger picture beliefs of what are we all really doing here? And how do each of us play a role to come together to make the world a better place? And because that company is built on those foundations that Then their actions and their identity, identity is reflected in the products and everything. And so I hope that you can hear as I explain that, the reason we’re highlighting so much of this partnership for this four-part series is that we really, there’s a lot to say, this is not just a hey, that there are products out here, there’s actually a greater discussion to be had. And I already recorded with May the interview coming up with, and I’m so excited to share that with you all. Because there are, we got to have a discussion on why someone who runs a company like that has gotten to the place to see it takes all of who somebody is to heal. And it takes all of who somebody is to live a life that feels good, and live out your dreams and do all the things you set out to do. And that really matters. Because if we continue to do things that take up time, space, and energy, but don’t feel good, that is where we can leak a lot of our personal power. And we are weakened by those things that we do that are unaligned and you know, they’re unaligned because they somehow don’t feel good to you, right? And you’ll even hear me in that podcast episode with the interviewer talking about how I have been and I’ll dig into even more today that I’m kind of done with forcing myself to do things that I don’t feel good doing. Now, that is very different from personal discipline and integrity. Like if I said, I’m going to do something, it is my goal to do it. And being integrity is important. At the same time, then I’ve become a lot more intentional about what I even signed up to do. Because a lot of it I have seen over time, how much it costs me to do the things that are unaligned with me. And that is to say, the things that make me upset the things that take up a lot of time that don’t feel good, the ones that cause guilt and shame, they cost me too high a price to keep doing it that way. And with when we begin to catch things like that, and when we begin to see opportunities to stop doing some things that aren’t aligned with us, the results that we get started to snowball much faster, because our personal power is then available for us towards our goals, and not just getting used up on things that don’t really matter. So, with all of that in mind, I wanted to talk about why we decided to get podcast sponsors that are supplement companies, right Organifi creates lots of really powerful but also interesting mixes and blends and drinks and stuff within their company for the supplements. And so before we even dig into the interview, I want to just kick off today by talking about supplements from a new perspective. And I’m just sharing my thoughts about where I am today. Because over time, it has changed. A lot of times we talk about the pendulum swinging, I even did a supplement series last year. And since that time, it’s changed again. So that’s why I’m doing the update. But the pendulum has swung in many different directions a lot for a lot of the time in my life. Because I’m an MD because, like nerdy research, I would swing much more into really being into supplements and to herbs and to different compounds and all of that stuff. And it was great. And then over time I got stuck. It was like I made a lot of progress. But at some point, I couldn’t progress further than that. And that is where you can hear it represented in the podcast is that we started to go to mindset work, addressing the beliefs, the filters, so of course, told my body how to behave differently. And then addressing the emotions, really going through layers and layers of emotions that I had not quite yet processed. And that still needed to be worked through that were impacting things like my brain chemistry, me being in fight or flight, and all of that. So for a while, the pendulum had a swing the other way. And the reason that I say it had a swing the other way is that sometimes what can happen is when we go towards changing beliefs. Let me give you an example. My belief was that I have to take supplements to get better, that is just an important part of it. And at some point Though in the overcoming of that belief, you’re kind of here to step through that. I had to liberate myself from perpetually thinking that I needed supplements, or that that was gonna be the only way to do and I see that all the time people come to me they’re like, yeah, yeah, I got this whole emotional thing. But what about my supplements, not understanding that you can impact your brain chemistry and your body more through the modulation of beliefs and emotions than you can any other supplement on the planet? Right. And so for a while, I really did have to walk that path, which means that for a while, I began to step away and deprioritize supplements within my own life. And that was very, very, very liberating. It was a very powerful thing to experience. Because even though it was very scary up front, there is really no way to program in your mind upfront evidence the same way that it happens out in the physical world, right, we can begin to program things and get the initial wiring into our brain. But something like speaking on stage, or something like stopping supplements, at some point, you actually have to walk the walk, right? And so at that point, I really began to reclaim a lot of personal power through that too, because think about what I’m really saying, I’m saying, Here I am, I am limited, because I’m dependent on supplements, right? That makes me small. When I free myself from that, and I say I am independent, and my success and my health is dependent on me and not tied to this other thing, then there’s a greater safety within my body, knowing that I alone have what I need. And I’m not tied to something that needs to come from outside of me, right? You add in some, shortages in production, and all of a sudden things get impacted, right? And so even though at the time that I was doing it, it wasn’t like I was dealing with shortages, but that’s essentially what it is in the back of your mind, it’s always a boat. What if this happens, what if this and ultimately I had to free myself from the dependency of that association. Now after that happened, now, over the last couple of months, then I have found myself returning more and more back more powerfully and more intentionally to the physical body. When I began to free myself from that belief that I needed supplements to heal, it then began to snowball other things that I had, for example, if I had any exposure to gluten, like many of you know, I have celiac disease. That was I had that association and I even had a negative association with exercise in some ways from some holdover and autoimmunity so when I, when I thought about approaching my physical body, it wasn’t just supplemented, that that part of my brain that represented the need for supplements also had a bunch of other things tied to it, right. And that can become problematic because if, if I say, Now, I want to take supple, I feel like I want to take a supplement. If I have the belief that I’m tied to it, then that’s a little dicey, because I could feel bad about that. Or if I want to take it and I make myself not, that’s also a little bit incongruent. Or if I want to exercise, but in the past, I over-exercised, so I have to be very light touch with my initiation of it. This is where returning back to the physical body when the pendulum has swung a bunch of different ways, is sometimes an off-kilter feeling of a road to walk because it feels like you could go backward and you could kind of slip into old patterns. The same thing happens when people overwork and then they go back, they start relaxing more, and then at some point, they say, Well, I’ve been relaxing a lot. I actually should do some work and for the most part, the first place that someone’s gonna Go there, Brian’s gonna go, oh, but you’re gonna go right back to overworking. And now I’m nervous about that. Right. And that is the feeling that’s kind of the little flashing alert that says, I am aware that I am headed closer back to where I used to be. But I very, I’m very clear on the fact that I don’t want to end up exactly where I was. And while that feeling feels a little weird because you’re worried, that is actually the protective mechanism, right? If you feel the oh, I see myself moving in that direction. And I know I got myself in trouble before you want a part of your brain to alert you. The trick is to not fall for its lies if you are definitely going to get looped in. Rather than that it’s, well, I did this before the pendulum could swing back, and I have control over it and now explore the entire path of the pendulum. And with that, I can intentionally decide how far I want it to swing towards the middle or even crossed back to the other side, right, you could have a scenario where you go and work very hard for a book launch and then go back to not working. At that point, you have the dexterity to decide at given point. It’s not just working equals bad. And you’ll go into adrenal fatigue, it’s working is just a strategy. And I decide how much I engaged with it at any given time. So with supplements, as the pendulum has swung back for me, and that returning to the physical body, it has been very, very similar in that regard. And that at first I was like, oh, no, if I start thinking about supplements, is it going to loop me in? And then once I took myself through that thought process and elevated my perspective, I could see, oh, wow, look at how I have lived out everything from full dependence, taking like 30 a day to taking nothing and being completely free. And now on any given day, I can decide where that line falls. Same with the food I used to be, you know, had full-blown orthorexia. So, food was something I controlled very heavily. And so it’s the same thing. They’re returning to the physical body.

How do I give myself enough boundaries that say, this is how I feel best feeling my body? And at what times and what’s on my plate? But at the same time, how do I toe that line for continuing to expand what I have, many of you have heard that it is a goal of mine to eat a chocolate croissant in France. And so that’s why I’ve been working on gluten exposure, right gluten, and gluten exposure therapy. And I’ve actually made amazing, amazing progress with it. It is really cool. How genetics and the expression of genes can work. That is a topic for another day. But the whole point is, I still have food rules, so to speak for myself, right? There are still certain things that I hope to accomplish in a day. It’s not just willy-nilly. And sometimes when the pendulum swung hard in that direction, it was kind of willy-nilly. And there wasn’t anything wrong with that I needed to go through the full experience of giving myself that but then at some point, I had to say, Well, okay, but I do care about myself and my identity. I see myself eating and feeling myself a certain way out of respect, not because some other person said it not because the authority said it not because I read it in a book not because they are not podcasts, but because that is how I want to eat. And I know that that’s what makes me feel good period, right? We get to decide when we’ve explored the whole thing. And so if we are stuck hard in one direction, the invitation is always to let go of that limited place and allow the pendulum to swing and see where it goes. See where it takes you. And that can be such a powerful thing because when it swings back like what I’m saying now with a return to the physical I have never had this much clarity on the day to day moment by moment stuff that I wanted for myself because what it looks like to return to the physical body I already I get to live out the work I did before. It’s like every moment by moment. I’m talking more nicely to myself. I approach myself with compassion when I have a main thought about myself. I go ahead and talk back to it and correct that and show myself love and compassion. I take care of my emotional landscape. I know when something is aggravating me or making me sad, and I take that seriously as this may not be in alignment, and I need to look into it. And having done all of that. Now the granularity on now I think I’m hungry, then the next thought is, what would be most supportive for me right now, I used to have all of these, well, if I’m hungry, then all these rules would plop out, right? It needs to be this. Well, it’s 2 pm. So it has to be this and I didn’t take this yet. And I need you this yet. And all that, although this laundry list would fall out of my head. But now because each moment is intentionally managed, there are fewer than moments where things feel like they’ve been falling apart. And I’m just now realizing I need to catch all of it or correct it, or I’ve fallen off the bandwagon or oops, I messed up, or whatever. Because it happens moment by moment in real-time, right in front of me. Then I get to say, okay, physical body, what do you need right now? The salad sounds great. Cool. As soon as salad Oh, french fries. Sounds great. Let’s do a salad and french fries. Not you know, something totally healthy sounds great. Great, let’s do that. Each of those moments then becomes a completely blank slate to make a decision around. And because of that, I’m allowing myself to nourish all of who I am. They’re not decisions based on. Okay, my physical body is hungry, here’s what my physical body needs to be forced to do. It’s like my physical body is hungry. But knowing who I am spiritually at this moment, how I feel emotionally, and what I’m thinking all get taken into account to be even more powerfully effective. It’s because it feels so good across the board, that that’s where it’s difficult for something or someone to shake me from feeling good about it. Right. Even if I have some sort of symptom, let’s say I have gluten exposure. If I made that decision from a completely internally aligned place, and with self-awareness, then even if I have a negative outcome from it, I weather that no problem. Now I’m not speaking for everybody. I just, that was my personal experience. When I come to it, Rocky, and then there’s a Fallout, it’s extra Rocky. So it is less about the perfection of what it looks like moment by moment, then. But the actual decision-making and where the stability of how that’s happening will then determine how it feels when it is unfolding in real-time. And with the return to supplements then, and the physical body is with that I’ve gotten to do a lot less, right, I get to do a handful of supplements right now that are very much geared for specifically what’s going on in my life right now. And I also don’t feel like I’m tied to them. And I also don’t feel controlled by the like, I don’t feel like they hijacked my life. I used to make myself eat all this stuff. I didn’t like taking all the nasty-tasting supplements and all of that. And that’s okay at times. But when it’s all that, that is a really negative exposure for the brain. Because if you think about it, just internally gaslighting yourself over and over and over again. So a little bit of discipline and stuff where you’re intentionally doing that fine. But to live from that plays is often the exact reason why you hear people say and if this is you, it should really perk your ears up right now. But if you say I do all the right stuff and look at all this effort, and I’m pissed that I’m not getting results for all the stuff I do, then this is for you. These are all really important things to consider and to take into account. And that’s why we’re highlighting this and even working with the company is doing the right stuff in this regard is that there have to be then clear solutions and resolutions and options as we go through. And so over time, we’re going to bring more and more of that in and I hope that It’s helpful in hearing my experience of how much this the landscape of this has changed over the years, and how freeing and effective it ends up being when we approach ourselves that way. I know I lost about a decade, not really delving into what I’m talking about today. And this is a high-level discussion, and there’s going to be people who are like, I don’t know, what she’s saying is I’ll just, I’ll let me just find the right supplements and not worry about it. And yes, supplements are great, but I strongly, strongly invite you to consider the energy that you bring to what you’re doing. And knowing that there are lots of different options. If there’s any discrepancy, it does not mean that you’re doing anything wrong. But it is an invitation. And this is only by you, right? No one else can really determine this by saying, Does this feel good to me? Is this really working? Or is there another way I need to get at this, because it is not true, that it has to suck to be effective? And if you think that it needs to be challenged. For your sanity, you do whatever you want. But right, if we program in, it’s got to suck, then it’s got to be that way for you. And I’m guessing you don’t want that. But this feels so much scarier, it’s so much easier to go all in on the holding tight and controlling. But when we allow the journey to unfold, and we actually allow ourselves to explore who we are, as that landscape changes, and the world changes, and we change with it, and our needs, go with it, and we explore all these avenues, you find yourself back. And it is so powerful because you stand in your own power at the end of it. No one can take that away from you. And that is a next-level feeling. Next Level safety. If you’re trying to get at a fight or flight, that’s what you’re going for, right things that can’t be taken away from you is where all the power lies.

And being brave enough to take the steps to move through it and come back and say from all that, who do I want to be without all the BS? It’s where the rubber hits the road where you get to create whatever life that you want, no matter what you want, no matter what you’ve had in the past, no matter how many times you failed that at some point, you figure it out. And that is really what the whole point is. Alright, so I hope that that was what gave you some aha moments that gave you some clarity on where you are potential, on your relationship with your physical body, and things like supplements. And of course, come back next week to check out the interview with me with organic phi, the CEO, and check out the link in the show notes to check it out. There is a there’s going to be coupon code and when you click the link, you can check out all the amazing stuff they have. I’ll be coming back to share some of the things that I’ve been using and how just to give you a little bit of that insight on what I’m doing with it and you can hear what that’s all about. Alright, I’m sending you so much love. I will catch you on the next podcast episode.