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The Zesty Ginger Podcast’s episode from today features a discussion on gentle exposure therapy by Dr. Alex. She also speaks about the importance of taking responsibility for your own health and where to start if you are having issues with supplements.


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Hello, Hello, Dr. Alex here with you. Welcome to our podcast. So happy that you’re here. Today I’m going to be talking about gentle exposure therapy. So exposure therapy is nothing new, right? But Megan and I added, for us the gentle exposure therapy component for a strategy that we teach. So this is going to be an example of an approach to gentle exposure therapy. And the steps needed to come back to not being worried about supplements. So this is a framework that I’m going to explain here. Now, whether or not you have a problem with supplements, you have anxiety with supplements, or you’ve had the negative effects of supplements, this framework is generalizable to everything. So with gentle exposure therapy, I have overcome stuff like being afraid of heights. So I used to significantly be afraid of heights. And it impacted me enough that it would impact my choices and the options that I had available sometimes. And generally speaking, I do not allow myself to stay in those phases, right? If I have an issue, I resource myself. So part of that was creating the actual answer and an understanding that I have options, and I reclaim them. And so between this and gluten, there are lots of uses. And really, it can be anything, I have used our gentle exposure therapy framework to teach a lot inside our Health Transformation accelerator program, which is soon to be renamed. But inside of that, we talk about that as a strategy. Because no matter what it is, even if it’s, Hey, I’m too scared to get on a sales call, or I’m too scared to pitch myself to the podcast, you need to figure it out. If you hope to do the thing that you say you want to do, right? If you’re not going to bother, you don’t have to worry about it. But if you say that you want to be a certain way, and you don’t feel good about doing it, right, like you’re just scared to do it, then get resource up and understand how to approach yourself with gentleness, but still insisting that you overcome something and persevering until you do is a really empowering and liberating thing to have in your back pocket. So I can’t say enough good things about exposure therapy in general. But I love our gentle exposure therapy in groups. And when we do the in-person certifications for coaches, leaders, and practitioners, because they need it. And they’re more important for the world at large. All the people that they’re going to help need it, and then all the people that they’re going to help need it. And exponentially over it goes. This is also specifically I’m talking about supplements, because I’m going along with our current trend this month, we have had organic via sponsors. And so you’ve heard me talk about that all month long on the topic of supplements and bringing it all together because like I’ve been saying along the way, we only interface with other companies that we feel we are in alignment in terms of what we’re accomplishing on the planet, right. And so you’ve seen it’s been around here for any period of time is that we don’t take a lot of podcast sponsors. And when we do, we aim to not just create, you know, 32nd thing that has nothing to do with anything, but rather because it’s aligned, it makes sense that it interfaces with the other things I want to teach, right, this is my opportunity to talk about this is a very important topic, a lot of people struggle with supplements. So the fact that we can help alert people to hate these exist, and they’re really phenomenal, there are options for you. And if you have a problem with this kind of thing, you can generalize to that and focus on the whole problem, impact it, fix it, overcome it, and make your life look the way that you feel good, and the way that you actually want it to be right. And so we always are looking at how can we show people what we’re doing and we explain and narrate along the way. So instead of just popping out with podcast sponsors, I have taken the opportunity in each of these episodes to really explain our line of reasoning, and why we are doing it that way. Because as we do that other people get the benefit of being an able to role model, look at it, and model off of it. And then as they integrate and make it their own. Other people get to do that too. So it becomes very cool. Organic phi is awesome because they gave us some coupon codes. I purchase their stuff routinely. And so when they’re coupon codes I also take advantage of them. The coupon codes are down below and organophosphates. Okay, so check that out. And let’s dig into the episode. So this is really going to be step-by-step. So I’m going to be walking you through the steps, not the most exciting, but guests episode sound. But at the same time, I’m going to be explaining the components. So the point of gentle exposure therapy is to create bite-sized microscopic experiences of exposure while pairing it with hardwiring the body into having a parasympathetic, like a heal and learn rest and digest utilize mode, right? Instead of overshooting your capacity for the experience and getting into fight or flight, which then compounds the problem and makes it worse, right? Taking the supplements when you’re scared to take them, and then throwing them down the hatch. That’s how people get to a lot of side effects their body, you know, freaks out or they have nothing happened because their body doesn’t even recognize it. There are lots of different options. And it’s kind of a spectrum along the way. But essentially, the point is to meet yourself where you’re at and use the parasympathetic nervous system, and the emotional compass that we all have at our disposal to move through exposure therapy in a gentle way. And again, gentleness is defined as by you. So you’ll hear within this, it is you deciding how you feel about it, no one else can really tell you the steps. And so the steps are very granular. It’s very interesting. So you’ll see just how detailed I break it down. Okay, so let’s say somebody is in the scenario, they’re like, I have some health problems. But a couple of years ago, I went to the chiropractor, I went to a naturopath, I went to an MD, and then they did a bunch of tests that cost a lot. And then they gave me 30 supplements and just said, Take these, and then I took them and then fill in the blank, you know, there’s 1,000,010 things that happen because of that, but not good. That’s the story that you’ll hear. So that’s the person that we’re talking about. And this is so common, it might be you listening to this. So, you know, if you’re relating, this might be just applicable to you. Right now to work through. Okay, so with that person, the place that we want to start is picking a relatively neutral option out of all the ones that one’s available to start working with. In my opinion, magnesium forms of magnesium tend to work for a lot of people because many people even if they have a negative association with supplements, magnesium as a standalone compound one time, people have not had a negative reaction to it. And they feel like it’s natural, and they feel like it’s relatively mild, and it just doesn’t trigger them that much. The other options are whole herbs, so things like camera meal, which are calming, or let there’s like the powder, lavender, or whatever. So those kinds of things, as long as you have vetted, are the kinds of things you can also do for me personally, I don’t do chamomile lavender capsules, I do that tea. Because some people have kinds of things that are liquid. If you’re doing that, I sometimes have them put it into a dropper bottle because it has to look like the actual dropper bottom. Okay, but magnesium, when in the dough, I kind of start with magnesium. And then I will ask, Hey, are there any supplements that you feel like you don’t have a problem with in my experience, I’ve never had someone say it’s all of them across the board. There are better and worse ones, and they will feel at least neutral. We’re looking for neutral on any one of them. When they won’t be that positive, even when they’re positive. People will be like, Yeah, I heard magnesium is good for you for a lot of things, right? That’s probably about as positive as you’ll get for someone who’s scared of supplements so that should track out for you. Alright, so you’re going to pick a neutral one. And I like picking things that are common because Step number two is going to be you’re going to walk past that section in the store. And you’re going to look at the options there. And this is where we have to an each of these steps and is inherent with the internal check within yourself. That sounds like how I feel about this, because if walking past them knowing you’re walking past supplements and not making eye contact with them, you know, for lack of a better word is triggering to you, then, but it’s available, that’s what you should do. If that seems too easy, and actually looking at them while you’re walking past is the part that starts to feel a tiny bit uncomfortable, but it seems like you know, you’re available to try it, then that’s the one that you pick. It’s always better to undershoot and do the quote, easier exposure therapy than overshoot, get retriggered and kind of have to backtrack. So walk past and then because you’re using your emotional compass, you will feel just a little bit when you flip into that Ooh, yeah, this looking at them feels like that. This is when you’re gonna pair up parasympathetic nervous exercise so that you can activate the vagus nerve. If you’re weirdos and sores like Megan and I, you can hum you can sing, you can gargle water, and if you have someone with you, that kind of you can thump on your chest. If you’ve been in any of our groups, you could do the ear scissors, crossbody tapping, and cold exposure, there are a lot of different things to do legs up the wall, but I won’t go into it. Again, we’ve talked about this ad nauseam on the podcast, but parasympathetic is going to be the I have the awareness that the emotions, the water ripples, and I call myself down parasympathetic Lee, that’s very important because the actual exposure is calming yourself down, right, that’s what you’re learning, you’re learning the skill of that with something that has triggered you in the past. So you’re going to feel it just a little bit, and then you’re going to calm yourself down. And that’s going to continue throughout. But I will highlight it as you go. Now as after you’ve gotten walking past it eye contact or not, then the next step is going to be picking up the bottle in the store, maybe picking up a couple of them, looking at them, holding them, and then putting them back. And again, if that feels a little close to home, you know, you pick up the bottle and your hand is out to stretch, stop there, do some parasympathetic breathe, you can do like breathe in on the count of four, breathe out on the count of seven. That’s a parasympathetic exercise, maybe you scoot it all the way close to your heart and your chest. And that feels that oh, it’s closer to me. Now that feels like it, then you do the parasympathetic. And then you put it down and you walk away from each of these points, you are leaving it and you’re going, the next step will be on another day, next time here at the store. We’re never in a hurry, the gentle exposure therapy, or it’s not gentle. So I need you to hear me on that one. All right. So then after you’ve done that, this is where paired with I assume, and talking about supplements that you are be taking responsibility for checking in with your provider. And, you know, finding the resources to verify all this stuff. So that’s just common sense things. But at that point, you’re going to head over into which one of these with enough repetition that I’m holding feels good enough to drop in the cart. And then walking continues to do that until you can get to feeling good or feeling relatively settled with doing some parasympathetic about actually purchasing one. So that is the first part. And that all can take as long or as fast as you emotionally feel available for you feel intense fear intense, triggering intense anxiety, you start shaking, you start crying, more than likely you’ve overshot get at you know, remove yourself from the situation, try again another day. But you are at each point getting closer and closer to actually checking out with the one that you want, which is why I really like the magnesium options for it. Right? When when you have a store versus an online choice, let’s say you’re at the store and you see a form of magnesium and you know that it’s on a full script like art, we talked about all the time here, a full script has 15% off so a lot of times I will go look at it in the store and then I’ll go order it through our full script because I also want the 15% off right? So we always put the full script link in the show notes. So check that out if you haven’t already. But that makes sense too so I would invite you to consider if the kind of trauma associated with supplements if you purchase them in the store. Consider doing the other one first. order it online and out basically check in with yourself to see how triggering that is, more than likely, it’ll feel different because your brain doesn’t have that mapped out as much. And then if you ordered it online, what would it feel like to go to the store, and then flip them and vet out each one? This is not an unnecessary option like if you always just buy him at the store, because you don’t like to wait for shipping and stuff, which I’m solely therewith, if I didn’t have the 15% I certainly would not, I’m not a patient person. But you can play with the delivery method of how you feel more than likely, the thing that reminds you of the past, closer will be the thing that triggers you the most put that step later on in the process as part of the gentle exposure therapy. Alright, so once you got it at your house, what you’re gonna do with it, you’re gonna, in a sense, we’re starting the process over but now internally to your house. So step number one is you’re going to place the supplement on the counter, where you can see it, and you’re walking by and it’s kind of the general mill. Now, you’ve been eroded already, though, right? And you’ve already had the exposure therapy there. So this is going to be a different thing, you’re going to see it more often it’s going to be within your environment, and probably after a while, you’ll even start to stop paying attention to it, because your brain will start to delete and distort the information they don’t need, but that is the exposure, right? You’re just kind of like this isn’t that big of a deal, then so number two, same as in the store, picking up the bottle and holding it how close or far away from you are you going to hold it? And then this is where it often starts to get like, oh, gosh, it’s on my house, I could take it. And so check in with emotions and do enough parasympathetic to bring yourself down. And then you can just do that a couple of times, it felt hard but definitely worth practicing and repeating a couple of times. Now the next step is going to be you open it, you open the bottle, you hold it a capsule or whatever. Obviously, it was just a liquid, you hold the bottle, or you put it you drop it into the glass. But then you’re holding the capsule, again, further away closer away. Your job is to play with it in terms of how I feel about this. And then pairing the parasympathetic afterward. Yes, this feels a little challenging. I’m going to calm myself down. Oh, good, I feel better, I’m going to put it down time to walk away. At no point. Have you ever tried to take any of this yet? Right. So you might need no place in this process? Have you yet taken any magnesium? And that’s very important to keep in mind. And this is the now when what now when we’ve got here, this is where it starts to get really fun because the rubber hits the road. Now, this is where we bring visualization to gentle exposure therapy. And again, we know from research that you hardwire changes to the brain, and therefore the response of the body’s physiology like how the body actually responds is impacted through visualization. And they’ve literally looked at you know, athletes and who did visualizations or people who visualize making a movement and they measure their muscle and their muscle has grown without actually ever lifting the weights or doing the thing. So our brain tells our tissues what to do and then changes are actually made. So this is not a magical thing. That is what that’s literally what the brain’s job is right? So we can’t forget that it is instructional down to it. So visualization then is where you’re going to begin to pair the picking up and holding it with the capsule and then visualize taking it and doing parasympathetic exercises while you’re visualizing it. And or after. After you have liberated that portion, then I switched to theirs twice a day visualization of walking by opening the bottle getting a capsule, and taking it, and then those I like to do in the morning and at night because I like to habit stack anyone who’s in our retreat and has listened to any of our habits stuff which there’s going to be a training coming up and shortly so just keep an eye out for that. But with habits and visualizations, we like to pair them with something already doing so for example, if you meditate in the morning before you get out of bed or you look at your to-do list, I would pair it with that where you’re already brushing your teeth, you visualize taking the supplements, you’re brushing your teeth at night you pair it with that so so you have options, but I like to have it stuck with it. And then in the middle, somewhere in the middle of the day, one time where you actually physically going to get it, right? So the ones in the morning and the night are just visualizations, you can be laying in bed, and you’re not holding anything. And then during the day, this is where you have the opportunity to actually begin to interface with your physical environment. So you’re, you’re holding the thing, and you’re visualizing, and you’re putting it back, and then you’re done. That step can sometimes be the longest one because it’s getting closer and closer and closer to being a reality for you. At any point, you have an awareness of the emotional compass, and when the water gets Ripley, you pair it with parasympathetic. Really easy, it’s supposed to be when people are triggered, not the time to have 57 things that they need to do, right? Like at each of these steps, all you have to do is know how you feel and come to do something to calm yourself down. If it’s too much, put it down and walk away. Period. Right. And that’s how it should be. All right now, as I said, that can take a little bit of time with the visualization, usually relatively rapidly after that people will start to feel with that emotional compass that they want to try it, they like, Oh, hey, maybe if I tell you won’t be that bad, right. So once you hit there, I actually just start with like, microscopic dust, I open capsules. Or like, if it’s a liquid, it’s like a drop or two. And then that’s where I start. So just a little bit. And the same thing, if you bring it up to your lips. And that’s where you stop great if you actually put it into applesauce or whatever, and you take it. And that’s where you feel good and just a little bit stretched in your capacity, then great, right? And again, you can take more time with that. And then you just want to start creating an incremental increase in so whatever that microscopic amount was, that you started with, then how are you going to increase some people that I’ve worked with, keep making microscopic, tiny little changes, no problem, because, again, you’re getting to you being able to take the supplements however you want and feel good about that. So like, no one else cares. Unless you never want to be able to take supplements again, then don’t, you know, again, we don’t have to create problems where there aren’t any. But at the same time, if we want to be fully liberated humans that are empowered to have options and choices, then we have to take responsibility for liberating it ourselves. So at the end of the day, it comes down to how empowered Am I feeling to be like I really overcame this. And now whenever I want supplements to work for me and everything else. So incrementally, you can go as fast or as slow as your emotional compass tells you, you have the allowance to go. And that’s only between you and you. And at that point, you are up and running. Because the difference between you know a quarter repel and getting up to two is exactly the same. Once you’re at one, you just keep adding incrementally until you get it most people can begin to go faster and faster as their brain learns to not react stressfully to the stimulus. At this point, this is where this section stops, you actually go on to begin to work with other supplements and other sources. So at that point, if you’re like, well, vytex was cool, or monka was cool, or this multivitamin was cool. Let me try there. And then the next one is ooh, this was fine. But I did question if I had a little bit of fatigue the first three days, right, not as strong. It’s not, I had an allergic reaction, and I went to the ER, which is I wasn’t quite sure about this one. It’s like a, you know, doesn’t quite feel clean, doesn’t quite feel super juicy. Then that’s the next step. And then down the line, you go. And again, you stop wherever you want to be free. Right? So if you’re like I’ve done enough for the most part, I’m happy with what I’m doing. This is good enough, you determine that. And then if you are like actually I never want to question or really have fear around supplements again and I am just not the type of human that’s going to be scared of some stuff and bottles. Then go as far as you need to go to become the identity of who that really is. And each decision that you make is a lot of information for you. You’ll No. And you’ll begin to have more and more insight into who you are, how you work, and what you’re willing to do to create the life that you want. So this gentle exposure therapy model is incredibly powerful. And it is also a beautiful mirror for us to see the patterns of behavior and thoughts that we have, that are either working for us or holding us back. And then once you see them, then really that’s where the fun part is. I mean, seeing them is not the fun part. But once you see what your behavior is and what you’re doing and what it’s leading to, you can change it and those decisions to take action and move in a different way is where the fun stuff is because then you get results. You have new experiences, you get wins, and then your own brain now is imprinted with those wins. It no longer has the capacity to see supplements and other things in your life. And the same way you just prove to yourself that it isn’t. So I will never again have the same feeling around heights. The way I feel about how to heights is very empowering. I’m like, Oh my gosh, I used to never be able to do this. That’s my first thought about heights. It’s not oh my gosh, I’m still scared. So you get to drive the ship as far and as wide as you want to go and with as many topics as you want to do because honestly, this can work for just about anything. And if I ever find something it doesn’t work for I’ll let y’all know. But so far I have not come across it. Alright, so cool. I hope that was super helpful for you. I would love as always to hear what you think to hear about your experience with it. So please reach out to me. Shoot us an email at Check out the coupon code for Organifi and pick up some of those and I will catch you on the next one.