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The Zesty Ginger Podcast’s latest episode features a discussion on blended supplements from Dr. Alex Golden. She also discusses the advantages of both blended and solo supplements. She also talks about how important it is to take both our internal and external stability into account when choosing the best supplements for ourselves.

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Hello, Hello Dr. Alex here with you. I am very excited about today’s podcast episode because we’re going to be talking about blending supplements. And that’s a different way to say that is to say, who can tolerate supplement blends well, and who generally is going to tolerate individual agreements. When individual ingredients, excuse me, well, and I’m doing this in honor of our amazing, amazing sponsors Organifii, and that’s spelled Organifi, they are doing a super special coupon code just for you all, just for this podcast. And that code is in the show notes with the link, check it out. And they have a bunch of amazing blends that I’ve been using. And we’ve been fans of Organifi for years now. And you heard the interview with Mae the CEO on the podcast last week, and you heard how much integrity and how much diligence research and intentionality goes behind the scenes in that company. And that is exactly the reason that as people who are incredibly picky about sponsors and people we work with, and there’s a reason that we have not had a lot on the podcast here is that they have to be very aligned. And so when we do find that, it is a big deal to us. And that is because our belief is that the more that we all find each other those of us who are creating intentionally are and are in alignment with one another, that together we can more powerfully impact the world. So of course, our goal is to gather as many people and to unify a whole community of folks thinking the same way moving intentionally out in the world to make it a more peaceful joyful, you know, loving place that we all want. And so with the blends that I want to talk about today, Organifi does have a couple of different ones that I’ve been using. For one, I’ve been doing the harmony blend for my own hormone balance. And I also really, really love the green juice blend for that, and then also the pure. So that’s personally what I’ve been doing. And I am loving them. I have previously been a solo ingredient gal, and have had the pleasure, and the blessing to move over to being a blend gal now there are more people who are going to be able to do just fine with the blends and with the solo. But of course, there are people that do better with solo ingredients just because it was going on for them. So I wanted to talk through it. Now, none of this stuff is set in stone, I just want to say upfront, these are general considerations, things to think about. But you individually, as with everything need to go to your provider and figuring figure out what works best for you for your individual case, and all of that good stuff, right? These are overall arching considerations. But these cannot be seen as recommendations or anything like that, because they’re really not like that. That’s not how that works. So I cannot say a definitive list, right? These are just things to consider as part of the bigger picture. So when, as I said, more people will fall into the category of being a good fit for the blends option when it comes to supplements like there again, if I blend, and then there’s a much smaller proportion of people that do better with the solo. And so I’m going to start with the blends and kind of in and hop over to solo as I get to those points. But that’s essentially what we’ll go through today. For the blends, and for what’s relevant around here for our community. Anyone who is working on healing and addressing all of who they are will generally be available to take blends, they will do better with blends, and here’s why. It is an uphill battle to get to full safety from just throwing supplements into the physical body and just doing things with the physical body and leaving all the emotional space and all the mindset stuff as is just leaving it running whatever it was. And usually what happens is that while people are working very hard to eat the right food, and take the right supplements, then they’re at odds with that signal are they in fight or flight? Or are they in rest, and they just heal and learn mode, right? The people who are working on all of themselves, take the supplements and they eat the food also having considered and work through their emotional landscape, dealing with their emotions, understanding their emotions, understanding their beliefs, working through limiting beliefs, beginning to hardwire, more empowering beliefs, those people get to living in parasympathetic and being in that heal and learn state way faster, and they have to do a whole lot less, which is, obviously if you’ve been listening to the podcasts, you know that this is what we talked about, that’s how that pans out. That means that then their systems are much less reactive, and are much less problematic when dealing with blends. And that is where people actually get to do a lot less and get to utilize things that have more oomph, kind of more bang for their buck because their system is available for that kind of work. Again, I’m not you know, for each individual person where that is and how that goes. There are details there. But that right there, I would say is the major determinant of the freedom that someone feels and the number of choices for food they have, the number of supplements that they have available to them, the stuff they can do, how does alcohol impact them? How does lack of sleep, impact them how do loud noises impact them, all of that is one part and parcel of the same thing. So that is why impacting that gets to not only blends and just ease like that, because it’s so much easier to get a blend than to individually hodgepodge everything together, absolutely can be done. No problem with it. But I mean, I’d be lying if it is easier to just get the blood. So when someone just to recap, once someone is taking all of them into account, they’re more likely to get into that parasympathetic state internally more consistently and hardwire it faster, and get over two blends. Okay. Now, with the lead, let’s go over to the solo. Anyone who has had significant severe complexities in their health journey, and has had negative outcomes, generally, the sense of fear and being scared of bad reactions, or even if you haven’t had a bad reaction, just being worried that you will have a bad reaction is a good indication that that fight or flight system is fairly active and that things are being perceived as a threat. And so in that case, that’s where the solo supplements make sense. Being there, of course, is then the invitation to say if that’s happening, we’re scared is an emotion and I will have a bad reaction or I did have a bad reaction as a thought, right? And so to my point on working on the motions and the mindset, you can either say yeah, this is where I am, I have to stick to these limited options, or I can just start working on and move into the other category. So again, not set in stone, and completely what you do, what you decide, determines on what side you fall out and what you get to do moving forward. Like I said, I was on the side of the solo supplements. Over time I have gotten to move over to blends and I love it.

And that certainly took into account not only the scariness but usually and we cannot make this as a general statement. But oftentimes the people who have had negative reactions also have had more complexity in their medical conditions like the number of medical conditions that they have, and or the number of supplements and medications that they’ve needed throughout that time. So sometimes it’s like you’ve thrown surgeries into the mix and different specialists and at that point, there’s just enough going on, that it necessitates that each individual ingredient or supplement medication, whatever you’re adding, be considered within the complexity of the landscape already present right to throw a blend to something that’s already incredibly complex is trickier. I will say with the caveat though here is that a lot of times what happens is people just go from provider to provider and they carry over supplements and medications. So they just keep gathering them and they don’t always get taken off. And so sometimes the laundry list of things going on is actually an invitation to say has someone considered all of these together at some recently has someone looked through what’s the availability Do you really need all the These are they still indicated? What do you get going on? That’s historic, right, and really just pare it down, because sometimes the complexity does not need to be there. But if it’s there, it has to be taken into account. And then once you start unpackaging it and start reversing it, then you don’t have to be in that category anymore. Alright, four blends. One major consideration is your stability of you, internally and externally. So one consideration is, are things rapidly changing inside your body? I’ve known when things have been feeling a similar way for a while because the things that we think feel, do experience maintain that thing. And so there’s, there’s not a new story being told. Usually, in that case, from the stability internally, there is more wiggle room for things like blends. The other factor of that is external stability. And how much are things changing? So because the brain will determine how you utilize those supplements, when life is really chaotic, even though the internal symptoms and the experience could be stable, if the externals are really unstable, then it helps decrease factors by sticking to solo ingredients, right, then, you know, well, like, for example, as I moved recently across the country, so when I’m moving sure my health was stable the way it was, but my external circumstances were changing a lot. And so I did not want to have I did not want to invite extra question marks, right? So if I’m using blends at that time, and something happens, good or bad, I don’t know which one it is. And for a changing landscape that could be more relevant. When things are stable. And all of the variables are kind of what they have been, it’s a lot easier than to pare things down until what’s coming from what, what’s good, what’s bad, what do I want to keep doing? What do I want to take away, right? And so that stability, internal and external, if it’s present, there is more availability. And again, I’m not predicting each individual person, I cannot say that enough. These are overarching things that we can say collectively, but each individual person needs to consider them. And then if there is a lot of instability of things, or changing of things or switching, then I often find that it’s easier to stick to the solo ingredients and to and to keep it moving in in a clearer way, when and then the last part I will say about the blends is that even if there’s complexity, even if there’s a changing landscape, the thing that can still make blends work in that regard, is that if you’ve gone through the experience of vetting all of the ingredients already individually, throughout your experiences. And one of the reasons I love their identified ones, like the harmony, I like those are the things that they put in there I use, and I have used for years. And I love that it aligns like that. And that’s how I know we aligned with that company, right, or reasoning or thinking, the research, it all goes in a similar vein. And so I love that they’ve done the heavy lifting for me, and they put it all in into these delicious things that I just get to mix and mix and drink, right? And so because I individually vetted each of those, then even if I had had some of those other factors, I would have felt a lot better about approaching it that way. So in that regard, that can be an additional layer of things to consider that even when things have been wonky, and things are going on, you can still make it work. All of this stuff needs to be worked on within the provider circle and the support system that you have. Many of us have care teams. I’m always for care teams, I feel really strongly that a group of providers is incredibly helpful and empowering. And so because of that, these considerations are to fuel conversations, right, and discoveries and to dig deeper into what you have going on with more insight with more clarity and making sure you are filled out for example if you don’t have poor parts of your care team that are working on the emotions and the mindset is available. Like you’re listening to one right now. Right, that’s our Health Transformation accelerator or in-person retreats or certifications all include that because of the power that they hold. So whether you work with clients or You are looking for yourself. If you don’t have that component, make sure that you’re considering where in your care team is that coming from, because you don’t want to make life harder for you than it needs to be right. And I hope that that’s an obvious statement. But sometimes we lose sight of the different options that we have. And just don’t know that we’re sort of recreating a thing that we don’t need to have. But it’s there. And all of this stuff is so powerful that you start blending it together, it becomes it opens up worlds and opportunities and potentials to utilize resources that weren’t there before. And that level of empowerment can’t be duplicated. You can’t kind of like, fool yourself into having those experiences. But they are also so powerful for hard wiring because once you show your own brain, you can liberate something that wasn’t available to you before. That power that you feel is stored in your brain and the memory centers that can’t be shaken anymore, right, somebody can come to say something to you, and it can knock you off kilter. But you can always return back to those experiences. And that’s why they’re so important. So we need to give ourselves the gift of putting ourselves in environments where we can experience those things to reclaim and free ourselves from things that have been keeping us stuck. And boy is that fun and gratifying and way cooler than worrying about supplements and what you’re eating every moment of the day and all that kind of stuff. So check out Organifi the link and the coupon code are going to be active this month. So make sure you hop on to it and take advantage check those things out. And of course, I would love love, love to hear what you think of it and what your experience was, and we’ll check with you soon. Have a good day.