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My relatives from Russia brought me a new oil to try several months ago and, of course, instantly started using it in a bunch of new beauty experiments.  (Side note: it doesn’t apply here but it’s funny what people bring you when you get a reputation for DIY-ing pretty much everything!)

The new oil was one I hadn’t ever really seen too much in stores…but since I started looking for it, it turns out it was often in front of me the whole time and I was totally under-appreciating it!  The oil I’m talking about burdock root oil and it’s my new beauty love.

My first experiment was using it as my predominant oil in the oil-cleansing-method.  Woo, boy! That’s a story for another time since I’m still not totally done experimenting. But it’s a good one, if I do say so myself.

I had a few failures in between and then this concoction was born.  As my as I loved my previous Super Smooth Face Serum, this recipe forced it into retirement.  My skin has been feeling/looking really even and people at work keep asking me if I just went on vacation (and sadly, I haven’t).   I’m sure something new will come along at some point.  But until then, this serum is here to stay!

Note: some of you might be surprised to see some castor oil in the mix because it’s so sticky.  I’ve actually found castor oil to be awesome for skin products because it improves the consistency of what I’m trying to make, gives glide to oil-based products, and helps to give that smooth appearance to skin while the rest of the ingredients do their long-term magic.

Silky Smoothing Skin Serum

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1. Combine ingredients into a small glass bottle, preferably with a dropper.

2. Shake to combine.

3. Cleanse your face, neck, and upper chest like you normally would (I like to use my Bee Clean Face Wash or this bar of soap) and then smooth about 5 drops of this skin serum over the entire area.

I generally use this serum in the morning and then use my skin brightening serum at night.

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