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This is my new very favorite face serum. Within a span of a month of daily use, it managed to improve my chronically dry skin (especially bad this year thanks to the Polar Vortex we’ve had!), lightened some sun spots (I had some due to over zealous tanning as a teenager), and generally brightening my skin (between the cold weather and a wonky call schedule at work, I was looking pretty sallow). Truly, it has been a miracle worker!

I tried to name the serum descriptively (and I’m a big fan of alliterations!). I could have named it Somewhat Stinky Face Serum and it would have still all been true. Honestly, between the neem oil and the carrot seed essential oil, this stuff doesn’t smell the best. But considering it’s worked far better than any store bought serum I’ve ever tried, it’s well worth about 10 minutes of olfactory offense (more alliterations!).

Why does this serum work?

Argan oil, jojoba oil, and vitamin E oil are extremely nourishing and are used here for their moisturizing properties. Neem oil is an actual gift from heaven–it’s moisturizing, anti fungal, anti bacterial, and full of minerals. I truly believe it’s stinky because it couldn’t be any more perfect. (Users have likened it to smelling like burnt garlic and peanut butter…) Luckily the neem oil smell in this serum is largely masked by the carrot seed EO but that’s not everyone’s favorite smell either. The rosehip oil and the carrot seed EO are the oils that pack an antioxidant, vitamin A punch that helps brighten and lighten skin. All these are rock stars on their own. Together, perfection!


What else you need:

  • 1 fluid oz bottle (preferably glass because we’ll be using essential oils)
  • Pyrex container or mason jar
  • Small pot


1. Start by combining all the ingredients except the carrot seed EO in the mason jar or Pyrex container.

2. Fill the small pot with about 2 inches if water and put on medium heat.

3. Put the mason jar/Pyrex container in the water. You’re basically making a double broiler…it will look something like this:

4. Let it simmer over the heat, mixing occasionally, until the neem oil has melted.

5. Remove the jar from heat and add in the carrot seed EO.

6. Decant into a 1 fluid oz jar. I used the an old Argan oil squirt bottle. Here are the different containers I have used:


Each of these oils is amazing for the skin all by itself.  Therefore, any combination of any of these oils will work as well if that’s all you have on hand.